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January 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to the January Monthly Horoscope 2018 For All Zodiac Signs!

Theme of the Month: Revolution Brings Evolution

January 2018 Monthly HoroscopeChange is the only constant, but we must be presented with challenges and make significant choices in order to manifest real and lasting change.

2017 has been quite a year, and a world-altering one at that. Things continue to change (as they always have and always will), yet the January 2018 Horoscope shows that the changes we are undergoing are ones this world hasn’t experienced on this scale in a long time if ever.

Thanks to technology (especially the internet), the world is smaller now. Information travels faster than it did during the major revolutions that occurred years ago. All world activities have the potential to become known worldwide. The smallest revolutions that have always been happening now seem more important and consequential, especially now that the bigger revolutions are becoming known. These revolutions aren’t only happening between and within nation-states! Even if people aren’t necessarily trying to declare their independence, people are doing their best to affect significant social, cultural, and political change, and they are using social media to band together to deliver their messages to the world.

I mentioned about 9 months ago that humanity is experiencing a vital transformation. We are being asked to transform our minds – our thoughts, our beliefs, and our words/communications – because the changes that need to be made in our world moving forward must now be understood and initiated on an intellectual level if they are to truly be made and take hold as the new standards for human being. Our old structures, standards, and processes that we have looked to and depended on for our well-being and survival are being phased out and cleared out for new ways to emerge.

The hardest part of any transformation process is that we must let go of the old ways in order to allow transformation to occur and bring in something new. Revolution brings evolution and during this 2018 Capricorn Sun period, the revolutions that have been building over these last few years begins to take form. There are some big and difficult choices for us to make in the coming weeks, months, and years – choices with outcomes that will transform the way our societies and our world works from here on out.

We move forward in this journey today with a promising initiative energy only to find our best-laid plans meeting challenges to their progression. The beginning of this January is an amazing time to draft new plans and intentions for the future that we actually want to see and experience as manifest. Yet as we try to implement our plans, we may find ourselves seemingly blocked at every turn. The key is to not be discouraged, and to recognize the blocks and delays as re-directions. If we are being blocked, the block is occurring because what we are trying to be or do is not in alignment with what we are committed to manifesting in our lives.

The same goes for you in your own life – if you are being blocked or thwarted, it may be because you are trying to do something that is in contrast to your goals and intention or that simply isn’t in alignment with the real truth of who you are. When you face these challenges, ask yourself what your True self really wants and needs, and your answer will often lead you to an open road. Progress during this time will be easy when you are aligned with Truth.

Start your 2018 Capricorn Sun period with a moment of introspection, reflection, and the creation of new goals and ambitions for the coming year. The January Horoscope shows that it’s okay to start your planning early – it may prove to your advantage to get a jump on the coming new year. After all, your personal choices are your own private revolution and even if you don’t think your private choices make a difference in the bigger picture, they do. The evolution of humanity is brought about by you and others who make the tough choices and take full responsibility for living into your most authentic truths and lives.

The Sign of the Month

The arrival of the Winter Solstice also announces the arrival of the Sun in the sign of Capricorn at 8:28a PST on Thursday, 21st December, bringing cardinal earth energy to our lives for the next 4.5 weeks. This is an initiative yet stabilizing energy – the energy of the authority figure who not only sets the tone and the objectives for society, but who also holds everyone accountable and responsible for fulfilling those objectives.
capricornCapricorn is a cardinal earth sign, meaning it gets things started and it does so in practical, intentional, and authoritative ways. Since Capricorn is goal-oriented, focused on objectives and results, it is committed to making sure that the desired outcome is achieved and that it receives reward (either or both material and status) for its achievement.

Capricorn can be a harsh realist and doesn’t suffer fools lightly. If something or someone isn’t in alignment with its goals or objectives, Capricorn ignores them or clears them out of the way. After all, Cap’s got things to get done and it doesn’t have time to be dealing with people and things that aren’t going to help it get done what it wants and needs to get done.

For these reasons, Capricorn is associated with public and professional institutions such as governments, corporations, institutions such as schools and regulatory agencies, and the like. With the current course of events in our lives and in the world, this could prove very interesting.
The 2017-2018 Capricorn Sun will encourage us to set earnest and deliberate intentions so we can take earnest and deliberate actions to initiate earnest pursuit and achievement of our goals. In the earth sign triad, Capricorn is the leader and the closer – setting the agendas and goals and creating a plan for fulfillment; then Taurus (fixed earth) acquires and secures the resources needed in order to implement the plan; then Virgo (mutable earth) uses the resources to implement the plans to achieve the desired outcome; bringing it back to Capricorn, who measures the end results to confirm whether or not the desired outcome was achieved. Then Cap repeats the cycle with the details depending upon whether or not the results were achieved.

