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Gemini Horoscope 2017

The Gemini horoscope 2017 predicts that romance will be on your mind this year. In 2017, love moves as fast as Cupid’s arrow. You’re okay with flirting for fun, but also you’re looking for something more substantial. You’re eager to partner up with someone and make a long-term commitment. This attachment attraction could be a new feeling for you.

gemini horoscope 2017

Gemini 2017 Horoscope: Overview

The Gemini horoscope shows that versatility is your middle name – you always seem to have many things going on. A social butterfly, you’re always circling around different groups of friends and jetting off to some activity or event. Your social scene is very important to you, but you may be a little fickle and well, flighty. With a social calendar and capacity for chatter like yours, who could blame you?

As an Air sign, you like to make intellectual connections with others. While you have, at times, been accused of being two different people, it’s just because you have so many different interests and projects to work on. And you know what that means? Simply that you take full advantage of the bounty that life has to offer.

The 2017 forecast for Gemini shows that the Gemini New Moon appears on the 25th May, 2017 and no matter when your birthday falls this really does mark the start of your new cycle for you. Time plans such a sending out manuscripts or projects, applying for that new job or launching that idea to coincide with this as this year you have a green light to go for it as ruler Mercury is direct and will arrive in your sign on June 7th.

Gemini Love Horoscope 2017

gemini love horoscope

Can there really be too many roses and love notes at your feet? You’ll find out at the start of the year when you’re surrounded by love and romance. The Gemini Love horoscope for 2017 shows that the planets during the first 9 months of the year offer you a star-studded, romantic lineup. Jupiter, the Planet of Good Luck and Fortune, is in your sector of romance. Jupiter remains in your 5th house until October 2017, so enjoy all the loving bliss that comes your way. Have a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher handy because sexual attractions may be ignited at the most surprising times.

You’re a big picture thinker, Gemini and usually brimming with ideas. You know that a mental turn-on in addition to physical attraction is essential for you if love is to last – or even make it out of the starting gate! Get ready to shine bright like a diamond as January sees Jupiter into your romance, attraction and pleasure zone. If you are single, this is going to bring in one of the best cycles for attracting love in 12 years! Think back to what happened 12 years ago and you may get an inkling about what may come up this time. You should see at least one potential suitor appear during the 9 months Jupiter will spend in here.

Also, the 2017 Gemini astrology predictions suggest to think back to what opportunities presented themselves back then as well as this house rules being in the spotlight and also lucky breaks. What opportunities did you take advantage of and which ones did you fail to grasp but now wish you had?

If there are any lingering regrets about something (or someone for that matter!) that you allowed to slip through your fingers – perhaps simply because you lacked the courage or the confidence to grasp it back then, then vow not to make the same error this time. The great thing about astrology is that the planets are always moving and so always presenting us with another chance. Nothing is fixed no matter what is in our birthcharts as it is our transits that allow us to grow. Every transit therefore represents a new beginning if we look at it that way.

As this is your 5th house, you should also be offered opportunities to attend some wonderful events – concerts, parties and even events where you rub shoulders with famous people or ‘A’ list types. There’s a touch of glamour about you now so please work this to your advantage and pay attention to your appearance more than you usually do. Your image is going to be really really important and the impression you make does matter – whether you’re set to impress someone for personal or professional reasons. Don’t be afraid to cull that wardrobe or invest in a new look that just oozes star quality as you will find it pays off now.

Just bear in mind that while Jupiter is the ruler of luck and in the house of luck, this does not mean you can treat life like you are holding a winning lottery ticket and don’t have to make any effort. The fact is the more effort you make – the ‘luckier’ you become – at least that it what it may seem like to others. Put yourself – the best version of you that you can create, and your talents, skills and creations out there and ensure you are seen. The luck then follows.

