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July 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to July Monthly Horoscope 2017 For All Zodiac Signs!

Theme of the Month:


Cancer addresses our foundational emotional needs. It is about nurturing, caring, and protecting on a foundational level, and symbolizes that which helped us distinguish our emotions in our early childhood and throughout our formative years.

In July, the month of Cancer, your feelings influence your choices. Your choices give you direction in your life. Therefore, your feelings give you direction in your life.

Recognize how the people and things in your life may have influenced or may be influencing your course, for better and worse. Pay attention to how you feel about their influence and about them. Trust your deepest and truest feelings in making your choices for the direction of your life’s journey.

Look at where Cancer falls in your astrological chart for guidance in how to utilize this energy in your personal life journey. For more information and insights, see the July 2017 Horoscope for your zodiac sign.

2017 Aries July Horoscope


The July 2017 horoscope for Aries shows that as July starts there is a strong focus on home and family, and this is an area where you want to make changes and take a lot of initiatives. There is quite a lot of psychological pressure right at the beginning of the month, as skeletons come out of the closet, or on a more practical level, you engage in a process of restoration, throwing out old stuff that has passed its sell-by date.

The Aries July 2017 monthly horoscope forecasts that there is generally quite a lot of stress and tension peaking around the middle of July, and you are in no mood to compromise with your personal freedom at this time. You know what you want and can get quite emotional about it. It is best to be very active at this time and to take a few risks, as your boredom threshold is very low. But there is no doubt that if you want to holiday the time to do it is in the second half of the month.

The July 2017 Aries horoscope also predicts that When your sign ruler Mars is conjoined by the Sun, as they both move into the sign of Leo in the last third of the month, there is a completely different tone to life. It is an incredibly outgoing and adventurous period for you, which is great both for romantic escapades and creative activity with kids. July 23rd heralds the start of a high profile development for you, when you can rightly call yourself the world’s greatest lover.

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2017 Taurus July Horoscope


Taurus, you start the month feeling empowered and confident, and generally you are in a strong position to get your own way. There may be some intense scenes with people in your neighborhood, brothers or partners, and perhaps it is not the most harmonious period when it comes to your love life, but you still feel in control, even if partners don’t.

The Taurus July 2017 monthly horoscope forecasts that there is a change of emphasis after the first week of the month, and the focus turns more to your financial resources and assets, and how you best can communicate your values. You tend to be extremely positive and enthusiastic about your financial and work potential and sell yourself well. Whilst this can work out really well at work with colleagues, you need to be wary of the ideas of friends, particularly if they involve money. Stay grounded.

The July 2017 horoscope for Taurus also shows that there are a number of important changes taking place in the last third of July, as dynamic new developments take place at home. The atmosphere is red hot with excitement and expectation at this time, and sporty or entertaining types of people can make a huge impression. This is the perfect time for holidays, or for celebrations at home with people who know how to be the life and soul of the party.

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July 2017 Gemini Monthly Horoscope

geminiThe July 2017 astrology forecasts shows that on July 5th, the planet of love and romance, Venus, enters your sign, heralding a social period which is extremely positive for romance on the one hand and children on the other. You definitely want to be part of the fun, so by the second week of July you are ready to travel for love, engage in cultural activities and generally enjoy life, chatting away and meeting with people who are really on your wavelength.

This positive trend continues for most of July, with high points from July 15th – 18th, which is a perfect time for holiday trips, dating, creative activities with kids and generally being the center of attention. There may be some financial stresses and strains but as long as you avoid rash expenditure and the plans of crazy friends you should be OK.

The new moon on July 23rd highlights the outgoing opportunities that come your way, and it is the perfect time for travel and spontaneity. This is also a time when local competitions can be of interest, and brothers or male friends may want to be a part of the action. But as you approach the end of the month, you have to put away your playthings and get down to some good old family organization. The party is over for you at this time and you find yourself in the mood to concentrate on practical matters.

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July 2017 Cancer Monthly Horoscope

cancerThe monthly zodiac predictions for July 2017 points out that  as the month of July starts, you have the confidence and charisma to plough your way through any obstacle and work hard to realize your personal agenda. You are very attuned to a creative vision, which may be at odds with convention, but at this time you want to do things your way, and perhaps upset the apple cart with some provoking ideas.

