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August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to the August Monthly Horoscope 2018 For All Zodiac Signs!

Theme of the Month: Magical Alignments

The August horoscope 2018 shows that this month we have: Mars Retrograde, Mercury Retrograde, New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Leo, Two Outer Planet Trines, Grand Earth Trine, Handful of Squares.

This month we have a bunch of tense planetary connections bringing minor annoyances and some major outer planet connections plus other aspects bringing major fruition and manifestation.

Mars is in retrograde still for almost all of August. This, plus a third eclipse, are serving to continue the increase in likelihood of things worked on, dreamed of, and planned for in the past coming into fruition. The eclipses have also likely have already brought some unexpected surprises, and more of those could be in store.

The theme of ‘being the spider’ continues all this month – letting the things that are meant for you come in without too much agenda or forcing. It is a fine time to be ‘comfortably productive’ and work on projects in the backdrop, just pay attention to the signs and if things aren’t flowing, either stop or try a different way.

Doing things differently and taking a break from the norm in big or small ways are both very consistent with the energy of the transit, as is focusing action on inspiration and intuition, instead of logic and action for actions’ sake.

To illustrate these energies better I want to share about an artist who is very adept at small, very detailed paintings. This artist had been known to work on paintings for years, working rigorously to apply small details over time. Things were stuck in his life and with his work and he began to feel like he needed an overhaul in how he was approaching his methods. He followed an intuitive nudge and started watching Bob Ross. If you don’t know Bob Ross, I highly recommend you look him up on Youtube and watch how he paints an amazing and detailed landscape portrait in around 20 minutes (and does it with an epic hairdo, signature voice, and quirky word choice). The artist started doing paintings with more of a Bob Ross flair instead of his usual painstaking detail focus. Not surprisingly, things started shifting for him in major ways on every level and he started having opportunities to use his art in practical ways that earned more income.

Mercury is retrograde until August 19 and the typical effects of this cycle will be strong still especially in the 5 or so days after it goes direct and will be present still in some form for the whole rest of the month and until September 2. The ‘typical effects’ are changes in plans, things coming back from the past to be reconsidered, challenges and opportunities involving communication and transportation. It is not usually preferred as the best time to sign contracts, especially long-term ones, if you can possibly help it. If you have to sign or officially agree to something and can wait until the last week of August, the energies will be more clear and there are some great transits that week, too. The 2018 august horoscope shows that there is also one challenging one that you will likely feel strongly so use your intuition to navigate around when to start to move forward or do official agreements.

If you are planning travel in August, try to be flexible and pay extra attention to ‘being prepared’ and other travel details. Last minute trips may also be more likely to present.

For some, the long retrograde focus could beginning to wear on patience, this coupled with a notable amount of squares this month could combine to bring frustration. The August horoscope shows that issues with anger at present or past situations could come up strongly. Try to not act from a charged space as this could bring more frustration and cause issues in the long run. Adopting the spiritual recognition of Diving Timing over individual will could help tremendously to offset these potentials this month and beyond. Everything is happening just as it supposed to, you are exactly where you need to be.

Two Magical Outer Planet Trines This Month!

The 2018 August astrology shows that there is a Grand Earth Trine with Sun in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus on August 25 — Aug 14 through September 13 Saturn/Uranus trine in effect – launches and other important things great here! This is my favorite period of time to do anything important (the next open window like this is not until December).

Also, the final connection of the amazing outer planet water trine between Jupiter and Neptune will definitely help to offset any negative energies this month. The trine could be felt all month, especially around August 12 through the 26 with the exact aspect on August 19.

