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Scorpio Horoscope 2017

Hello fabulous one! The Scorpio horoscope 2017 shows that your best cycle for 12 years begins! Breathtaking events in love, travel and expansion take you skyward! Get ready for a year of destiny as 2017 will take you on a fabulous journey where larger than life and breathtaking experiences open doors, new horizons and turn you into an attraction magnet!

scorpio horoscope 2017

Scorpio 2017 Horoscope: Overview

The 2017 forecast for Scorpio shows that till October Jupiter is in your 12th of spiritual secrets and soul contracts. The past is featuring or at least making you aware of how your past partnerships (or choices) have affected the present. Jupiter is also triggering any lingering soul contracts while in here and will either re-deliver a past lover from this life or perhaps another one. The 2017 Scorpio astrology points out that is a time of inner spiritual learning, where links with your past, family karma, karmic connections with others and soul path and purpose are revealed.

Jupiter always wants to deliver benefits but as I like to point out – he is not some fairy godfather with a magic wand and we do need to make an effort ourselves rather than sit there and wait for something to fall into our laps. Jupiter in your 12th is very rarely about big material benefits – rather his gifts to us are of a soul nature but it is important to remember that these can turn out to be the most valuable and lasting of them all. Once we identify patterns and what holds us back, we are free to take full advantage of any and all opportunities which come our way as we are healed and unburdened. This is what you are being prepared for now, so do the work!

People are lucky to count you in their corner, Scorpio, as you’re determined, loyal and brave. Depth of thought and great sincerity also make you a great ally to have. You’ve got a probing mind that can cut deep below the surface level to get to the heart of the matter. Passion is your middle name (if not your first), since you live life intensely. Scorpio, you are a highly sensual person, you tenaciously go after your goals and desires. Others are drawn to your sexy magnetic appeal, but they’d be sheer fools to ever cross you. While your magnetic force and strong will can be stunning, your mean streak of vengeance can stun your enemies like a Scorpion’s stinger (Scorpion — Scorpio, get it?). You have incredible hidden depths that only a special few are privy to and have the pleasure of knowing.

The mantra for the year 2017 will be responsibility with money. Saturn, the Planet of Hard Work and Discipline, will be in your sector of money and possessions for much of this year. There are valuable lessons to be learned during this year, most of them revolving around the prudent use of funds. The fact that you are flush now doesn’t mean that you should be spending freely – get smart with that cash instead.

You’ll be thanking your lucky stars you’re a Scorpio star sign in Octobre when Jupiter, the Planet of Good Fortune, moves into your sign for a full 12 months. This will be an interesting year for you, Scorpio. Traveling to exotic locations will open your eyes to a world you never imagined. This change of scenery and way of life may alter your philosophical outlook. You are open to others and eager to learn. Your enthusiasm for life and its many possibilities allows you to take advantage of everything around you. You may experience something this year that reveals an important message — you may figure out what life is all about for you and where you fit into the equation.

Scorpio Love Horoscope 2017

scorpio love horoscope 2017

The Scorpio love horoscope 2017 shows that you have Neptune in your love sector. Let’s look in on what affect transiting Neptune might be having on you as it passes through your solar 5 th house. Neptune is the planet of illusion and idealism, while at the same time it can be deceiving if you are wearing “rose colored” glasses as you examine your love life. The 5 th house is the house of love, romance and creativity. You may be feeling unloved or you are seeking the perfect love. This could put your significant other in a difficult position if he/she is not performing or behaving like a heroine out of a romance novel. If you are seeking perfect love or a perfect partner, then you are in for disappointment. What you are looking for doesn’t exist in this world.

I would suggest that you don’t look for Neptune outside of yourself, Scorpio, rather look within. Fill yourself up with things that you feel good about. If you are an artist, musician, avid Gardner, designer, prayer worrier, writer or poet, get back to these things that fill you up with pleasure and feeds your soul. You may have allowed the mundane or practical things in life to take you away from what makes you happy. Remember, Scorpio, money does not make us happy. It can ease our stress and bring a feeling of safety and security, but it’s the things money can’t buy that truly make us happy.

If you have children watch over them closely. They are changing so rapidly. Give them their space and privacy, but without them noticing, make sure they aren’t getting into any trouble with drugs, sex or alcohol. Realize they are trying to find their identity, but they may be doing it by following blindly the groups that they think are cool.

The 2017 Scorpio horoscope for love also points out that this year you have the biggest and luckiest transit for 12 years, as on October 10th Jupiter moves out of your 12th and arrives in your 1st as an early birthday gift. Think back 12 years to what was happening back then and now expect more and then some! You may find similar opportunities and themes emerging as well as some new ones. It is very very important that you do look back and see what was going on back then especially with regards to what opportunities you accepted and which ones you did not take advantage of back then. Do you have any regrets? If so, make a vow now not to repeat any mistakes and make a different choice if put in the same kind of position again.