With Mars currently in your sign until July 21st, this is a very dynamic period for you, with a strong focus on career and dealing with demanding or unpredictable people in your professional life. This is particularly pronounced around the full moon in your opposite sign Capricorn on the 9th, when you find yourself having to be forceful and tough. What you need to do at this time is not to overreact or come with emotional ultimatums etc. You can clear away a lot of problems if you channel your energy correctly.

There are big changes in the last part of the month, which is a far more creative and light-hearted period. It is through dynamic and playful activity and the force of your will that you will be able to enhance your self-worth and creative prosperity. Merging your forces with charismatic individuals, you can create value, make money, and have a lot of fun doing it.

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July 2017 Leo Monthly Horoscope


For the first three weeks of July, you tend to lead a bit of an isolated existence, or at least maintain rather a low profile. It seems like you are struggling with internal issues which become rather acute at the time of the full moon on the 9th. Whether this is to do with work-related matters and colleagues, or more existential issues, you find that your imagination is overactive even to the point that you feel people are out to get you.

This is connected with the full moon activating an opposition between Mars and Pluto, which are beastie boy planets when they combine together. Your beliefs are challenges by extreme ideas, but at the same time there is a tremendous opportunity to liberate yourself from old ghosts, and emerge from darkness into light.

This will happen from July 21st to 24th, when first Mars, then Sun and finally the Moon move into your sign. This gives you an incredible burst of energy and confidence. You emerge from obscurity and see life afresh. Your warmth and charisma attract people into your sphere, and you make a big impact. This is the time when you can start something new, and it is particularly good for travel, education, kids, love and creativity.

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July 2017 Virgo Monthly Horoscope


The early part of July is a very active period for you socially, which has both positive and negative sides, because friends tend to be rather difficult to deal with. Perhaps someone you know is going through a crisis. Your inclination is to withdraw from difficult emotional circumstances around the 6th, and at this time you seek your own company, and simply prefer to cultivate practical professional relationships which can enhance your career goals.

The middle part of July is characterized by emotional battles on the social scene and possibly with circumstances connected with children who are in trouble one way or another. None of this need affect you too much, and for you there are very positive developments in this period, particularly as regards romantic and economic partnerships. You can make money and spend money, and investments in the home are favored.

By the end of the month you take a more hands-on approach to life. On a personal level it is quite a spiritual time, or at least a time when your imagination blossoms and there is a high level of creativity. On a practical level you start really planning and organizing, so it is a time for lists, health and fitness, and focused hard work.

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July 2017 Libra Monthly Horoscope


When your sign ruler moves from Taurus to Gemini on July 4th, life gets a little less intense and a great deal lighter, as your focus shifts from your private life and intimate relationships to an outgoing period with an expansion of your cultural horizons, which is of course ideal for the holiday period. Mid-July is the perfect period for travel and the farther you go, the more interesting it gets. You may want holidays to have an intellectual component and this is a great period for meeting people and expanding your circle of acquaintances.

The second part of July is also great for partnerships and your social life in general. This is the kind of time when you get involved with very charismatic friends and groups, and if you are feeling light of heart and fancy free, it’s a great time for dating and having fun generally.

Opportunities abound for having fun and going places this July. The new moon on July 23rd puts the focus on dynamic arrangements with groups and on major social events. In this period your independence is important to you and you want a free and easy life. This is also a time when you may want to make a commitment to an educational project which builds a bridge between different cultures.

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July 2017 Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


You may find your ideas and concepts under pressure in the early part of July, and there is a strong likelihood of getting involved in controversy. You will probably find that you are very attached to some important beliefs, but what works at this time is to let go of things that you feel too intense about. This can especially involve people in your local environment, brothers and other male figures.

Battles over matters of principle are simply not worth the energy you are likely to expend. The full moon on the 9th brings these issues to a head, and it is at this time that you will want to examine all the thoughts and feelings milling about in your mind, and eliminate the causes of any distress. This is a time when you gain much deeper psychological awareness of the meaning and direction of your life.

Things change radically in the last third of the month and the new moon conjoining Mars on July 23rd heralds a new level of confidence. This is the perfect time for merging forces with a natural leader who recognizes your executive abilities. The focus is on your professional goals, and you can think big and confidently promote your vision. Very little is going to stand in your way in the weeks after this new moon, and you can look forward to expansion and success.

