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Gemini Horoscope 2018

The Gemini Horoscope 2018 shows that the overall trend for you in 2018 is exceptionally outgoing, social and exploratory. Your great conversational and contact skills bring more success relationally and in connection with education and communication, but it can be difficult to find people on your wavelength.

Looking back, 2017 was probably quite pleasant, upbeat and adventurous for you. You learned the importance of accepting things as they are. Now the tide is changing, is going out again. This began in October. Circumstances are already pushing you to be more faithful and forgiving and this trend will continue in 2018. You will also enter a new phase of change destined to transform you deeply. The result of this process could be you feeling better than ever, more refined, lighter, and freer. Prior notions and orientations to security, both material and emotional, will be replaced by new interpretations. These trends will continue beyond 2018 but they have already begun.

Whereas last year, there were new people to meet, new groups to be part of, and exciting romantic experiences to electrify you, you can sense that the tone is very different this year. People seem more self-absorbed and secretive, and this requires a much more emotionally-engaged approach from you.

The 2018 forecast for Gemini also shows that trends from the end of last year in the workplace bring an atmosphere of psychological pressure, probably because there are deep-seated feelings amongst colleagues, who need something more meaningful to work for. If you can get deeper into your work, digging up issues that need to be dealt with, and above all integrating caring ideals, you’ll feel more satisfied yourself. Work needs to get more creative.

Also, the 2018 astrology for Gemini warn that partnerships become more complicated and demanding. Loved ones can seem to be living a more secretive existence. As they may be less willing to open up emotionally, discussion of feelings buried beneath the surface is crucial. 2018 is a year when you deal with the emotional blockages that other people have. A superficial approach should be abandoned, and you need to find the courage to talk about hidden fears and insecurities connected with money, feelings and sex. When you do, relationships move to a new and deeper level.

In November, there is a major change which is both favorable for relationships, and excellent for travel an outgoing activities. The single Gemini can meet a wise and well-traveled partner, especially when traveling, and it is worth making several journeys back and forth to be with the person of your dreams. The last week of November is a major time to create space in your calendar, because big things happen in relationships. You’ll have to separate dreams from illusion, and you may be well outside your comfort zone, but you will certainly get a bite of the apple at this time.

The Gemini star sign 2018 predictions also foretell that at the beginning of year, your chart is looking quite interesting for all work related matters. Perhaps you are thinking of making changes to what you do, either adding something new to your current work, or leaving your field entirely and trying something new. Your chart is lining up for this all to happen. There is a wonderful expansion of your work coming this year. You might see a rush of new clients if you own your own business. For those of you working for others, expect working conditions to improve over the year, and you might get a promotion. For those of you that are fed up with your working situation, you will probably decide to make a big change in January.

The Gemini 2018 predictions suggest that Uranus is in a positive and opportunistic aspect to your Sun sign. So it’s likely you’ll be hanging out with a different class of people or new circle of associates or mates who have common interests. Fresh, even, ground-breaking influences may inspire you to think along very interesting and unusual lines . This is a very progressive part of your Solar chart and it could mean that hopes and dreams left on the shelf a long time ago will start to be realized.

The 2018 Gemini horoscopes foretell that you are more likely to develop an interest in the sciences or a new technology or exchange ideas within a group of kindred spirits during this time. This is also an innovative, alternative vibration which means you could discover approaches which are not mainstream, wherever your interests lie. This vibration also favours, anything innovative in the field of IT or sustainable energy, or other areas which put you at the cutting edge. A previous structure may be replaced by a new array of options and you’ll have to adapt to a sometimes surprising but interesting environment which accelerates the speed at which things happen.

Neptune is into its home sign Pisces. For you Gemini, it may mean you have to lay aside your own desires related to career or general life-direction and make yourself available in a more selfless or nurturing way because it serves or promotes goodwill. This transit will be great for those involved things like medicine, spiritual healing, boating, hospitality, healing, spirituality, charities and anything which serves the common good. This vibration will also support you artistic Geminians and spur you to greater flights of imagination.

However, when it comes to acclaim and a true valuing of your contribution, Neptune here it can sometimes mean you become ‘invisible’ and you may feel overlooked or unappreciated or perhaps misconstrued by others.

The life-changing force of Pluto, now in Capricorn, means regeneration from deep levels over the next decade. There will be a letting go of the old scenarios which could relate to property, money or other resources you share or shared with another. The old order is crumbling and the decks are clearing for a new dawn in material ways or with deep heart connections. The Gemini astrology 2018 predictions suggest that you will be learning how to pick up the most valuable pieces from the past and move them into the future, rising, phoenix-like from the ashes. Some of you may feel more drawn to the mystical, hidden, spiritual side of life.

For some this transit will mean an inheritance of some kind or when you can ‘cash in’ on assets or previous savings. It can also mean power struggles or turbulence related to assets, inheritance and your own true allegiances. Pluto’s angle is a little demanding at times on the emotional level but by letting go of the past you can be reborn and, along with Uranus, make progress with something you’ve wanted to achieve for a very long time.

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