The 2017 forecast for Scorpio shows that travel especially long distance travel is highly likely during the last three months of the year. So ensure your passport is up to date. Is there anywhere you have always yearned to go see or experience? This is your invitation to explore a larger, more dynamic world so start to make plans to go even if at this stage you can only look on line at fares or flip through a guide book. You may be surprised at how the opportunity to actually go there comes about. You may find yourself in exotic locales this months, Scorpio. There are places in the world that are entirely foreign from what you are used to, and you’re eager to learn all you can from the world around you. Your intellectual curiosity will be satisfied researching distant lands, but most of all you’ll enjoy communicating with foreigners. Scorpio, consider finding someone online who lives in a world far, far away. An email pen pal could help introduce you to the uniqueness of a different culture without having to actually go there.

The luck is most definitely on your side during this transit so why not take a risk? I am talking about a calculated one of course and not going to Vegas and betting your house deposit fund on the Blackjack tables! Take a chance on your talents and skills, Scorpio – perhaps by pushing your own ventures or by applying for that position you would normally shy away from because you believe you are under-experienced or under-qualified. The results may astound you and prove there is more to you than you think!

Many astrologers consider Jupiter in your 7th to be the best Jupiter transit for relationships but in my experience Jupiter in your 1st is just as good and may perhaps even come with extra benefits! Jupiter in Scorpio zodiac sign turns you into a massive attraction magnet and what you want just cannot seem to escape from being drawn in if you make even the slightest effort! So, you are in one of the best cycles in 12 years for relationship matters. If your relationship has been troubled and has gone beyond the point of no return, the 2017 Scorpio predictions indicate that Jupiter makes it easier than you might think to step away from it and usually amicably. This is because Jupiter wants you to be free to expand and learn and if that process is now absent from your current union, Jupiter provides the release for you to move on to one that has more to offer your growth.

If you are recently single again or have been a single Scorpio for some time, Jupiter should now turn up in person. The 2017 forecast for Scorpio suggest to look for someone dynamic, successful, well-travelled and a bit larger than life in some way. They may be from overseas or have overseas connections and may also work in a Jupiter/Sagittarian profession. Sports, horses, large animals, academia, the law, the outdoors, travel, advertising, the media, sales – anything that allows them to stand out. This is not a person you are likely to miss, Scorpio. They think big and act with confidence.

While we are on that subject – now is the time for you to emulate those kinds of qualities as well. The 2017 Scorpio astrology forecast points out that Jupiter in Scorpio sun sign represents a new beginning and a new ‘you’ so make changes in a big way to your image, to your appearance, to your wardrobe, and do not be your old self. Be a bolder more vibrant version of you, Scorpio, and this is what acts at the catalyst for that attraction process as the reaction you get from others shows that they love this fabulous vibration you are broadcasting.

This will work on a professional and also personal level, Scorpio. It’s the gravitational power of attraction and for a moment just think about the massive gravitational effects Jupiter has on our solar system. Did you know that without Jupiter life on Earth may not have evolved? Or at least not evolved in the way it has. You see, Scorpio, Jupiter’s gravity adds an essential ‘wobble’ if you like to Earth’s orbit which combined with the Earth being in the ‘Goldilocks’ zone from our Sun means that life was able to begin here. Without Jupiter we cannot say what would have happened. When you begin to understand this on this kind of level then we have to say if Jupiter can influence our planet in this way, what can he do for us individually? Now you understand why working with his energy becomes some important. It takes astrology and understanding our Jupiter transit to another level. Defy gravity from October onwards!

You’ll be a backbone of support not only for family this year but also for friends. Those you care about and those who care about you may seek out solace from you. This year, you have a special gift of relieving people of their troubles and worries. With many planets aligned in your sector of friendship, friends will be very important to you. Your generosity and ability to comfort others keep you surrounded by friends throughout the year.

The Scorpio horoscope also shows that Venus, the Planet of Love, moves retrograde into your sector of love from April 3 to April 15, 2017 and stays through until April 28. Scorpio, when it comes to romance, take off the rose-colored glasses you always seem to wear and get yourself some specs that tell it like it is. If a new relationship seems too good to be true, maybe it actually is. A little research is advised before you make any long-term commitment. This is also true from mid-June until late November, when Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, is traveling retrograde.

Scorpio Horoscope 2017 For Finance

scorpio money horoscope

The Scorpio 2017 predictions for money shows that it’s taskmaster Saturn which crowds your money house for the remainder of the year. That means budget time — dinner for two will be at home from now on. Smart Scorpio will also keep their eye on the Dow 30 and do some sensible investing.

You’ll be looking closely at how you’ve handled your money in the past. Are you proud of this or are you now seeing that there are different choices you could have made? With Saturn in your money zone this you will see all too clearly how your financial choices in the past have shaped your present monetary circumstances.