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July 2017 Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


July begins on an optimistic note, and there is a sense that it is just a matter of time before your goals for this year are realized. The only sour note as the month starts is a possible conflict connected with money or sharing, when emotions are on the boil and you have to deal with unreasonable people. Don’t get drawn in to this emotional maelstrom – you can let people sort their own issues out by themselves.

Things brighten up quickly, and with Venus moving into your solar house of relationships on July 4th you will find some entertaining and charming people turning up, and by mid-July you will be having a wonderful time, and there is plenty to celebrate. Travel is on the agenda, and the bigger the group of people you are with, the more fun it is going to be.

After mid-July things just get better and better. Although all of July is good for travel, the really good period is around the 23rd, when a great expedition is called for. This is a time when you must go to where the sun is shining, and a small element of danger could also be interesting. For the single Sagittarian this is a romantic period with several options to choose from. You can expect the people you meet to be larger than life, with egos corresponding in size, but it can be a lot of fun.

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July 2017 Capricorn Monthly Horoscope


During the first half of July, Mars is still in your opposite sign Cancer, and this activates the long-term Pluto-Uranus combination, which basically means that the people you have to deal with tend to be in a crisis of some sort. They get emotional and unreasonable, and try to pressure you, but you tend to let the pressure role off you and show an inscrutable façade. And indeed it is wise not to get drawn in to fruitless discussions or power battles.

By mid-July this rather tense period is over, and there are a lot of things starting to work in your favor. The emotional pressure will have peaked at the full moon which takes place in your sign on July 9th, which is a bit if a roller-coaster time, but soon afterwards you find there is a lot to be optimistic about, especially in your career. Colleagues are full of ideas and those above you in the hierarchy are receptive and friendly.

The new moon on 23rd heralds a major change in the emotional environment, which brings a lot of intensity, and a lot of intimacy, into your life. The anxiety and lack of confidence that seemed to afflict potential partners earlier is replaced by a new confidence and charisma, which spells a definite improvement for emotional and erotic interaction. It is time for fun and games.

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July 2017 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


The beginning of July is characterized by intense pressure in your working life. It could be a busy and hard-working time, but it is also a challenging time because the people you have to deal with on a daily basis – colleagues of customers for example – tend to be extreme or emotionally intimidating. This can be an exhausting process for you, and you may feel the need to make changes to reduce the pressure. This peaks from July 17th to 23rd, when tensions rise and the need to liberate yourself becomes paramount.

Everything changes in the last part of July when the new moon conjoining Mars heralds a brand new departure that will affect the important relationships in your life. For the single Aquarian this is the perfect time to meet someone, and that someone is likely to be a very forceful and charismatic individual who has total confidence in himself or herself. This suits you and you can expect the weeks after the new moon to be a time of great developments in all relationships and particularly in your love life.

The last part of July is a great time for holidaying and having fun generally. Children will have been restless since mid-July, which is a great time for them, so an expedition is definitely called for, particularly if it has an educational component.

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July 2017 Pisces Monthly Horoscope


This is generally a positive part of the year for you, as plans progress, things move forward, and the chances of reaching professional goals within a couple of months are good. However there are stresses and strains in the early part of July, which can be related to children or friends who are going through a difficult time. You have a natural understanding for and empathy with them, and perhaps you can channel their frustrations, and your own, into creative channels. Early July is an intense and transformative period which can be very rewarding emotionally, psychologically and erotically.

Perhaps the best part of this month is around mid-July when family and collegial relationships (apart from one particular unruly person) are in perfect harmony. This is an excellent time for a family trip, and the more people who come along, the merrier.

At work, there are important new trends taking place in the last week of July, and this is a time when charismatic people with strong leadership and creative capabilities come into the office. These are just the kind of people you can work with to realize your own creative agenda, and this month and next, you will find yourself energized and inspired in your working life.

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July Horoscope 2017 Overview ~ Eclipse Rumblings and Much More …

The August eclipse rumblings begin already, as even up to 4-6 weeks before eclipses, news and events related to them can start to show up. Major outer changes are afoot. There is also much opportunity now and in the coming months to revamp the inner experience of emotion.

