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November 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to the November Monthly Horoscope 2017 For All Zodiac Signs!

Theme of the Month:


Scorpio cuts things off and cuts things out. There is no middle ground.

An Exercise in Vulnerability

More times than not, people interact with other people at their own personal comfort level. They reach out to people they way they want to be interacted with. If they don’t want people to dig deeply into their business, they keep things shallow. But if they want to have others know their own deepest feelings and thoughts, they must open themselves up and become vulnerable.

This is where Scorpio natives or people with strong Scorpio energy often face challenges – vulnerability.

Scorpio is an all-or-nothing energy. It tends to extremes – black or white, good or bad, right or wrong, birth or death. There is no gray area with Scorpio energy, unless it is deeply influenced by its placement in a chart or another sign, and even then it’s a pretty minuscule patch of gray, more a parking spot for assessment rather than a true gray area of compromise.

Most Scorpios interact with others from a position of investigation and observation, learning where those others are most vulnerable. They look for the deeper signs and the hidden messages behind the actions and behaviors. They ask the deeper, more personal and invasive questions – all in an effort to learn where others are most vulnerable…so they can attack those others before they themselves are attacked by those others.

Scorpios are so emotionally sensitive and deep, they often feel extremely vulnerable to others even if that is not the actual reality of the matter. Often on the defensive, in order to protect themselves, they’ll tend to seek the depths of others first to learn and know what they are dealing with, then gradually (or suddenly) open themselves up to their deepest inner truths as they feel the other(s) can be trusted…or they may shut down and shut out those they find they cannot trust or clearly perceive.

Yet for most Scorpios, others are a threat to their deepest emotional truths. Others threaten their emotional core – their “dark places” that they don’t want anyone to know about…except the major little fact that they really do want someone to know about them. That’s the thing: Scorpios are always ultimately seeking that one person who they can open themselves up to and share themselves with completely and fully, without fear of being judged, criticized, or ostracized.

Scorpio is a water sign – an emotion-based energy and an intuitively-driven energy. That is an important thing for people to realize and recognize – that Scorpio energy response or reaction is almost always based in emotional feeling or mental perception initiated by emotional or intuitive feeling. If they feel safe, they open. If they don’t, they stay closed or they ‘sting’ or attack.

Scorpios can be very passionate and emotionally engaged with others AND they can be very emotionally manipulative and great at getting others to do their bidding, remaining in power and control of the situation the entire time. Both expressions are performed by playing to the emotional aspects of the person they intend to engage or manipulate once they’ve gotten a clear assessment of said person’s vulnerabilities.

Which version of Scorpio you get depends on which extreme of Scorpio you’ve triggered in the process:

If you’ve triggered the happy and safe side of Scorpio, you’ll notice that they are loyal, sometimes to a fault. They assist you with passion and zeal, and they may be almost obsessive in their actions to do be of assistance to you. They may also be addicted to the emotions they feel when they are being of service to or in relationship with you.

However, if you’ve triggered the unhappy and unsafe side of Scorpio, you’ll notice that they will quickly if not immediately cut you off and cut you out. And their cutting off may not be immediate – Scorpios can be a highly vengeful…and they can wait for their revenge. They are methodical and patient in how they go about exacting their payback – and it’s usually a long and complicated process, but well worth the time and effort if they feel that hurt or betrayed. Payback is an important step for Scorpios – for them to let go of their ‘addiction”, they must feel like the matter is completed, and they often believe that they must complete it themselves if it’s going to get done right.

And if you are able to take control or assert power over a Scorpio who is trying to hold power over you, good luck with that. Scorpio will not easily forget your efforts – intentionally or unintentionally – to take the power and control out of their hands. Those who are overpowered (and they are rarely overpowered) will likely take the vengeance route to correct the matter. Many a Scorpio has dragged a situation or circumstance out way longer than necessary just to be right, to be vindicated, or to seize back power or control in the end. Keep in mind that sometimes, the only way to bring a vengeance dynamic, an obsession-addiction, or a power struggle to an end is to walk away from it completely, to surrender your position (give up trying to be “right” about it), or to allow the whole matter to self-destruct. Only in the end can a new beginning be found.

Each of us has a Scorpio component in our charts, even if it lays relatively dormant unless activated by another person. So in this month of Scorpio:

  • Notice where all-or-nothing choices tend to occur in your life. In which area(s) of your life do you tend to go to extremes?
  • Also notice where you are addicted or obsessed with certain outcomes in your life.
  • Pay attention to how certain things in your life are coming to an end…and consider what they may be clearing space for. What may be coming to you in their place(s)?
  • And most important, notice which subjects or matters in our life feel the most vulnerable for you. What are you afraid to let go of in this area of your life? What are you afraid will come in its place? Who are you afraid you will or won’t become if you allow yourself to be vulnerable?