The good news for you is that with Saturn in your 2nd house, you have all the tools you need to make long term adjustments to how you earn, spend, save and manage your money. This is big pants finance business school for all Phoenixes and you can graduate with honours if you combine Saturn’s wisdom with your capacity to get things done. Scorpio, if you need to meet with people to discuss money – and this includes anything from meeting with your bank manage to talk about your overdraft or negotiating a payrise or salary, act professionally and present the facts and whatever you do, leave emotion out of it all.

Saturn will turn retrograde in your 2nd, from april to late august, asking you to apply what you are learning about your handling of money in the past in order to create a new financial future. Part of this may involve getting a handle on any debts you have and perhaps coming to an agreement with creditors how you will pay off any outstanding loans or balances. Again, approach anything like this in a practical manner and if you do have debts then do not blame yourself or think this in any way reflects on your worth as a human soul engaged in a learning process.

While he is retrograde, those of Scorpio born during the last week of your sign will find yourselves brought to a halt until those financial areas are sorted out so don’t expect much progress until then. Your money may also be harder to come by or just not increasing but there is another side to this as you will be less inclined to spend on what you do not need and in a much stronger conservation state of mind. Remember, Scorpio, that in order to save the first thing we need to is to start spending less rather than just concentrating on trying to earn more so we can start saving. If you begin here then by the time Saturn is direct again you should have established better and long term habits around your money with which you can build a solid foundation.

Scorpio Horoscope 2017 For Career

scorpio career horoscope

The Scorpio 2017 career horoscope suggest that in Octobre, when Jupiter, the Planet of Good Luck and Fortune moves into your sign, to take a few risks. You may be surprised what comes your way when you are bold once in a while. You might just find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

You have Pluto in your 3rd house, so you may be compulsively traveling back and forth, here and there and everywhere, so much that you don’t know how to get off the merry-go-round. Can you Scorpio every sit still for very long before you are out gallivanting around? Visit with people over the phone more and save on gas and your legs. If you take a closer look at all the running and traveling you have been doing lately you might begin to see why your feet or legs hurt so much, Scorpio.

Very deep changes could be taking place with some of your siblings. Pay attention to your siblings and friends. They may be having a hard time physically.They could be life-altering events or health issues that keep them confined. They may be experiencing some very big changes in their life and could use your kindness and thoughtfulness, letters, phone calls and visits. They could move out of the country or far away. You could have new neighbors or foreign neighbors that bring you new awareness of the different cultures in the world. A new car or vehicle may be in the making. Yours could die or be demolished. Just make sure you get what you need and not what you think you should have. You have to be able to pay for it later on.

2017 Fashion Horoscope For Scorpio

This year, you might get a radically different new look. If you have long hair at the start of the new year, be sure to take pictures because by the end of the year it may not be there. You’re building great confidence in your appearance and you’re willing to make changes.

During Octobre, Jupiter moves into your sign, which means that aspects in your life will start to expand, including your wardrobe. Feel free to buy something you like but you don’t think is really your style. One crazy morning you may just want to put on something a little wacky, and you should be prepared — at least get yourself a fun hat. Your style will be different when you’ll want to be taken seriously and your wardrobe will reflect that. Navy, brown and clean-cut lines will take you where you want to go.

2017 Health Horoscope For Scorpio

scorpio health horoscope

The 2017 Scorpio zodiac for health warn that Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, can do wonders for your wallet and your wardrobe, but you don’t want it to affect your waistline. Be careful with candy, fast food and snacking between meals. You may be tempted to satiate jangled nerves with food in the end of the year, even though you know it is just a temporary pleasure.

Scorpio, October is the month to make radical changes to your fitness routine. Do something that you would not normally do and dare to be different from the other people who work out at the gym. Scorpio, check all the details before committing to an expensive workout program. If you choose to join a gym rather than take up a dance class, be sure the gym offers a variety of workouts. October to December are the best fitness months for you this year. It’s a great time to physically challenge yourself. Sore points may be the ankles, so take extra care. Stretching and flexing are always advised.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope 2017

scorpio monthly horoscope

Scorpio January 2017: No matter your true age, you may be feeling the weight of your years. Try to remember that age is just a number and it is more a mental attitude that counts. You can truly be any age that you desire when you have the right positive mental attitude. You have a choice: 1) Accept that you feel old, or 2) Spruce yourself up, get some exercise, watch what you eat, participate in fun activities, and begin to feel young again! If you choose option number 2, people will tell you that you look great and ask you what your secret is. Just smile and know that taking good care of yourself does pay off. Soon you will be looking and feeling younger too.

