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Leo Horoscope 2018

The Leo Horoscope 2018 shows that the governing factor during this year won’t be as much what you know as who you know and how well you co-operate together for a common aim. Overall, you are into a sociable and generally friendly vibration where business-type collaborations, social get-togethers and team-work of various kinds are emphasized. Great for anything techno, the internet and networking.

2018 is also a time when the collective mind is amplified and there are likely to be more unexpected or unconventional influences around. Friends and groups are interesting and may open the way to new experiences, some of which may be lucrative for you.

The 2018 Leo horoscope predicts that Mars will stay in Virgo til July 2018. An extraordinarily long transit dynamically activating your money and property sector. Physical effort may be expended getting things as you want them in this materialistic area and you may be using energy filling the piggy bank, acquiring physical objects, building, or making practical improvements to your comfort zone externally and internally. Buying and selling may be a feature of this period. This position of Mars may stimulate your urge to create an environment which improves home comforts and helps health and fitness. On another level this would be an optimum time for you to develop your inborn gifts and talents into marketable skills. Or to cultivate something you know could be of value to others and which they will pay you for.

The 2018 forecast for Leo show that until June 12th, Jupiter is in your area of career and overall life direction, meaning more doors swinging open, but not all will be leading to the road you want to travel. It’s more likely you could achieve recognition, receive praise or promotion professionally and you should feel more established in your field or with your direction as this is a time when you can be more in alignment with your inner purpose and there will be more chances to express that in the wider world. Romantic liaisons, travel, foreign connections, higher education or liaising with those at a distance could be a part of the picture.

From June 12th – June 2013 Jupiter will be lighting up a progressive area. It will be through new associations or friendships new and old, or some kind of a collective with certain interests in common that you can be successful. At least kindred spirits or a community with interests in common will expand your mind over this phase.

The Leo astrology 2018 predictions suggest that your working or personal social agenda is likely to be bulging at the seams one way or another BUT you’ll have to be careful not to overestimate or underestimate another’s capabilities or intentions.

This is a very progressive area so the internet may be involved or something techno at the cutting edge. Prepare to be amazed and inspired by new concepts or an innovative approach.

New associations will be pivotal to your being able to move towards a long cherished goal. This energy could draw a teacher towards you, someone to guide or advise you or someone you can consult for their expertise or refreshing take on things. But also you may be seen as the teacher and guide yourself. Leos born up to July 9th or with up to 17 degrees Leo rising will feel this vibration most.

The 2018 Leo horoscope predictions suggest that Saturn continues its transit of Libra until October 6th which means working more diligently at communications, media, education, travel or vehicles and transport. You should be developing communication skills and perhaps integrating new understanding of language or a system of thinking or getting your head around communications equipment. Developing these skills will be like chipping away at a sculpture, so be consistent and patient.

Successes are likely to come more easily by initiating a project or a study or an employment which brings in the pennies you need to develop your personal aims or to take your own gifts more seriously and start to develop them. You’ll probably be working harder, getting to grips with increased communications of all kinds, paperwork, correspondence, study etc. The Leo 2018 predictions suggest that you’ll be learning that ‘perceptions’ aren’t necessarily based in fact and may not even be true. As you get to the bottom of how much in your mind is perception and how much is ‘truth’, you may realize you need to make some changes to your own habitual ways of communicating or viewing the world. Its possible that you will find yourself in scenarios where there is more pressure on you to express yourself in a authentic, believable and fluent manner.

With Uranus slowly transiting through an expansive area of your Solar chart, expect your familiar way of thinking and interpreting the world to change, maybe in ways you never expected. Certain realizations could be a revelation to you and you are inspired by the implications. You may already have noticed that plans for the future or certain aspects of life have suddenly taken you off in a new direction. For some of you this transit will begin to help you achieve a long-cherished dream or ambition which has been on the back-burner of your mind for a very long time.

More travel or contact with faraway places, languages or fresh fields of academic interest is likely.

The Leo star sign 2018 predictions also foretell that those born between 22nd July-Aug 1st or up to 9 degrees of Leo Rising will feel this influence most this year.
For many years Neptune has been making it’s influence felt in the relationships area. Others may have proved unreliable or you think they are in cloud cuckoo land. There may have been an air of uncertainty, delusion or collusion regarding partners, or would-be ones, and you may have had to learn to be gentler and more compassionate towards them. However it has panned out, this is an area where more selflessness or tolerance has been demanded of you. Neptune leaves here for good and goes into its home sign Pisces on 4th February.

This new position of Neptune means blurring the boundaries around joint resources, property, or other’s values or priorities. You may have to sacrifice ownership of a property a space, money, time, energy because of someone’s needs. On the flip side, this position of Neptune can lead to deeper fulfilment in love relationships and finding your soul-mate. An extraordinary ‘bonding’ can occur between you and another. You may get interested in a dimension of knowledge which is mystical, supernormal – even divine.

On a mundane level the advice would be not to let things slide and to be crystal clear about inheritance, joint monies, property, or moral obligations.

Zodiac 2018 predictions for Leo zodiac sign shows that the life-changing force of Pluto now in Capricorn means regeneration from deep levels regarding employment, skills and health – yours or another’s. Over this long transit there will be a letting go of the old scenarios related to your daily work, the way you do your job or maybe it’s certain lifestyle choices which influence health. You may feel an urge to get more control in these areas. This energy of rebirth may also affect your employment situation or daily routines, there could be some tension around this and you may want to transform your existing situation so that it mirrors more closely the you within and what you’d like to achieve through your work. There may be a struggle for control in these areas and you should avoid riding roughshod over the feelings or opinions of those in your care or who provide a service for you or with co-workers.

You may also make better use of your inborn talents, developing them to a higher level over this lengthy period.

The Leo horoscope 2018 predictions also foretells that this transit of Neptune may mean that there is confusion about the intrinsic value of your input or the worth of money or goods in a material sense in certain places at certain times.

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