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July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to the July Monthly Horoscope 2018 For All Zodiac Signs!

Theme of the Month: Major Transformation ~ Two Eclipses

While Mars retrograde is still bringing permission to chill and a focus on rest, relaxation, and recreation, and Mercury retrograde will be seconding these notions, the horoscope for July shows that there are other astrological forces that are simultaneously awakening the winds of change.

The first such transit is the moving direct of Jupiter. Jupiter rules big visions and projects and big-picture thinking, luck, and optimism. Jupiter moving forward will definitely awaken dormant energies and bring some notable activity and manifestations.

The next set of transits that are pointing towards impending changes are the two eclipses in July (plus one more in August). For many, these events will be bringing major trajectory shifts.

The 2018 July astrology shows that even Mars retrograde can be very active for major manifestation as it often brings things thought of, planned, or worked towards in the past into notable fruition.

In general the recommendation for eclipse time (and Mars and Mercury retrogrades) is to “Be the Spider” and let things you have set the course for come in without too much pushing. Look for obvious “invitations from Spirit” that give clues to where you are supposed to bring your focus and if none arise, maintain the spider stance, just being focused internally and things closer to you (for instance home, family, creativity, health, spiritual practices, education, fun, recreation) unless and until anything notable comes to you.

Mars and Mercury retrogrades plus the eclipses and some other challenging aspects can all serve to call things that were seemingly set into question. The 2018 July monthly horoscope points out that the best way to navigate through this peacefully is to remember how many times over your life challenges came up and then were worked out and remind yourself that this is just more of the same. The more we put our anchor into our connection with Spirit instead of the ever-changing external/material world, the more we can glide through the inevitable and constant change that is part of life. Resistance to uncertainty and change is often harder than the actual changes – keeping this in mind during this time can help to make the experience of change easier and in some cases even fun.

Five trines, three with the Sun and two with Venus (plus an additional harmonious aspect with Venus) bring notable sweet spots throughout the month. These aspects can help lighten any issues that come with the other transits and can also help to see the bright side, making challenges easier to deal with. They can also bring in good news and wonderful manifestations. Also remember that even though eclipses sometimes bring unwelcome change, they are just as likely to bring in welcome change, things that you have asked for.

Check out more July Highlights:

** Note: often the effects of planetary transits are felt before or after the actual day the transit occurs.
  • July 5 — Sun in Cancer Trine Jupiter in Scorpio — This transit can bring good luck, enthusiasm, optimism and joy.
  • July 5 — Mercury in Leo Opposing Mars in Aquarius — The astrology for July 2018 shows that latent anger and resentment are more likely to slip out now. It isn’t the best time to pick a fight and if there is a delicate matter, really feel into using words that unite instead of divide. The fact that there is a beautiful transit on this same day can offset this energy but it is still important to be aware of.
  • July 8 — Sun in Cancer Trine Neptune in Pisces — Amplified intuition and empathy are likely now. A sympathetic viewpoint can be very helpful in smoothing over negative issues with someone. The challenging aspect with Mercury tomorrow that could still be felt today makes it more likely that there are unresolved emotions or other issues with someone. Use this sweet aspect to try to make peace instead of war.
  • July 9 — Mercury in Leo Square Jupiter in Scorpio — The odds are increased for blocks to communication and mobility with this transit. Speak and move with more care now.
  • July 10 — Jupiter Direct at 13° of Scorpio — The bringer of luck and optimism is starting to regain strength. Look for lifts to hopes and enthusiasm and also notable occurrences to occur in relationships, money, esoteric studies, topics of psychology, and other Scorpio-related arenas.
  • July 11 — Venus in Virgo Trine Uranus in Taurus — Happy surprises and innovative breakthroughs increase in likelihood with this transit. The power of this time is much increased by the Solar Eclipse/New Moon tomorrow.
  • July 12 — Solar Eclipse/New Moon at 20° — Powerful new beginnings and opportunities involving home and family are common with this transit. Also note that the Sun in Cancer is opposing Pluto in Capricorn so some overstimulation of work and home interests are likely, as are power struggles especially with authority figures.
  • July 13-14 — Venus in Virgo Trine Saturn in Capricorn — Here is another amazing aspect with Venus bringing in more chance for things worked on in the past to gel in a wonderful way.
  • July 22 — Venus in Virgo Sextile Jupiter in Scorpio — More sweetness with Venus here. Venus rules love, beauty/aesthetics, and money so look for things in these arenas to come to nice fruition with this and the previous Venus transits this month.
  • July 24 — Venus in Virgo Opposing Neptune in Pisces — A little roadblock here as the positive Venus momentum we have been having this month from harmonious aspects gets some counterbalance. Self-doubt or criticism from somewhere else could create feeling of insecurity. Also especially guard your finances and other aspects of ‘security’ issues on and offline now.
  • July 25 — Sun in Leo Trine Chiron in Aries — The July horoscope shows that this aspect holds great potential for healing and turning challenges into strengths and accomplishments.
  • July 25 — Sun in Leo Square Uranus in Taurus — Fear or uncertainty could come up now about impending changes. Things that were solid may be cast into question. Mercury moving into retrograde today will likely be a part of the story. Breath and try to surrender to trust of the Divine Plan.
  • July 25-26 — Mercury Retrograde in Leo (from 23° back to 11°) — Children, creativity, artistic endeavors, and romance are themes strongly brought up at this time. A return to previous projects, issues, delights, romance, and fun are likely in these arenas of life. This time favors study, review, and being the earthworm – continuing to work back over old material or topics, making them rich and fertile for new growth.
  • July 26-27 — Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at almost 5 of Aquarius (and Sun in Leo Opposing Mars in Aquarius) — Major completion, fruition, and/or drama is likely to come up around this time. The 2018 July forecast shows that major culminations, endings or events could happen now but also could have already manifested in the 4-6 or so weeks before now or may happen in the 4-6 or so weeks after. The topic of competition may come up strongly at this time. Issues of power and powerlessness, assertiveness and submissiveness may also rise to the surface in important relationships or seemingly random occurrences.

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Overall, the July horoscope 2018 shows sweet spots during the days around: July 5, 8, 10, 11, 13-14 and 22. Rough spots are more likely from aspects in days around: July 9, 12, 24 and 25-26-27.

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