Look at where Scorpio falls in your astrological chart for guidance in how to utilize this energy in your personal life journey. For more information and insights, see the November 2017 Horoscope for your zodiac sign.

November Horoscope 2017 Overview ~ Training Your Inner Hero

November month brings many notable aspects — blessings, and opportunities — from the asteroid Chiron. Chiron is named after a gentle centaur in Greek mythology. Those who follow him in their charts and the general transits will likely know he is referred to as the “Wounded Healer”. Although his temperament was gentle, the lessons he brings can be experienced as very heavy, the areas in the personal or transit chart that he affects are the fields of experience where one often experiences exacerbations to deeply wounded places within themselves. Often to get the blessing Chiron is trying to bring, it is necessary to work harder in that area of life, especially to heal pieces of “victim mentality”. Whenever we feel like “someone did something to us”, that automatically creates polarity, putting us in the position of “Victim” and someone or something else in the position of “Tyrant”. These are roles that when believed in and nourished, always perpetuate and flip back and forth in the experience. So the first pearl of wisdom to effectively work with Chronic energies is to “drop the story” about victimhood.

Another way to maximize Chronic lessons is to look to a lesser-known side to Chiron’s mythology, which is that he was a “Trainer of Heroes”. He helped many mythical heroes to achieve their grand victories. Effective trainers will help one understand strengths to further capitalize on them and to deeply understand the blessings of any weakness present, as well as how to apply necessary fortification of soft spots for the purpose of some specific outcome. Reframing the challenges of dealing with woundedness as being purposeful and as a function to “train” us for our greater purpose, brings wonderful empowerment.

The challenging aspects with Chiron bring up wounded remembrances, yet to be healed. The more coherent aspects with Chiron show where previous work done or current shifts of perception create amazing gifts.

Scorpio energies that came into the forefront in October continue to be strong this month bringing deep introspection. Some other Scorpio topics likely to come up are: debt; credit; loans; venture capital; marriage; business partnership; winnings/sweepstakes, esoteric studies; psychology; astrology; research; mysteries; and powerful transformation through birth, death, and rebirth – literal and figurative.

Sagittarius energies also dominate this month bringing the desire for action, movement, adventure, and prolific expression, an increase in optimism, luck, and the tendency to follow hunches to wonderful ends. Other Sagittarian subjects likely to come up are: writing; speaking; publishing; long-distance/international business, travel, study, or other associations; teaching; learning; religion/spirituality, creative solutions; looking at the “bigger picture”; and common strands of truth that tie seemingly unrelated things together.

We are still in the last great window of 2017 that is free of personal planet retrogrades that started September 20. This window runs through November 15 (when Mercury Retrograde Shadow period begins). This window is full of great opportunities for new commitments, big decisions, and charging forward. I always recommend tuning in to intuition as you navigate around the aspects. Even if a day is ‘supposed to be good astrologically,’ if it isn’t flowing well for you, feel into making your important decisions when you feel the flow in your personal experience. There are also some great dates to get some things done a little bit into the Mercury retrograde shadow period that begins mid-month. Overall there are many more sweet aspects than challenging ones this month.

Check out more November Horoscope 2017 Highlights:

