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Leo Horoscope 2018

Wow, Leo, the Leo Horoscope 2018 shows that lots of personal changes and growth and new beginnings are going to be happening, in many areas of your life.

In 2017 both inspirations and perhaps some measure of necessity pushed you to take pioneering leads to enter new territory. This destiny theme will continue throughout 2018. Positively, your confidence levels have begun to rise. Yet, you are also now realizing that your workload has perhaps increased as well. This includes a rather steep learning curve that also requires both investment and the paying of dues, financial or otherwise. By mid-spring, you will experience the next wave of changes which will occur in your public and professional life and there are good indications that these will prove financially advantageous. Adventure, and something of a vision quest, is also featured.

Where to begin? How about work? If you are working for a company, or for someone, expect transformations in your work. In general, you’ve been through some work changes over the years, and you’ve learned more about your field.

The 2018 Leo horoscope predicts that new opportunities are right around the corner, and these might start happening immediately, I can already see good things happening this year. New clients or accounts are possible and new responsibilities could be added to your current work that will lead to personal and professional growth. You’ll be able to inspire people with your ideas and use your ambition and drive to advance. You will definitely enjoy using your creativity within your work, as you add your own personal touch to what ever it is that you are doing. If you work for yourself, open your mind and use your creative talents to drawn in new clients.

When working with others, this will be a time of learning to balance your needs with what society or your clients want. Work time and play time must be in balance.

The Leo horoscope shows that you will create more structure in your daily life this year, and this involves taking a lot more responsibility at work. The working environment and collegial environment is a major area of focus for the next two to three years, as you take more and more on, and the pressure increases. It is good to help people who have difficult life circumstances; your compassionate side is aroused, but not your soft side. You take responsibilities seriously, and you have to establish the rules at work, or abide by the rules that other people establish. Upheavals take place and you survive them all.

September and beyond is an interesting period for you because of changes that take place affecting home on the one hand and career on the other. This is a time when someone seems to move in and out of your life, and it all seems a bit irrational or unpredictable. But that is the way things are when it comes to career at least, because major new trends in 2018 are going to mean that you define new goals, work with exciting new projects, and gain more independence… a trend that ultimately brings a career change.

If you are retired or have exited the work force for any reason, you could still see shifts in daily life. The 2018 forecast for Leo show that it can be time to start a new hobby, or follow a passion that you’ve dreamed about for a while. Perhaps you’d like to do some volunteer work…

The Leo astrology 2018 predictions suggest that relationships can see big changes as well. For those that are in unhappy relationships, new information can be revealed about your partner — which could wake you up to the fact that you need to leave. If you’ve been tolerating less than stellar treatment from your partner, you will mostly likely end the relationship within the next 6 months. Happily-in-love-Leos will see a deepening of relationships, with new levels of commitment. Expect new experiences within your partnership — perhaps a trip together to experience a new country, buying a new home together, or planning a pregnancy next year.

The Leo Horoscope 2018 shows that the governing factor during this year won’t be as much what you know as who you know and how well you co-operate together for a common aim. Overall, you are into a sociable and generally friendly vibration where business-type collaborations, social get-togethers and team-work of various kinds are emphasized. Great for anything techno, the internet and networking.

2018 is also a time when the collective mind is amplified and there are likely to be more unexpected or unconventional influences around. Friends and groups are interesting and may open the way to new experiences, some of which may be lucrative for you.

Now that we went over work and relationships, let’s focus on YOU. How about some travel for fun? The Leo star sign 2018 predictions foretell that this autumn, specifically October and the beginning of November is looking great for travel, so if you haven’t already, hurry up and make some plans.

For those that want to increase their connection to their spirituality, February looks like an interesting time for this. According to the Zodiac 2018 predictions for Leo, taking a personal retreat to a place that you have a spiritual connection with, or going on a meditation retreat would be appropriate at this time. For those that want to stay closer to home, how about a class in a metaphysical or spiritual or religious topic that interests you. Or, buy yourself some tarot or angel cards and work on your own intuitive abilities. Lots of possibilities!

Finances are looking really good this Spring. The 2018 Leo horoscope predicts that you might be getting a raise, or a financial gift of some kind in March. For those looking for a job, a new one could show up in April of 2018.

Leo, with Uranus transiting through an expansive area of your Solar chart, expect your familiar way of thinking and interpreting the world to change, maybe in ways you never expected. Certain realizations could be a revelation to you and you are inspired by the implications. You may already have noticed that plans for the future or certain aspects of life have suddenly taken you off in a new direction. For some of you this transit will help you achieve a long-cherished dream or ambition which has been on the back-burner of your mind for a very long time.

More travel or contact with faraway places, languages or fresh fields of academic interest is likely.

The Leo star sign 2018 predictions also foretell that those born in the last days of Leo Sign will feel this influence most this year.

Neptune is blurring the boundaries around joint resources, property, or other’s values or priorities. You may have to sacrifice ownership of a property a space, money, time, energy because of someone’s needs. On the flip side, this position of Neptune can lead to deeper fulfilment in love relationships and finding your soul-mate. An extraordinary ‘bonding’ can occur between you and another. You may get interested in a dimension of knowledge which is mystical, supernormal – even divine.

On a mundane level the advice would be not to let things slide and to be crystal clear about inheritance, joint monies, property, or moral obligations.

The Leo horoscope 2018 predictions also foretells that this transit of Neptune may mean that there is confusion about the intrinsic value of your input or the worth of money or goods in a material sense in certain places at certain times.

The 2018 predictions for Leo shows that the life-changing force of Pluto in Capricorn means regeneration from deep levels regarding employment, skills and health – yours or another’s. Over this year there will be a letting go of the old scenarios related to your daily work, the way you do your job or maybe it’s certain lifestyle choices which influence health. You may feel an urge to get more control in these areas.

The Leo yearly horoscope for 2018 warn that this energy of rebirth may also affect your employment situation or daily routines. There could be some tension around this and you may want to transform your existing situation so that it mirrors more closely the you within and what you’d like to achieve through your work. There may be a struggle for control in these areas and you should avoid riding roughshod over the feelings or opinions of those in your care or who provide a service for you or with co-workers.

You may also make better use of your inborn talents, developing them to a higher level over this lengthy period.

Leo, the 2018 yearly horoscope points out that one area that absorbs much of your attention for the most of 2018 is your home and family life. This is all about having more emotionally-enriching experiences, and being completely open to the undercurrents that take place at home. It is a great time for building or acquiring property and for making more space. Nature, water, music and everything that awakens your mystical nature bring happiness – you need to feel your roots.

With the February solar eclipse signaling increased activities in relationships and with friends, events at this time will bring new people into your life, and some of the new friends you make are going to be rather unusual. The summer period shows you getting involved with outsider types, whose role is to jolt you out of inertia and bring a little excitement into your life. It is only at the very end of 2018 that you really get the message, but by November you become far more outgoing, more open to romance and adventure – more like your old self, perhaps.


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