Check out more August Highlights:

** Note: often the effects of planetary transits are felt before or after the actual day the transit occurs.
  • August 1Mars in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus — Tension from this transit can create breakthroughs. Any way you can ‘break free’ responsibly would be a good match for using this energy for its highest potential. Recklessness is more likely now but not well-indicated as this combination can be dangerous. Guard your physical body especially right now. Be extra careful with technology and around electric. Leave electrical work to insured professionals. Do an extra check to make sure ovens, stoves, etc. are off when you leave your house.
  • August 6Sun in Leo Square Jupiter in Scorpio — This transit can bring an increase in feeling proud and capable. If you can demonstrate these feelings in moderation and really think about how the way your are expressing is taken in by others at this time, you can avoid the negative end of the transit which could come from exaggerated emphasis on ego. There is definitely a tendency to overdo on any level right now, including spending, food, drink, and substances and other addictions. Moderation and discipline are the aim right now.
  • August 7Uranus Retrograde (from 2° of Taurus back to 28° of Aries going direct on January 6, 2019) — The planet of change and freedom switches to do deeper work on your inner space either to catch up with changes that have already occurred in the outer realms or to prepare for major external change coming soon.
  • August 7Venus in Libra Trine Mars in Aquarius — This is a great aspect for the blending, balancing, and synergy of masculine and feminine energies. Romance, creativity, fun, things involving children all get a boost at this time.
  • August 8Venus in Libra Opposing Chiron in Aries — The monthly horoscopefor August shows that this is a time when it is more common for challenges involving love and money. Self-esteem can feel off and the feeling or experience of being a victim is more likely.
  • August 8Sun in Leo Conjunct Mercury in Leo — This transit can ignite creativity, fuel romance, and increase fun. Alternatively it can increase ego flares and battles. Tread lightly on charged topics.
  • August 9Venus in Libra Square Saturn in Capricorn — This transit can bring relationship or money tensions or issues into the forefront. The inclination to avoid dealing with the issues may be high while the need to actually deal with them will be higher.
  • August 10-11Mercury in Leo Square Jupiter in Scorpio — Jupiter could bring great optimism right now and a tendency to overcommit. Promise or commit to only a fraction of what you are feeling you can do right now or in the future.
  • August 11Solar Eclipse/New Moon at almost 19° of Leo — Time to make your 10 New Moon Wishes on the Leo topics of children, creativity, romance, fun, hobbies, addictions, leadership, acting (or anything else that puts all eyes on you). An eclipse also coincides with this New Moon. Expect new opportunities and major new chapters in areas ruled by Leo.
  • August 18-19Mercury Direct at 11° of Leo — also Mercury in Leo Sextile Venus in Libra
  • August 19Jupiter in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces — The material and ethereal blend beautifully at this time bringing much potential for major insights and manifestations. The August astrology shows that this whole month can bring effects from this line-up that we were introduced to at the end of 2017, then got strong again at the end of May/Early June 2018, with the final connection happening here in August. Those with water placements close to 15° will get an extra special smooch from this connection.
  • August 25Grand Earth Trine with Sun in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus — Any early Earth placements (closer to 2 degrees the more intense) or late fire placements will especially receive blessings from this magical occurrence. Aug 14 through September 13 Saturn/Uranus trine in effect – launches and other important things great here! This is my favorite period of time to do anything important (the next open window like this is not until December).
  • August 27Mars Direct at 28° of Capricorn with the post shadow period stretching until Oct 10) — The ruler of action and oomph changes direction after 2 months of going backwards. Momentum, drive, and ambition will likely start to return to usual now.
  • August 27-28Mercury in Leo Square Jupiter in Scorpio — This same aspect recently occurred on August 11 – Jupiter could bring great optimism right now and a tendency to overcommit. Promise or commit to only a fraction of what you are feeling you can do right now or in the future.
  • The New Moon in Cancer/Solar Eclipse is July 12th.
  • The Full Moon in Aquarius/Lunar Eclipse is July 27th.

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Overall, the August horoscope 2018 shows sweet spots during the days around: August 7, 8, 11, 18-19, 25 and 27. Rough spots are more likely from aspects in days around: August 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10-11 and 27-28.

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