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February 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to the February Monthly Horoscope 2018 For All Zodiac Signs!

Theme of the Month: The Evolution Begins…In The Depths of Winter

February 2018 Monthly HoroscopeBy embracing our resilience and our ability to adapt to our constantly changing environment, we are able to evolve, grow, and endure..

Trees have a beautiful resilience about them, changing with the seasons – budding leaves in the spring, providing shade in the summer, changing color and dropping leaves in the autumn, and standing strong in the face of the elements in the winter only to emerge again with budding leaves in the spring.

Trees sustain themselves by adapting, by evolving. They continue to grow not despite the weather, but in harmony with the weather. They embrace the changes that must occur in order to continue their livelihoods, and they seem to do so with acceptance of their place and role in the Oneness of nature.

Many trees would continue to grow and thrive until nature takes its course through fire or storms or erosion to move or eliminate them. Yet humanity often wants to make way for itself and its visions, and cuts trees down or uproots them for its own agendas.

The irony is that humanity doesn’t just do that to trees. Humanity tends to uproot or cut itself down, not recognizing its own resilience, beauty, and Oneness with everything around it.

Human kind has (collectively) been so oblivious to its interconnection with All-That-Is that it hasn’t realized how it’s been harming itself through its own discordant beliefs and hypocritical practices. As result, we now seem to be experiencing a dark and stormy world that doesn’t seem to have much Light or hope in it, living lives that may have us erroneously believing that we aren’t progressing forward or upward.

Yet in the face of what seems to be a harsh, bleak winter for human kind, this 2018 Aquarius Sun Period serves to awaken us to the fact that we have now reached a point where in order for us as a collective humanity to progress upward and forward, we must evolve. There is Light ahead, but we have to be willing to look for it, recognize it, and step into our strength and resilience to realize it.

A difficult concept for many of us to understand right now is that we are ONE human race on ONE planet that must co-exist together with each other and ALL others on this planet if we are to survive as a collective humanity. We are so determined to establish ourselves as unique and special that many of us forego individuality to become parts of groups or communities that promise exclusivity or exceptionality, protection or salvation.

Once many of us choose the community(s) we want to associate with, we may be inclined to blindly accept their versions of truth in order to “belong”. We rarely look at the belief systems or the practice of those beliefs objectively beforehand, and we rarely consider the big picture impact of our belief-driven actions on the greater whole. We may willingly become victims of “group think” because we may value belonging and being accepted by others more than we value our individual selves being individually expressed as part of something bigger than any one of us could create alone. As result, we may find ourselves fighting to sustain an increasingly cold, and cruel world that is becoming more and more divided rather than united.

Yet we tend to recreate the same beliefs and behaviors over and over again, expecting different results. We continue to fight battles and wars, shedding each other’s blood in efforts to extinguish those who differ in their views or beliefs so we can “live in peace”. We continue to manipulate and deceive each other in efforts to control or have power over each other…or to keep others from having power over us.

This February month has the ability to open our eyes and hearts to how those old philosophies, beliefs, and behaviors are no longer serving us. The energies of this month present opportunities for us to accept, allow, and experience the earnest beginnings of an evolution of humanity through intellectual rebellion and independence.

We are now being asked to think about our individual selves in a context of how we can be part of and contribute to something bigger than ourselves without losing our individuality and unique individual expression – how to create an inclusive world that accepts and encourages our individual gifts and contributions. It isn’t easy, and some of us are choosing to fight to preserve long-held divisive views and/or beliefs instead. That fight will have some people taking violent steps to impose their will on others, forcing others to change so they themselves won’t have to. Unfortunately, the fighting and the violence will continue until each of us is individually willing to open our minds to the possibility of a different world view.

The world is not going to go back to the way it was – it’s just not. Change is the only constant, and that is exactly what is happening – the world is changing and we are changing. During this 2018 Aquarius Sun Period, you will see just how much technology is bringing the world closer to Oneness than ever before, and how we are more interconnected through worldly matters (economy, resource, etc.) than ever before.

Yet you will also realize that things have advanced so much that they cannot go back to the way they were, no matter how hard you may try to force them to do so. If anything, the more held back you may feel from moving your own agenda forward, the more likely it is that you are holding yourself back by resisting the inevitable changes in the world around you in some way.

The 2018 Aquarius Sun Period inspires you to be like a tree – to accept that the weather changes around you, and to recognize that you have the ability to adapt to whatever comes. But what may be most essential for you to know and remember is that you can continue to be yourself, even if the environment around you may be changing. This is an opportunity for each of us to examine how we do or don’t practice our beliefs in our lives, to see any hypocrisy in our methods of practice, and to explore alternatives to our chosen way of practicing our beliefs so our integrity and collective Oneness may be restored. We can apply this method of objective examination to matters of socioeconomic status or condition, race, gender, business…and frankly, to any matters of conflict in the world and in our lives at this time.

Adaptation is not to say that you should give in to anything or everything that challenges your beliefs or positions. It is to say that you may want to consider how you can grow and expand in your individual self-expression by accepting and adapting to those challenges. There may be another way for you to be your unique self and to make your unique contributions to the whole of humanity and All-That-Is – a way to honor your truth without actually fighting for it. Adaptation is the key to your individual evolution, to your continuation, and to your endurance…and as result, the evolution, continuation, and endurance of the whole of humanity as you are part of the greater whole.

In this 2018 Aquarius Sun Period, learn to adapt to the conditions so you can thrive in whomever and whatever you feel called to be. We can only become a bright in our Light as we are dark in our darkness, so if we allow ourselves to evolve in depths of this dark winter, we can emerge stronger and brighter than we could ever imagine in the spring.

The February horoscope 2018 shows that this Aquarius Sun Period is certain to be an exciting one. It holds great potential for many major events to occur and/or emerge over the next 4 weeks which could very well alter the course of humanity.

aquariusAquarius is a fixed air sign, meaning that it can be pretty set in its ways when it comes to its intellectual perspectives and philosophies which shape its ideas, thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors. Yet don’t let its fixed energy fool you – it only serves to note that Aquarius is very committed to helping you find your place in humanity without compromising your individual integrity to do so. Though Aquarius is very community-oriented, its influence usually won’t allow you to remain loyal to a community that does not honor your individuality or welcome your unique contributions to the collective. Therefore, despite its inclination to predictability, Aquarius can equally inspire unpredictability as you to seek your distinctive place and role in the jigsaw puzzle of human kind.

The single most important thing to remember about the energy of Aquarius is that it is all about individuals finding their unique place within the collective. This sign is the epitome of one’s quest for self-expression in contribution to the greater whole of humanity.

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