As this is also the house of children in your chart, the 2017 Gemini star sign predictions foretell that the children could be a big part of Jupiter in here with some of you becoming parents for the first time or deciding to add to your family. You could be sharing wonderful times with your children, if you already have them and could enjoy seeing your child succeeding at school or in some other area.

But the 2017 yearly predictions for the Twins warn that transiting Saturn is in your solar 7th house of marriage, the pubic and significant other and it opposes your sun sign Gemini. It will be here until mid-December. Oppositions have to do with others, therefore me VS you, kind of circumstances will be in high focus during this transit of Saturn.

This indicates possible problems in the marriage or in some other very important relationship. You will have to work very hard to keep the peace in an important relationship such as marriage or business. You may feel very burdened with having to do things, like compromise, negotiate, be patient, etc, in order to keep the relationship going. If you are married you could either divorce or work hard to make the marriage stronger by working to resolve any long standing problems between you and your spouse or significant other. This will take time.

A marriage or significant relationship that hasn’t been working harmoniously for a long time could end. And while this relationship is coming apart, you may feel that the other party is being mean and/or cruel or has all the power and you have very little – except for the power of your stubbornness and tenacity to hang on and survive the storm.

The 2017 astrology also shows that your spouse, partner or significant other is likely to be under a lot of pressure or stress. You may need to be more understanding of their sober or somber moods. They may be experiencing some periodic states of depression, repression, restrictions or limitations, thus they may not be very giving, loving, thoughtful or emotionally responsible to your needs during this cycle. More attention, focus and work on the relationship may be needed to get the two of you through this transit.

Gemini, there are bound to be losses or separations from some family members, friends or significant others at this time, but these events or happenings are about change. There is always change in our lives. Very often that which would hold us back is taken out of our lives, whether we like it or not. So accept it as progress or a blessing in disguise and not as a loss. You could be separated from your spouse, mate, family, mother, family member or significant other. It may only be a temporary thing.

December sees the Sun in your opposite sign and your 7th house throwing the light onto partnership matters. As Saturn remains in here until December 20, 2017, this may be a time when singles make a big commitment for the future as things get serious and looked down. The full Super Moon in your 1st on December 3, 2017 has you needing that recognition from a partner or else now you need a serious indication of where you are headed. If you are still single at this time, please do not despair.

With transiting Pluto in your solar 8th house of sex and sexual matters, the 2017 horoscope for Gemini warns to not allow pornography of any kind ruin a good relationship. Say no to porno, yours or significant other’s. If you have sexual frustrations or problems with significant other in your life, try working it out first through compromise and talk and possibly counseling, before calling it quits.

2017 is an interesting year for relationships with friends. Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is in your friend sector. Uranus’s influence in the sphere of friendships is likely to shake up your interactions with pals all year long. Brace yourself as friends will be making unexpected announcements; you may even forge a friendship with the one you’d least expect. You may be shocked to learn something about a friend or a group of friends. Because you’re generally easygoing and liberal, your friends may look to you for understanding and comfort.

In 2017, friends from the past may come into your life, but they may be very upsetting because they are so wild or different. Don’t allow them to cost you money or time or respect. It is okay to join in with the wild or good times with friends, just don’t allow it to cost you money or reputation. The Gemini horoscope also predicts that a new person you believe to be an instant friend could come into your life to mesmerize you and you fail to see their darker side or real side. If you don’t want to be disappointed then let time take place in the relationship before you decide you can trust them or not. You may find some unusual experiences when joining groups, clubs or social outlets. Gemini, be careful in this area in 2017.

Gemini Horoscope 2017 For Finance

gemini money horoscope

The 2017 Gemini astrology for money shows that you can’t really rely on partner’s money or financial help. This is also true for any joint finances you have with another. 2017 is not a good year to take out a loan, but you probably will and wish you hadn’t later.

You may feel like a fish out of water in 2017 because you are feeling you are working under a handicap of some sort, having to put up with some sort of restraints or restrictions. Well it just may be time for this butterfly to settle on a branch and stay put for a while. Besides you may encounter a lot of transportation problems, like no car, no bus, no transportation, etc.