January Horoscope 2018 Overview

there are six ingresses during the January 2018 month – Venus enters Capricorn on 24th December, Mercury enters Capricorn on 10th January, Selene enters Cancer and Vesta enters Sagittarius on 14the January, Venus makes another ingress into Aquarius on 17th January, and Pallas enters Taurus on 19th January only 40 minutes before the Sun moves into Aquarius. Venus is the most active transit player this month, making 12 transits with other bodies and points over the next 4.5 weeks. One-on-one relationships and partnerships of all kinds will take on one of two likely roles: partners will be solely perceived as resources to achieve objectives… or the partners themselves (or a particular status of the relationships with them) will be the objective. There will be brief moments of the partners assisting in personal growth and/or celebrating and encouraging unique expression in the community, but otherwise, it’s all about having someone assist in producing results or someone actually being the desired result.

There are three bodies in retrograde motion as this 2017-2018 Capricorn Sun period begins – Mercury, Ceres, and Uranus. Mercury isn’t in retrograde for long, though, returning to direct motion only on the 22nd December – only one day after the Sun enters Capricorn. Then Uranus returns to direct motion on 2nd January, leaving Ceres on its own in the retrograde fort. Retrogrades bring reflective, do-over, second-chance energies and opportunities, so these planets are asking us to recognize where we may still need to look, listen, and learn from the world around us; value the positive recognition and opportunities to make ourselves known which come our way; and allow others to recognize and acknowledge the unique talents and abilities we contribute to the world.

Now let’s look at the upcoming transits for this January 2018 Period.

January 1: Full Moon in Cancer
The full Moon in Cancer prompts you to focus on your personal needs to make sure that the public and personal aspects of your life have a healthy balance. How can you accomplish this? Start by making changes in your home that soothe you. Get rid of clutter, donate clothes you no longer wear, or put flowers in a vase. Tune into your feelings, your thoughts, and your body, and make a goal to nurture and to take care of yourself. In the days following this Moon but before the next New Moon, get a plan together to maximize what’s great or make changes that will make you feel more comfortable and secure.

January 2: Uranus turns direct
Expect the unexpected as this revolutionary planet changes direction. Freedom and independence are top values now in the world and in your personal life. Everybody needs room to move and breathe. If you are open to change, you will do well. Even though there is no way to know where everything is headed or how things will turn out, don’t let that stop you from taking your most cherished ideas and goals and moving forward with them. Simply be ready to adapt to changes as they occur.

January 6: Mars conjuncts Jupiter
Whenever Mars, the warrior, conjuncts expansive Jupiter, you feel like there is little that you can’t do. This is a classic over-doing aspect. Think of Jupiter as a magnifying glass that makes bigger anything it contacts. Mars, the planet of action, expanded gives exceptional energy that you can use to help you get the lift-off you need for your projects and goals. You are likely to have lots of irons in the fire. At some point you’ll have to pick-and-choose, but not yet.

January 8: Mars sextiles Pluto
Are you ready to take your ideas and projects to the next level? Energetic Mars in Scorpio gives you determination and powerful Pluto in Capricorn gives the ambition to succeed along with people with clout and resources who are available to help. Keep your ears and eyes open so you can take advantage. Cooperative ventures are favored and business environments bring you face-to-face with people who can help you. If you know your chart, look to see what this pattern is activating so you can more fully take advantage of it.

January 9: Sun-Venus-Pluto conjunction
You have a lot of power and energy at your disposal. Let go of what’s broken or not working unless it can be transformed into a new and better version. This includes, projects, goals, yourself and your relationships. You have a power base and if you stand in it, you will achieve your goals. All conjunctions mark a new beginning. Open your heart to those who have energy and love to give.

January 11: Mercury enters Capricorn
It is time to be practical about what works or doesn’t. Seek out those who have already accomplished what you hope to achieve. They can give you valuable advice and connect you with those who can help you. Your hard work now pay dividends down the road. Stay focused.

January 13: Mercury conjuncts Saturn
This conjunction shows a serious conversation. It may be time to nail an agreement or sign a contract. Perhaps you need to do more homework before you make a decision. Weigh the pros and cons of your plans so you can take a solid, workable plan and move forward with it.

