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Libra Horoscope 2018

The Libra Horoscope 2018 shows that Venus will be in a great angle to your Sun sign when it is in Gemini. Warm connections with those at a distance or travel may be centred around a close relationship or friendship. Legal matters could go well during this Venus transit too. Also you will be more attracted to exotic or alien environments or a faraway culture over this time.

The 2018 Libra horoscope predicts that Mars will stay in Virgo until July 2018. A long transit dynamically activating your area of higher service and self-nurture. It is also about imaginative or spiritual work and pulling strings from behind the scenes. At times you will find yourself leaned upon by others so its best to get skilled and know what you are doing. This is a prolonged period of energies drawing inwards so it would be a good time for inner reflection, psychoanalysis or spiritual pursuits, but also as many self-nurturing activities as you can fit in.

The Libra 2018 horoscope foretells that on another level this position of Mars relates to projects behind the scenes which need physical strength or effort at times. Health matters – your own or another’s – may be emphasized or you may be doing something which improves wellbeing for yourself or another. You may become aware of subtler energies, and more self understanding. Just avoid shooting yourself in the foot with those same old emotional knee-jerk reactions stemming from the past.

Until June 12th Jupiter in Taurus is putting a beneficial emphasis into your joint financial area. Materially, your life could grow and expand through the contribution of an associate or partner. So this can mean more money or possessions made available to you. Or that you find it easier to access them through a key personal or professional relationship. There will be those who can help you to establish firmer emotional or material foundations and the structure or support they provide is the launch-pad you need to achieve success if you play your cards right. The whole sign of Libra will feel the Jupiter vibration over this period.

The 2018 Libra star sign predictions foretell that From 12th June- June 2013 is an excellent position for Jupiter as he will be working happily out of his own house – the ninth. There should be more opportunities for travel, foreign connections, wider communications through the spoken or written word, another language or academia.

Also education, so being the teacher or student or the disseminator of information, the advisor, or guide is more likely. A great vibration for broadcasting on to a grander stage, but also for getting involved in publishing, politics, the law or communications media. Your awareness and knowledge base will certainly grow during this expansive period.

The 2018 yearly predictions for the Libra warn that Saturn continues its transit of your sign until October which means you are in a cycle of having to work harder at finishing off previous projects, in some cases you are simply salvaging what you could and cutting your losses, in others, patiently and persistently bringing past endeavours to a successful and maybe lucrative, conclusion.

During this Saturn transit you will be redefining yourself, and restructuring your outer and inner worlds in gradual stages. If you are old enough, look back about 28/29 yrs to get the gist of what is unfolding now by recalling where you were then internally and externally and what happened subsequently. Can be quite an eye-opener! Of course you are older and wiser now and you’ll have been through the cycle before so you know what to expect and can prepare accordingly.

You’ll know this is a time when perseverance is called for and perhaps more tlc towards family members or a heavier load related to them, property matters or the knock-on effects of the past which you feel as limiting your choices.

The astrology Libra 2018 foretells that in this Saturn cycle you’ll learn how to concentrate your energy into those areas which ultimately lead to a happier, more solvent and settled version of yourself. This is the time to build the new structures within and without which will form the armature of that better, more comfortable life.

Librans born from around the 13th Oct onwards will feel the influence of Saturn most. Also those born with approx 21- 29 degrees of Libra rising.

Saturn moves out of your sign on the 6th October marking the beginning of a more materialistic cycle in which you begin to meet the challenge of dealing sensibly with the material side of life. Disciplined effort will be needed at times to fill the piggy bank and to increase quality lines of supply whether that’s cash or vegetables. Gradually life becomes more comfortable. But consistency is key. So take those small steps towards better conditions now, which may mean overcoming a few obstacles, which will stand you in good stead further down the line. It’s also a good idea to build upon your assets and that goes for your inborn gifts as well. Librans born up til 2nd October or with up to 11 degrees Libra rising will feel this vibration most.