** Note: often the effects of planetary transits are felt before or after the actual day the transit occurs.

  • November 1-2 — Mercury in Scorpio Trine Chiron in Pisces — Support could come from inner work or another person as confidence is built through self-acceptance and self-love.
  • November 2Saturn in Sagittarius Square Chiron in Pisces — The new level of self-esteem assisted by yesterday’s transit may be challenged at this time as an authority figure brings harshness or criticism.
  • November 3 — Sun in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces — First occurring this year on July 5th, this transit can bring focus on creativity and artistic talents. This is a very positive and peaceful combination, great for meditation and helping others, and forgiveness of self or others.
  • November 3Full Moon at almost 12° of Taurus — Fullness, completion, fruition come to all things Taurus today. Drama or attainment in the areas of personal finances, luxury items, earth-conscious projects, values, self-esteem are likely now.
  • November 3 — Venus in Libra Sextile Saturn in Sagittarius — The November astrology shows that this is a very favorable aspect for taking steps forward with important partnerships intended to last a long time. The fact that Venus is also opposing Uranus around this same time could bring overstimulation, resistance, or fear as forward steps are taken.
  • November 3-4 — Venus in Libra Opposing Uranus in Aries — Jolts or overstimulation come to love, money, and self-esteem with this transit, especially as it relates to self vs. relationship.
  • November 9 — Sun in Scorpio Sextile Pluto in Capricorn — This is another aspect notable for bonding with others in deep ways in love, business, or other long-term ventures.
  • November 11 — Saturn in Sagittarius Trine Uranus in Aries — This is the last of three brilliant match-up’s, the likes of which won’t happen again until 2047. The first of the series was December 24, 2016, the second was May 19, 2017. These titans coming together like this bring massive potential for harmonious transitions into drastically improved ways of living. Stability and expansion through innovation and technology are very much supported.
  • November 13 — Venus in Scorpio Conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio — The November horoscope shows that this aspect promises intensity in love and money, leaning towards the good type of intense but there is always the chance for challenge instead. It is much favored for merging in love and money. It will likely bring intensity, likely for the better, but drama is a possibility, too.
  • November 13 — Mercury in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces — Sagittarian idealism could receive some tests with this transit. Disappointments or confusion could come at this time but there is much more optimistic Sagittarius energy in the coming weeks that makes it more likely enthusiasm will be renewed soon.
  • November 16 — Venus in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces — This aspect is wonderful for emotions and intimacy and carries great fuel for gentle and productive emotional breakthroughs.
  • November 16 — Sun in Scorpio Trine Chiron in Pisces — Emotional confidence beams with this transit. Acceptance of self and awareness of the multi-dimensional experience blend into tremendous emotional power. Forgiveness of self and others can arise in life-changing ways.
  • November 17 — Mercury in Sagittarius Trine Mars in Libra — The November 2017 predictions shows that this transit is awesome for bringing thoughts to action. We are just starting the Mercury Retrograde Pre-Transit Shadow Period around now but some last minute important actions can still be pushed through now.
November 18New Moon at 26° of Scorpio — Time to make your 10 New Moon Wishes on the topics of all things Scorpio (see list of Scorpio-related topics earlier in this article). This New Moon also has a brilliant trine to Chiron bringing strength, empowerment, and interdependence. The conflict with Mars and Pluto tomorrow could also show up as part of the complete picture.

This New Moon in Scorpio marks another momentous crossroads for humanity. The sign Scorpio rules death, as well as transformation. Its ruler is Pluto, the Greek god of the Underworld, the terrain of the “unconscious”.

What needs to die this month before it can be reborn? Scorpio is the only astrological sign that has three symbols- the Scorpion (physical), the Eagle (psychological) and the Phoenix (spiritual)- showing that there are three levels of transformation to be achieved before true metamorphosis can occur.

  • November 19 — Mars in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn — This aspect first occurring this year on February 22 brings the need to carry extra awareness as it will likely bring stress and conflict. Partnership commitments or unwelcome opinions from key relationships will likely conflict with individual attainment at this time.
  • November 21 — Venus in Scorpio Sextile Pluto in Capricorn — Intense emotional or romantic experiences often occur with this transit. This also often brings in amazing financial opportunities. Although we are technically in Mercury retrograde shadow period by now, careful and flexible commitments could be well-serving at this time.
  • November 22 — Neptune Direct in Pisces — The November 2017 horoscope shows that Neptune turning direct can be a very sobering time. It is a good time for becoming more practical and organized, making the abstract more concrete.
  • November 25 — Mercury in Sagittarius Trine Uranus in Aries — This transit could bring sudden improvements in communication and transportation. Even though we are technically in the Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow Window, some last minute car or device purchases could come now in wonderful ways. It is usually advisable to get extra warranties and keep track of coverage/receipts, etc. and ready paperwork and terms very carefully in case the retrograde energies present.
  • November 26 — Venus in Scorpio Trine Chiron in Pisces — Financial or romantic empowerment and strengthening of self-esteem often occur with this transit.
  • November 27-28 — Mercury in Sagittarius Conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius — Big-picture dreams may need some harnessing and organizing now. Alternatively, hard work done to reign in scattered efforts could be greatly rewarded.

November Horoscope 2017 Forecast For Each Zodiac Sign

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Overall, the November monthly horoscope for 2017 shows that sweet aspects occur in the times around: November 1, 3, 5, 9, 11, 13, 16, 17, 18, 21, 17, 18, 25, 26, 27, and 28. Opportunities for practicing zen will likely come up in the days around: November 2, 3, 4, 13, 19, 27, and 28.

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