Brilliant author and teacher, Michael Brown says in his profoundly powerful self-development book, The Presence Process, “You are either living your life charged or ‘in charge’ “ and that you can’t truly be in charge of yourself, your life, or anyone or anything else “when you are emotionally charged”. He believes that strong negative emotional charges show us places of unintegrated childhood felt perceptions. He says, “upsets are set-up’s” reflected into our external experience to show us unresolved issues in our internal space.

The July astrology shows that this month is full of opportunities to radically change our viewpoint of people or circumstances that upset us. He reminds us of the option to “welcome ‘upsets’ as opportunities to convert trapped, unintegrated childhood trauma into “raw fuel for authentic inner and outer movement”.

Strong Leo energies bring the Ego into center stage as strong Cancer energies bring feelings in as co-star’s. Humanity has a plague of a dysfunctional relationship with our ‘feeling’ nature. So much time, effort, and expense occurs from either the avoidance of or or unproductive over-indulging in feelings. Michael Brown says that by viewing inner work instead of as a means to feel better, rather a method to get better at feeling, we become empowered and subsequently improve every area of our lives.

Numerous starry conflicts which bring action and feeling into conflict, serve as fertile ground for this true and permanent positive change. Awkwardness comes through fire and water pair-up’s throughout the month as well as notable conflicts between thinking Gemini and feeling Cancer, but even despite these there are some excellent aspects for forward motion in general and much support for travelers, writers (and other prolific expressers), and artists. The July horoscope points out that those who are working on self-development will be served in profound ways and many who were not focused in this area of life will have opportunities to be awakened to start to see starry conflicts as shining opportunities to live an empowered life, casting away the victim viewpoint that “life is happening to us”.

According to the July 2017 monthly horoscopes by July 24 our open window that was free of retrogrades of personal planets and their retrogrades comes to a close and we begin to have the time of retrograde reflection and revision come back into our experience. Mercury’s retrograde shadow period starts July 25 and runs up until the actual retrograde, which is from August 13 – September 5. The post-retrograde shadow period run from September 6- September 20. Then we will have our last open period free from personal planet retrogrades and their shadows of the year, September 21 – November 15.

Check out more July Horoscope Highlights:

** Note: often the effects of planetary transits are felt before or after the actual day the transit occurs.

July 2 — Mars in Cancer Opposing Pluto in Capricorn — Emotional and likely unreasonable action opposes rigid and possibly unfair resistance with this transit. Home vs. work or true feelings vs. tradition clash with great intensity. Getting good sleep and doing other things to enhance your capacity to not react strongly as challenges come up will help in preventing escalation of the potential drama.

July 4 — Mercury in Cancer Square Uranus in Aries — Surprise and likely jarring news or experiences are more likely now. Actions and reactions blend in incoherent ways at this time.

July 7 — Mercury in Leo Sextile Venus in Gemini — This is a sweet sprinkle amidst some formidable challenges reminding that there is magic available, especially when we look for it and ask for it.

July 8-9 — Full Moon at 17° of Capricorn — This is a powerhouse of a full moon bringing all things Capricorn into the potential sphere of completion, fruition, or fullness. Capricorn rules work, career, recognition, business, father/father figures/authority figures, bones, joints, and teeth. This aspect opposes Pluto bringing the potential for a force seeming to work against you, or forcing you to submit to something you don’t want to do, squaring Jupiter bringing the feeling of being stuck, and and opposing Mars increasing the likelihood of feeling helpless. There will also be the blessing of a sweet aspect with Neptune increasing the chance that intuition and deep understanding reigning supreme over the drama reminding that this intensity will pass.

Full Moons expose the shadow sides of both signs involved. The shadow side of Cancer is emotional immaturity and self-indulgence. Until healed, our wounded child lives on sabotaging our happiness. The dark side of Cancer also manifests as martyrdom: sacrificing ourselves in hope that eventually our needs will be seen and met.

We live in a universe of cause and effect. Every action has a reaction. What we sow, we reap. The shadow side of Capricorn avoids taking responsibility and accepting consequences. It worships power and authority, it attempts to dominate and control, win at any cost. The dark side of Capricorn also manifests as projection of our power and authority (it’s not my fault, not my job, not my problem). Blame, shadow and guilt are all part of the Capricorn shadow.

Although both Cancer and Capricorn are yin signs (receptive, feminine), Capricorn has come to be associated with more masculine qualities. For the last 5,000 years in the West, yang (aggressive masculine) qualities have been valued over yin. Competition, domination, and conquest have been valued over inner development, cooperation and sharing. This Full Moon highlights the longstanding inequality between the masculine and feminine and the necessity of returning to the spiritual intentions of the 4th and 10th signs of the zodiac (the Mother/Father axis of your chart).