Gemini, in 2017 you are about to change in some very serious ways. This is a year in which to pay off your debt, become more responsible with money, spending and earning a salary. You could be setting up some type of financial plan for your old age or retirement years and this can be a good thing if you start young. You may need to work matters out with the government or social security.

The Gemini horoscope warn to keep your taxes up to date because you could be audited. Gambling of any kind is a no-no. Do not gamble during this year. It will only get you deeper in debt and call down the IRS on you.

Gemini, you are about to change your long term plans for the future during this year, just make sure you have all the details and know exactly what the outcome of your decisions will be.

If you are a senior then make sure your wills are updated properly. This is only a precautionary measure and make sure you know where your final resting place will be. It may be a good time to get those cemetery plots bought and paid for ahead of the time because you may need them in the future.

Gemini, in 2017 you my not have the money or financial security you usually have or like to have and this could be making your feel uncomfortable. When money was more plentiful, did you learn how to save for this type of rainy day? If you weren’t able to curb your spending or learn better saving habits, then you may be feeling vulnerable and insecure with less money in your pocket during these poor economic times.

Gemini Horoscope 2017 For Career

gemini career horoscope

The 2017 Gemini horoscope for career shows that you have transiting Neptune in your solar 10th house, so the profession and career can begin to seem very dreamy, unreal, or unusual in some way. But, there are opportunities involved in your line of work. Unbelievable offers come to you in 2017. Just make sure that what is being offered is real and not some “pie in the sky” offer. Make sure everything is legitimate and grounded in reality.

Strange circumstances may be weaving its web in your career or vocation or business firm or company that confuse you or are setting you up for disappointment because you aren’t able to see clearly with those “rose-colored” glasses you have on. Perhaps have put them on your self, because you may not want to deal with reality or someone has used their cunning ways to dupe you or keep you from seeing the truth. It may be intentional and it may not be intentional. You may need to clear things up.

Gemini, make sure you have the right information and not rely on others for exact information. On the other hand, if you are asking for spiritual help or praying hard on some matter this may help you to see more clearly than ever before regarding your superiors, bosses, career, vocation or firm or company you work for.

Any work or dealings with the public, lawyers, police or government authorities will involve business or at least be serious in nature, but you are up to the challenge, so don’t sweat it.

2017 Health Horoscope For Gemini

gemini health horoscope

When transiting Jupiter enters your solar sixth house, on October 10th, 2017, it is time to take your health and physical fitness much more seriously. Stop the sweets, the over indulgence in alcohol or rich foods and get into a physical fitness program if you can. Just learn to say “no” to anything and everything that can do your body harm.

The 2017 astrology forecasts for Gemini health shows that you may seek and find a great new doctor, specialist of some sort, a repair person or handyman, all of which could turn out to be gold. Could even become a new pet owner or have to care for someone’s pet while they are sick or away.

Transiting Saturn opposing your natal Sun will put stress on your physical body and vitality, so be sure to not overtax yourself physically during this transit. Don’t think because you have an ache or pain that you have to work it harder to get rid of it. Pain is telling you that this is a place or a limb that needs to be rested, so pay attention.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope 2017

gemini monthly horoscope

Gemini January 2017: Legal contracts, such as applying for loans, or any issues regarding the law in any manner will work out in your favor. Your strong and positive ability to debate on important issues comes across loud and clear. Those of you who work in law related fields should have a very busy and productive month. You have a lot to say and a lot that you can teach others. Be straight forward, and say what is on your mind. Moral issues are very important now too. Teenagers need your discipline and guidance.

Gemini February 2017: The changes you have been through are very important to your spiritual growth. Instead of thinking, “why me?” you will begin to start learning from what you’ve been through. Everything happens for a reason and when you understand that reason, you will not have to repeat the lesson again. This month you can move forward quite quickly and feel very good each step of the way. New opportunities are waiting for you.

