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Libra Horoscope 2018

Hello my Libra friends! The Libra Horoscope 2018 shows that  there is lots of focus around the home until the last week of January. If you have been having any thoughts of moving or redecorating your home this would be the time. You’ll get some help from Venus, so things should go relatively smoothly. If you’d rather wait to move, there will once again be strong energy for a move in your chart late spring of 2018.

Libra, you have arrived at an important juncture. It will include facing your fears to lay claim to latent talents and hidden gifts of self-expression. This process will challenge you to become vulnerable. Honesty is the best policy in this regard. Why hide the fact that you have insecurities? When they are acknowledged and brought out into the light of conscious awareness their power is diminished and then, by way of deliberate action, you can vanquish them altogether. This process may take many months, so the sooner you begin the better. The silver lining is that you will receive inspirations to design your course and be inventive.

The 2018 Libra horoscope predicts that for those looking for love, Jan 20 through the first week of February look especially nice. Venus is beaming happy energy into the house in your chart representing love relationships so do what you can to meet new people. For those that are married and want children, there is a chance you could conceive during this time.

On a completely different note, during the first two weeks of January, Venus is also encouraging your creative side to open up, so if you’ve been dreaming of being involved in a creative project, now is the time.

Married or committed Libras — during the last few days of March, (more specifically March 26th through March 30th), make sure you take some time to figure out what your relationships needs. If you feel you have been joined at the hip, you might be needing some space from your partner, so planning some time apart, whether that is separate vacations or just time alone at home, will rejuvenate the relationship. The Libra 2018 horoscope foretells that some of you Libras might be feeling that you’ve spent too much time apart from your partner, so the opposite will be needed — plan some quality time, maybe a fun trip to a location you’ve never been before, or a stay-at-home-vacation, where you unplug from the phone and computer and spend time together.

Speaking of travel, how about planning a trip in May? The 2018 Libra star sign predictions foretell that the first 3 weeks of the month look great for travel.

Libra, with the planet that represents challenges and hard work, Saturn, entering your solar fourth house of home and family just as 2018 is about to start, you’ll find that there will important developments in your domestic life, not just this year, but right until the end of 2020. The focus is on what you have to do to create a stronger foundation for your family life, and initially you will be made aware of the weaknesses, especially in January 2018. You may have to deal with having less space, with building work, with home investment, or simply with the problems family members bring to the table. There is every indication that over the next couple of years, you will be able to restructure things in a far better way.

The 2018 yearly predictions for the Libra warn that  May 15 through November 5th is going to be a time of change for you. I know this is a big time frame, but a significant astrological event will begin at this time. The planet Uranus, will be moving into the sign of Taurus. This can affect you on a number of levels. On an emotional level, old emotional issues, often related to past family dynamics, can come up to the surface to be healed. It’s best to not suppress any surfacing emotions and make sure you process what ever comes up. Emotions can be erratic at times, just be patient with yourself — this time period will bring a lot of healing.

On a completely different level, for those married or in partnerships, the Libra 2018 astrology points out that your partner will be going through lots of changes at this time, and you could see new income coming your way through your partner, in an unexpected way. For those working on their spiritual connection and intuition, this can be a time where your abilities increase and your intuitive senses are fine-tuned.

The 2018 Libra horoscope shows that in the last years Neptune has been making it’s influence felt in subtle ways in your life and you will have felt guided by dreams, visions and often played an compassionate, supporting or serving role in the lives of others. At times it may have been hard for you to discover your true place or there may have been mysterious health issues like allergies or misdiagnosis for you or yours. Many of you may have successfully employed the ‘softer’ remedies to treat ailments such as spiritual healing and EFT etc. Or become involved in healing yourself. This transit was great for developing yourself through arts and crafts too.

Libra, the 2018 horoscope points out that there are many constructive things happening financially, which help with investment. It is a time of economic expansion, but it is also a time of economic reconstruction, which means that it is good practice to eliminate debt and get rid of weak links in the economy. For example, if there is a domestic issue that drains finances, it is a good idea to eliminate it.

2018 is a year when you will want to work with something that inspires you. This could be connected with marketing, media, and anything which calls on your idealistic nature, for example helping people who are in a difficult situation. You’ll be profoundly aware of this in the second half of February, when your compassionate side is awakened, and you will wish you could do more for people at work.

There is a key period in September, October and November, when the focus is on love, family and partnership. This is a time when you and a partner need to rise to a challenge, even though you see things from a radically different point of view. Some of the time, you will feel in control, and some of the time it seems your partner has the authority and influence. It’s a passionate time for romance, when love blows hot and cold, and there is both intimacy and remoteness. Libra, you have a lot to offer, but you’ll need to conserve your resources.

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