The positive expression of Cancer is creation, nurturance, and the protection of life. The positive expression of Capricorn is integrity, discipline and dedication. Pluto’s passage through Capricorn keeps this polarity in the cosmic spotlight, revealing the long-hidden costs of inequity, corruption and materialism through 2024.

Use the energy of this Full Moon in Capricorn to thank Spirit for what you have manifested in your life so far, to help you redefine your “mission statement” for the future; and to aid in releasing what no longer serves your higher purpose.

July 9-10 — Sun in Cancer Opposing Pluto in Capricorn — The July astrology forecast shows that vibrant expression and creativity meets an opposing and seemingly unmovable force. Feelings and personal expression are challenged by practicality with the latter likely winning.

July 14 — Mercury in Leo Sextile Jupiter in Libra — Another blessing amidst the sea of challenged emotion. This transit brings a boost to individuality and self-esteem.

July 17 — Venus in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces — Changing affections or financial viewpoints get called out by this transit. Movement wants to happen but unresolved psychological or other types of security issues need strengthening. Guard your personal information and private life more strongly around this time.

July 17 — Mars in Cancer Square Uranus in Aries — The July monthly horoscope shows that Mars is still bumping around awkwardly in unfamiliar sensitive cancer and running into conflict with jolts from Uranus in the sign that Mars best understands. Balancing action with emotions is necessary at this time.

July 18 — Mars in Cancer Trine Chiron in Pisces — Connections or actions from the past support strongly at this time.

July 18 — Venus in Gemini Trine Jupiter in Libra — This is a beautiful sweet spot in the month where the two most congenial planets get together and make beautiful coherent magic together. This is a striking point for action delicately placed in between challenging aspects. It is one of the best times for pushing through launches and other forward movement before the energies start to roll backwards again until well into September.

July 19 — Mercury in Leo Trine Saturn in Sagittarius — This aspect is a wonderful companion to the line-up’s the previous day. A truly magical time full of support and transcendence above challenges.

July 20-21 — Sun in Cancer Square Uranus in Aries Trine Chiron in Pisces — The July horoscope points out that seemingly random challenges may pop up at this time with the Sun’s aspect to Uranus but Chiron is sitting by to offer help. Issues that were healed from the past may serve as strengths now.

July 23 — New Moon at almost 1° of Leo — It is time to make your ten New Moon Wishes on the topics of children, creativity, hobbies, fun, romance/true love, acting (and other performance art), directing, athleticism, and leadership. This New Moon packs a double edge as a square with Uranus brings unnerving energy, a conjunction with Mars brings the need to act, and a trine with Chiron brings spiritual viewpoints and support.

July 24 — Venus in Gemini Opposing Saturn in Sagittarius — Reality puts the erratic movement of Venus in Gemini in check. Gemini can be very ungrounded which doesn’t roll well with the expectations of consistency and dedication that Saturn wants. Though it can feel like an impediment, this transit might be exactly perfect for grounding and focusing efforts that aid completion and success.

July 26 — Sun in Leo Conjunct Mars in Leo — This is a time of bold expression and/or amplified pride, for better or worse. Mars likes it much better in this fellow element of its natural placement and this combination can be very vivacious, productive, and fun.

July 30 — Venus in Gemini Square Chiron in Pisces — Venus in Gemini is focused on options, Chiron in Pisces is bringing the message of spiritual truth. The two can be mutually exclusive but during this transit the need to ask bigger questions beyond superficial focus becomes necessary.

July 30 — Venus in Gemini Trine Uranus in Aries — A positive and electrifying boost of support comes from this match-up. Strokes of brilliance are likely but fleeting so write down any good ideas that come in to ponder through the upcoming retrograde cycle. Surprises are likely in money and love.

July Horoscope 2017 Forecast For Each Zodiac Sign

Overall, the July monthly horoscope for 2017 shows that sweet vibrations roll in around: July 7, 14, 18, 19, 23, 26, and 30. Opportunities to heal unresolved emotional issues or ‘get better at feeling’ abound around: July 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 17, 20, 21, 23, 24, 26, 30.


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