January 13: Venus squares Uranus and January 14: Sun squares Uranus
Are you feeling restless, like some changes in your life would not be such a bad thing? As the Sun and Venus contact Uranus, the planet of independence, it’s time to shake things up. Get out of your old routines. Don’t suppress a naturally healthy desire for change. It will lead you in new interesting directions.

January 15: Jupiter sextiles Pluto
How successful can you be? As much as your enthusiasm and your faith allows. The planets of expansion and power form an opportunity aspect bringing prestigious, influential people into your life to help you make the most of your goals. Use the resourcefulness of this combo and you can take your life to new heights. Believe in yourself and others will too.

January 16: New Moon in Capricorn
This first New Moon of the year is joined by Pluto which gives you a laser-like focus that you will be able to use to your benefit as long as you don’t cross the line into obsession. You have a good sense of where you want to go and what you want to achieve. But still, flexibility counts – so be open to tweaking your plans. With fortunate Jupiter in determined Scorpio contacting this New Moon, somebody is willing to back your efforts as long as you demonstrate your effectiveness. Just be aware of the recent Uranus change in direction on January 2nd, which promises a few surprises along the way. Mostly, use this time to pour your energy into your plans for the future. You will be amazed by what you are able to achieve.

January 17: Venus enters Aquarius
Someone to love, someone who shares your values, someone you would choose as a friend as well as a partner. These are the desires of the love planet in egalitarian Aquarius. If you are already committed, this is a wonderful time to strengthen the bonds of friendship. If you are single and looking, this is a perfect transit to meet people by going to events and participating in activities that you enjoy. Venus will be in Aquarius until February 10.

January 19: Sun enters Aquarius
You have experienced many changes over the last year. As the Sun leaves ambitious, practical Capricorn and enters independent Aquarius, you are ready to meet interesting people and embrace new ideas. It’s time to invest in your goals and embrace what this innovative sign has to offer. Because Aquarius is a sign of groups and team-work, don’t try to do everything all by yourself. Instead, join with like-minded people. It is time to find and connect with your community. The Sun will be in Aquarius until February 18.

January 24: Mercury conjuncts Pluto and January 25: Mercury sextiles Jupiter
The combination of these aspects opens up your life and introduces you to interesting people. They, in turn, provide the opportunities you need to help you achieve your most cherished goals. Whatever seemed impossible yesterday has a way of working out today as your ideas reach the ears of those who have influence and power.

Ceres is retrograde in Leo throughout the next 4.5 weeks as well, bringing positive affirmation of your unique and creative self-expression in your interactions with others who recognize your value. The retrograde begins bringing forth feedback from others in regard to the value you have to them and their lives. It would be wise to pay attention at this time as you’ll glean a great deal of insight and value from others’ responses or reactions to your creative self-expression. But to make the most of this retrograde motion, you must see value in yourself and what you have to bring into the world so you can recognize when others do (or don’t) value you. After all, if you don’t know your own value, how do you expect anyone to value you?

January 26: Mars enters Sagittarius
When this energetic, feisty planet enters the sign of travel, you are more than ready to ditch dull routines and schedules. There is a world out there waiting for you to discover it, so make sure you use this dynamic energy to get out of the house and out of your neighborhood. Since Sagittarius is also a sign concerned with philosophy, religion, ethics, and morals, this placement can represent an overly zealous fanatical crusader or an enthusiastic supporter and advocate. Allow your personal philosophy to guide you when you speak about your beliefs.

January 31: Leo Lunar Eclipse
Somebody is going to step into the spotlight. Maybe it is you. A solar eclipse in forward-looking Aquarius next month will emphasize team-work. But this month’s lunar eclipse in Leo, which marks a culmination of what you set in motion at the New Moon in Capricorn on January 16, casts a light on leadership. Whether you gain attention for yourself or for a cause, plan on a bit of drama. Not only is Leo a showy sign, but Full Moons have a tendency to ramp up people’s emotions. So, step forward with confidence, but don’t overdo it. You are in a crowd with plenty of drama queens and kings. A little humility goes a long way right now. You’ll do the best if you behave in a way that would make your mom proud.

January 31: Mercury enters Aquarius
Could you use a fresh perspective? Tired of the same old conversations? The communication planet in this unconventional sign brings new energy, interesting conversations, and people who are original thinkers and visionary dreamers. Leave old ways of looking at the world behind. Visit places where you can meet people who have a refreshing way of looking at the world. If you know which house in your chart Mercury is traveling through, you can bring everything you learn to that area of your life.

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