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February 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to our February Monthly Horoscope 2017 For All Zodiac Signs!

Theme of the Month:

Your Light wants to shine – LET IT SHINE! Let it light up your life and the lives of others!


Aquarius is about celebrating one’s individuality within a group or collective whole. At its best, it makes a unique and positive contribution to a greater whole by simply being itself.

As the third of three Air signs in the zodiac (mental and intellectual energy), Aquarius is the social, outward expression of our thoughts and ideas. This may be a big reason the sign of Aquarius is known to represent the cutting edge of technology, being the source of the latest and greatest the mind has to offer.

This is also the reason Aquarius is also known for representing the cutting edge of society. Its energy can be unpredictable, its actions unexpected. Some Aquarians aren’t eager or willing to conform to society’s expectations – they want to stand out and make their presence known.

However, unlike its Zodiac opposite Leo, Aquarius doesn’t want to stand out for its own merit. It wants to stand out for the benefit of a greater whole. This is the revolutionary spirit with a desire to change the status quo, but to do so on a large scale. This isn’t just about resisting or rebelling against the system as an individual – it’s about rebelling for a larger, collective purpose. These are the rebels with a cause.

Aquarius understands that it is part of a great jigsaw puzzle of humanity, and it wants to do its unique part, serve its one-of-a-kind role. It wants to be part of the group that makes a difference to something bigger than themselves alone. It especially recognizes that a collaboration can often get more done together than any one individual could ever do on their own – that we need each other to accomplish great things. Aquarius celebrates humanity by acknowledging and encouraging individual contributions to the larger sum.

To that point, Aquarius is also associated with social circles, and therefore, social gatherings, affiliations, associations, and networks. Networking is a big thing for most Aquarians (and whatever tech gadgets support those endeavors are also likely to be abundantly present). It is an important process or ritual, for how else would we find our collaborative partners, finding other individuals who are strong where we are weak and vice-versa? How else would be come together to create something greater and more amazing than we ever could alone?

Aquarius demands that we share our unique ideas and thoughts with others, for when we express them outwardly to the world in whichever form we choose to do so, they are our best contributions to humanity at large. Our individuality is our greatest gift to the world, and without each of us sharing our talents and abilities to the fullest, we are denying others and the world the gift of our presence and our contribution to their lives. We each have an inherent responsibility to let our own Light shine as brightly as the Sun. Humanity needs you to be your most brilliant expression of yourself.

Look at where Aquarius falls in your astrological chart for guidance in where and how to best shine your brightest Light in service to yourself and especially to others in your personal life journey. For more information and insights, see the February 2017 Horoscope for your zodiac sign.

On January 19, 2017 – Sun enters Aquarius until Febuary 18, 2017

Happy Solar Return to all Aquarians! While the Sun travels through Aquarius, we all have a chance to explore our rebellious, individualistic and futuristic Aquarian nature. This heralds a time to explore beyond the status quo and conventional reality. Everything is a little brighter under Aquarius – our vision is sharper, our intuition more astute. We seek the unpredictable and emotion takes a back seat. Aquarius is a mental air sign, but it is concerned with Higher Mind – the knowledge that we glean through our intuition and higher consciousness.

Generally speaking (for everyone), during this month, as the Sun travels through Aquarius, be open to the ways that your own unique individuality operates in your life. You may become more aware that your “mission” is changing or you may become aware for the first time that you have a “mission”.

Aquarius represents the development of group consciousness, where we evolve BEYOND the identification with ego, family, religion, race, tribe, etc. We are not only becoming “global citizens”, but “galactic citizens….and no one gets left behind!

As the cycle of the Aquarian Age draws closer, we are coming to the closure of the Platonic “Great Year” an approximate 26,000 year cycle divided into 12 astrological ages of 2,150 years each. However nothing really “ends”, we are being “adjusted” on a cosmic scale to perceive our reality differently.

What is your vision of the “New Earth”, and who are you calling into your reality to share it.

February Horoscope Overview

The February Full Moon in Leo, on February 11, 2017, is a Lunar Eclipse that falls on the 8th in the sign of Leo. Leo is the sign of the performer and needs to find a way to be in the limelight and to be recognized and appreciated. Leo’s special gifts are its warmth, charisma and enthusiasm and so this full moon challenges us all to ‘feed’ our fire and find ways to re-kindle passion in our lives. It is a wonderful time to reflect on what inspires you and see if you can do something about it. It is also a good time to recognize the people that inspire you and share your appreciation with them.

This month we also have a New Moon Solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26, 2017. Pisces is a water sign and the 12th sign of the zodiac signifying the Great “Cosmic Oneness” from which we all emerge and ultimately return. This 12th and final sign of the zodiac wheel is all about “perception” and seeing with our Third Eye, using our psychic senses to perceive the hidden and unseen realms…the subtle realms of the unconscious: dreams, telepathy, psychic phenomena, precognition, mysticism and inspiration.

As we know, we are moving quickly from the density of the 3D world to a more enlightened and “en-Lifened” state of being. Pisces is the sign that provides the bridge from the third dimension to that of higher consciousness and altered states. It moves us from the physical plane into the astral worlds and beyond. Like a radio receiver, we can attune to a myriad of “channels and frequencies”.

Logic and reason dissolve in the world of the unconscious. Pisces has no sense of time (except the Dreamtime). There is no past, no future, and no separation. This is the sign of the “Christ Consciousness” of total Oneness and Compassion of the Heart.

The challenging side of Pisces is that it dissolves the Ego and one can become “lost”, confused and very easily manipulated as Neptune is the watery ruler of Pisces. The flip side of Christ-consciousness is victimization and martyrdom. It is extremely important to create boundaries for yourself and remain grounded during Piscean transits (or if you have the sign of Pisces prominent in your chart.

February 2017 Monthly Horoscope predict that some may feel helpless this month in the waters of the unseen worlds. Fear of the unknown can produce the feeling of drowning or being overwhelmed by the collective tide pool of emotional drama/trauma. TRUST is the key to working out the Piscean code. Pisces is not the way of material security or absolute control; nor is it the way of the hapless victim. It is the gift of faith that connects us to a loving and bountiful Universe of Spirit and gives us a sense of inner security, even under the most chaotic of circumstances.

The lesson of our evolution from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius is about being spiritual beings in a material world. Our bodies are not escape vehicles. We are learning to move beyond dysfunctional behaviors, addictions and victimhood as we embrace more Light and replace Fear with Love. Pisces goes beyond dogma and the Law moving us into the realms of unconditional love and surrender to Spirit.

The New Moon, as we know, is a time of “seeding” and starting a new beginning for whatever is implied by the meaning of the sign it inhabits. Pisces will rekindle our spiritual flame, open our hearts to magic and inspire our spirits to dream, soar, and create new realities over the next two weeks until Full Moon in Libra on April 11th.

If you work in healing modalities of any kind, involved in metaphysics, and/or are follow a spiritual path of any type, Pisces will help you in February 2017 to reinforce your energy levels, as long as you stay open to your inner guidance and radiate your own truth. Pisces is about compassionate service, not servitude. If you are an artist, musician, poet, dancer (or open to your own creativity in any form) your “muse” will be awakened and aroused during this Piscean New Moon. Enjoy!

This Solar Eclipse in Pisces gives us the “green light” to set our intentions for bringing more peace, harmony, and creativity into our lives. We are being impelled to dream a new dream and to create a New Earth!

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