Zodiac 2018 predictions for Libra zodiac sign suggest Uranus will be transiting your opposite sign for many years and during that time through partnerships and other close relationships, your life will be turned around and renewed in ways which surprise even you. But it may be a rough ride in the short term and you will have to be flexible and open-minded as you adapt to new conditions inwardly and outwardly. Like a a light switching on and off you may have to refocus your eyes to adapt to an at times, inspirational or at times, uncertain scenario.

You may feel ambushed by the actions of others in close relationship, but this is the spirit of revolution which facilitates your evolution and is part of a significant growth process even though it may be unpredictable at times. Librans born approx Sept 22nd – 2nd October will feel this energy most this year and may be subject to what I call the ‘Dorothy’ syndrome which could lift you up in a whirlwind and (eventually) set you down in a place which is “definitely not Kansas” in close working or love relationships.

The Libra horoscope 2018 predictions also foretells that this is the start of a time of massive change in your close relationships and, at times, you’ll get the taste of a faster paced vibration which supports unusual, unconventional or alternative type collaborations but surprises could ambush you along the way. Things which catapult you out of your familiar box. Whatever the context for you personally, things won’t be dull – especially those born in early Libra or early Libra rising.

If you were born in early Libra or with under 9 degrees of Libra rising then there may be factors within you holding you back and this may manifest as an attack of indecision-itis and in the meantime you are feeling stressed and wracked with doubt. This transit will trigger events which help you to throw off the shackles of the past and surrender yourself to your next stage of growth. Events may accelerate a decision and you may be on the edge of your seat at times. The 2018 Libra astrology advises you to remember to follow your gut instinct when deciding what to do. This can be an inspirational time when you entertain wild ideas and through someone who may be unusual, you are introduced to conditions which ultimately lead to a more settled life and increased personal freedom once the transit to your Sun is over. The main thing to remember is stay calm, and don’t act too impulsively.

Neptune has been making it’s influence felt in a performance orientated area for many years now. Sometimes the mists of Neptune distort reality manifesting as idolizing romantic partners or children or your inner child – just not seeing them for what they really are which can mean you have overemphasized certain aspects and completely ignored others.

The 2018 forecast for Libra shows that Neptune will leave here for good and slide into its home sign Pisces from 4th February. For you this may mean you will feel a pull to function from deeper, more self-aware levels. Some of you may become interested in Yoga, meditation and healing practices. Underlying this transit is a search for oneness of being and connectedness with all life. Some of you could have psychic experiences or strange encounters which are esoteric in some way. This long transit of many years may have you giving more freely of your services or working in more spiritual, healing ways whether on a grand scale or right in your own back yard. Early Librans (first 4 days), or with up to 4 degrees Libra rising will feel the effect of Neptune most potently in 2018.

The horoscope 2018 for Libra foretells that Pluto, now in Capricorn, will help you dig deeper to decide who you really want to be in the world and will spark or renew your dedication to achieving certain outcomes in life. This strong drive growing within you pushes you forward with career related activities, and makes you keener to climb the ladder of success. But also a burning personal issue could make you keener to champion your moment. With the planet of death/rebirth affecting public image, reputation, authority figures it could mean some of you are forced to make a major change or have it thrust upon you by outside forces which is good because it clears the decks. Finding a fresh direction or another option means steering a new course and for a while there it may take some guts and tenacity but Pluto will give you what you need. Librans born 27th September-4th October or with 5-11 degrees of Libra rising will feel this energy most strongly over 2018.

There are 2 solar eclipses this year, May 20th and November 13th. The first one is at 0 degrees Gemini and the second one – a total eclipse – is at 21 degrees Scorpio.

The first one in Gemini will send out a pulse of energy through the coming months, and, providing there are strong aspects from the eclipse degree to points in your natal chart, will help change occur by visiting places at a distance or experiencing unfamiliar environments but which teach you a great deal. During this period you can plan and project your dreams into the future.

The Libra horoscope 2018 predicts that the second on in Scorpio will send out a pulse of energy through the coming months, and, providing there are strong aspects from the eclipse degree to points in your natal chart, will help trigger new beginnings with finances, around property or other material resources which are practical or improve the comfort zone.

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