Gemini March 2017: You can make some wonderful career decisions now that will definitely work out in your favor. You can also benefit from doing something worthwhile that you believe in. This is a great time to strive for recognition. Use your imagination and you will discover that you have some very unique contributions to make that can benefit everyone that you are involved with.

Gemini April 2017: Add a splash of color to your life. Dull and dreary you certainly are not and you will want to feel spring as well as enjoy it. This is a good month for losing a couple of extra pounds or working out on a special exercise program to firm you up. Buy something nice for yourself, get a new haircut, or go for a total makeover. You do deserve to look and feel at your best and this is the month to do it!

Gemini May 2017: The care and responsibility of children are your top priorities right now. Learn to listen to your own “inner-child” and protect and serve its needs. You may think you are an adult, but at one time you were a child too and that “inner-child” still needs your attention. Take time to play and just have some fun! Forget that diet for now and go and get some ice cream, then you can take a walk and burn off the calories. Gather together your favorite playmates and plan something extra special for this month.

Gemini June 2017: If you want the people around you to act more responsibly, then give them words of ‘encouragement’ and not ‘criticism’. The more you guide them, teach them, and encourage them with kindness, the more they will want to do what you think that they should. Everyone needs appreciation and encouragement…even you!

Gemini July 2017: Don’t make promises that you don’t intend to keep. Hurt feelings come from disappointments. If other people make promises to you, thank them but allow for some delays and don’t take their promises too personally if they don’t come through for you. Joint ventures may not be as easy as you would like them to be, have faith and patience whenever possible. Someone may request your assistance. Do your best for them.

Gemini August 2017: You may be too serious for your own good. Don’t get involved in problems that aren’t directly related to you. Take care of your own issues and butt-out of other people’s problems or you may be dragged into more than you are bargaining for.

Gemini September 2017: Your ruling planet, Mercury, will move into direct motion after the 5th, relieving you of all of your pent-up anxiety. Everyone knows you have been feeling frustrated. Try hard not to take it out on others. You will be receiving answers to some questions that have been on your mind. Be prepared for the truth to come out and realize some of the answers may not be what you are expecting. Try to be open-minded and flexible this month.

Gemini October 2017: It’s time to get your family and home ready for winter. The weather will be colder and wetter than usual this October, so when those sunny days do come, get that outdoor work done. From October 7th through October 25th relationships flow smoothly. Communication is very blessed. Say, “I love you” as much as possible and call relatives you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Gemini November 2017: Situations become easier after November 7th. Let your frustrations blow away in the wind and don’t give into worry. You can handle everything…you know you can. Time heals all wounds and brings you the enlightenment you desire. Be patient!

Gemini December 2017: A little of this and a little of that, then add a dash of something unique and there you have it…the perfect holiday treat! You seem to know exactly what everyone needs and expense is no problem because you will buy the best. Your heart is in the right place, so selfless and giving, especially when it comes to those you love most. There are many great bargains you will find…buy two and put one away for next year. Don’t forget to purchase something nice for yourself…you deserve it!

Best Dates For Gemini In 2017

Best dates for Love

Best Dates For Love

July 18,
August 27
October 14
November 25
December 20

Best Dates For WorkBest Dates For Work

March 7
October 18
October 24
December 3
December 28

Best Dates For MoneyBest Dates For Money

January 12
May 31
June 28
August 12
September 22, 2017

Best Dates For LuckBest Dates For Luck

May 25
June 13
October 19, 2017

Overall, the Gemini horoscope 2017 predicts that nothing can stop you or hold you back in life, except maybe your own conscious of what is right and wrong. Although life in general holds no restrictions on you at this time, you are advised not to over do anything, otherwise you could become compulsive in trying to obtain everything you want in life without having to wait. You want everything now. You could easily become out of control. Self-discipline is a must.

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