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November 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to our November Monthly Horoscope 2017 For All Zodiac Signs!

Theme of the Month:

November begins with the Fixed, Watery sign of Scorpio. In water’s stillness, there is sensitivity. Perhaps a quiet pond knows every falling leaf that disturbs its surface; so it is with Scorpio. It is as if the year is holding its breath while the shade of Death passes by. This is the time of the killing harvest, the slaughtering of animals, the shedding of blood. Scorpio reminds us that all things that are born also die, ourselves among them. Humbled, we pass deeper into the autumn cold. This year Scorpio runs until November 22.

On November 22, Sagittarius begins. This Fiery, Mutable sign carries an optimistic tone, reminding us to have faith. Winter is coming—craving warmth, we huddle together around the low-burning hearth fires and listen to the elders tell stories that give our lives meaning. In winter’s darkness we gather in groups and practice tolerance and hope. The days will continue to grow shorter until the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. In the meanwhile, we must trust that spring does indeed exist and will come again. Sagittarius runs until December 21.

Lunations November 2017

Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

New Moon in 19º Scorpio: Wednesday, November 11, 2017

Perhaps this Moon can actually articulate how it feels, with help from Mercury (conjunct). A sextile from Jupiter assures a benevolent mood in this otherwise grumpy Scorpio New Moon, while the sextile to Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler) adds that this Moon can dish out the truth and also take it. Honesty deepens intimacy. Speak surgically, but without being cutting. Sit down with someone you love–go straight to what matters, and heal it.

Full Moon in 3º Gemini: Wednesday, November 25, 2017

Another “communication lunation.” Full Moon in Gemini can lead to conversation. A lot of conversation. Good thing Saturn is conjuncting the Sun—that should bring a more serious mood. But the square to Neptune can bring confusion. A lot of confusion. Which leads to more words. Which need trimming. And which only add to the confusion. Don’t you wish I’d get to the point? Practice communicating feelings under this Full Moon, without getting bogged down by the seriousness of the subject, or getting distracted from confronting it.

November’s Full Moon was sometimes called the Beaver Moon.

Fortune Cookies for November, 2017

11/1/2017, Mercury the Thinker enters probing Scorpio (till 11/20). It’s a great month to read (or write) a detective novel.

11/2/2017, Venus conjuncts Mars: Today is sizzling hot! The planet of love joins her passionate counterpart. Plan a romantic adventure!

11/3/2017, Jupiter opposes Chiron: Healing versus happiness? Who says you have to choose?

11/4/2017, No exact aspects/Void-of-course Moon: It’s just not a good day for initiating anything you hope will stick. Lay low.

11/5/2017, Sun sextiles Pluto: The Scorpio Sun is infused with even more Plutonian energy today. Let bitterness, resentment and blame be washed away.

11/6/2017, Mercury trines Neptune: Jot down all of your wild imaginings on paper. This is a good time to articulate your fantasies.

11/8/2017, Venus the Lover enters diplomatic Libra (till 12/4): Diplomacy, egalitarianism and aesthetics are emphasized this month.

11/9/2017, Sun trines Chiron: What will it take for you to be the real you, a whole and authentic person? Begin it today.

11/10/2017, Mercury sextiles Pluto: How can you plumb the depths of a subject further? Your focus is keen–this is a good time for an all-nighter.

11/10/2017, Sun sextiles Jupiter: Put skepticism and negativity aside for now. Your faith and self-confidence may get a boost from this cheery aspect.

11/11/2017, New Moon in Scorpio: New pathways for deeper communication and honest conversation are opening up before you right now.

11/12/2017, Mercury trines Chiron: What words will bring healing in this situation? You will easily find them today. Use them.

11/12/2017, Mars enters Libra: The planet of war enters the egalitarian sign of Libra. Fight for equality and justice for all. Sweetly.

11/13/2017, Venus sextiles Saturn: Relationships have rules. Play by them and you will have the dignity to expect the same of others.

11/13/2017, Mercury sextiles Jupiter: Have faith in your ideas, writing, and communication. Your enthusiasm will shine through your voice.

11/17/2017, Mercury speeds past the Sun today, dropping insights on your head and generally keeping office communications fast-moving. Geminis, enjoy Epiphany Day!

11/18/2017, Neptune stations direct: What have you been musing, dreaming or visioning since June? Today is pivotal.

11/20/2017, Put your big thoughts into words this month as verbal Mercury enters right-brained Sagittarius (till 12/9).

11/20/2017, Venus squares Pluto: Feeling jealous today? Got an urge to read your partner’s texts & emails? Reconsider. It’s desperate and unattractive.

11/22/2017, Sun enters Sagittarius: Happy birthday to all the vagabond, rambling, roaming Sagittarians out there! How will you grow this year?

11/23/2017, Venus opposes Uranus: Don’t let a desire to be socially rebellious alienate you from people whose good opinion you genuinely want.

11/23/2017, Mars sextiles Saturn: Your drive and self-discipline are aligned today. Look around your life: which mountains need moving?

11/24/2017, Mercury, planet of communication joins with heavy, dry Saturn. Why does everyone have to give you a long, boring lecture today?

11/24/2017, Mercury squares Neptune: What was that? Did you just say something? Stay alert-everyone’s highly distractible tonight.

11/25/2017, Mercury sextiles Mars: Beware-words can be sharper than weapons. But it’s ok to enjoy a good, enthusiastic debate.

11/25/2017, Full Moon in Gemini: Focus your heart on the serious communication of emotions, without getting distracted from the hard parts.

11/25/2017, Saturn squares Neptune: Did someone stick a big fat pin in your balloon? Sometimes a harsh reality check helps the best dreams solidify.

11/29/2017, Sun squares Neptune: Who are you, really? Be careful of self-deception or overly glamorizing your self image.

11/29/2017, Sun conjuncts Saturn: When the King of the Zodiac joins the Lord of Limitation: heavy is the head that wears the crown.

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