Scorpio February 2017: For the longest time now you have been directed to take a good look at your personal values and to change them so that your life will flow much easier. What you believed to be true so long ago may not be what you believe to be true now. Feelings such as: resentment, depression, and revenge, don’t need to be a part of your life now. You are able to understand people differently now and not expect as much from them as you did before. You bring ‘ease’ into your life by being ‘easier’ on other people…and yourself this month.

Scorpio March 2017: You can pick up some interesting information if you get together with someone who is well informed in an area that interests you. Don’t try to impress someone by promising something that you aren’t likely to deliver. Relax and just be yourself…that is more than good enough!

Scorpio April 2017: You won’t be able to hide your true feelings no matter how hard you try. People will be able to see through you like a pane of glass. So why not come out of hiding and just enjoy the feeling of truly being yourself. Show your affection for the people that mean the most to you. I am sure that they will appreciate this type of kindness from you. People can love you just the way you are…if you only give them a chance.

Scorpio May 2017: If you need something…just ask! Don’t be so proud to believe that you can do everything on your own. Open your eyes and you will see that you are loved unconditionally. All everyone around you needs is for you to love them this way too.

Scorpio June 2017: Detach from what you no longer need in your life. It is now time to simplify everything. Whether the clutter is in your home or in your mind, sort it all out and let it go. Peace comes to you through allowing it to come from first calming your mind. Get out of your own way. Stop the internal chatter your mind makes by filling your mind with peaceful thoughts. Get some sunshine on your face and accept all social invitations that come your way. Get out of your rut and get ready for some fun!

Scorpio July 2017: You are being asked to be more responsible than you may desire to be. Responsibility includes more than just taking care of yourself and your needs…you must also truly care about your family and community too. You will feel much better about yourself when you reach out and help others. Your life serves a very important purpose. NOW is the time to realize what that purpose is and take some positive action. Your health also improves as you reach out and try to help heal the lives of those you care deeply about. Remember…what goes around comes back to you! Kindness does matter!

Scorpio August 2017: Instant love will come your way, but be cautious; this person may not be telling you everything. Uniqueness has always been an attraction for you, but don’t believe everything you hear. If you are already in a committed relationship, don’t take the chance of ruining a good thing by being seduced by someone else. Truth, honesty, and open communication are very important now. If you stand strong on your principles and don’t let situations tempt you, then you will have much success in your future. These temptations are a test…only a test! See if you can pass them with flying colors!

Scorpio September 2017: The skeletons in your closet want to come out and play. Go ahead, release them, and get them completely out of your way. Depression and guilt will only hurt you mentally and physically. Forgiveness, is the only way to give your self, the peace of mind you seek. What was…was, what is…is, what will be depends on YOU. Let go of all negative energy now. Don’t dwell on what you cannot change. Focus only on how you want situations to become. Let resentment and anger go! These emotions don’t serve your better interests any more and can only drag you down further. Take extra good care of your health right now. Relax!

Scorpio October 2017: October is about completing all unfinished projects and getting them out of your way once and for all. You can gain many positive insights through reflection and meditation. Study and research topics that are of interest to you. You are never too old to stop learning. Remember that a busy mind that is focused on positive learning doesn’t have time to dwell on negative thoughts. Keep yourself busy and stay productive. Someone special supports your efforts and loves you very much.

Scorpio November 2017: Are you like the Phoenix bird, who crashed into the fire to rise out of the ashes with more wisdom to live a better life, or, are you like a scorpion that habitually stings anything and everyone in its path to have control? November is your birthday month and a month of karma for you. Choose your thoughts and actions wisely.

Scorpio December 2017: You once enjoyed this holiday season so much, but now a sense of seriousness has entered your life and if you allow it to really bother you, it can put a depression on your naturally happy spirit. Could part of the reason be because someone special is missing from your life now? Or because you are unable to get in touch with a group of people that once meant something important to you? If these people have passed out of your life, or passed on because of death, know that they are still with you in spirit. Whenever you fondly think of them with love in your heart, their spirit touches yours. If you really love them, do not cry, but know that you loved them enough to let them go so that they can continue to grow spiritually. Always remember that their memory will live forever in your heart.

Best Dates For Scorpio In 2017

Best dates for Love

Best Dates For Love

January 1,
January 12
March 27
June 20
November 16

Best Dates For WorkBest Dates For Work

April 28
May 3
July 19
August 22
September 2

Best Dates For MoneyBest Dates For Money

January 8
May 12
May 19
November 11
December 23, 2017

Best Dates For LuckBest Dates For Luck

August 27
November 18
December 3, 2017

Overall, the Scorpio horoscope 2017 predicts that this year should open doors and bring in breathtaking experiences. But Scorpio, in 2017 you have to take those initial steps yourself and put the universe on stand-by to show you are ready by first making changes to the external you that reflect those that have taken place on an inner level these past 12 months. Remember, Scorpio – you will not have another cycle like this for 12 years – so live it to the full and don’t have any regrets over missed opportunities!

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