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March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to the March Monthly Horoscope 2018 For All Zodiac Signs!

Theme of the Month: And The Ice Begins To Break…

Things are heating up, and what’s been held frozen is beginning to emerge from the depths.

March 2018 Monthly HoroscopeThe 2018 Pisces Sun Period is shaping up to be a very intense month!

The world is not always kind. We live in a day and age in which Truth has been kidnapped by the human ego, and many of us have built walls of ice around our hearts, and souls in order to protect ourselves from what seems to be the colder world around us. The March 2018 horoscope shows that we are now beginning to see clearly just how many peoples, organizations, institutions, and governments are seeking power, influence, specialness, and exclusivity. They are determined to spread false hope and delusional beliefs, taking actions rooted in those beliefs in order to keep humanity divided on every level possible – within communities, within nations, throughout the world, and even beyond the world.

Most of us perceive terrorists to be men and women masked in black with automatic weapons on our television screens. We are encouraged to fear them and take actions that will “prevent them from taking over our freedom”. Yet there are terrorists of all sorts emerging now, and most of them aren’t carrying physical weapons.

Today’s terrorists carry far worse weapons. They develop and utilize their arsenals of fear, anger, vengeance, deception, and delusional promises of grandeur. They use the same “innocent” resources we do in order to spread their lies and move along their agendas. Many of them seem safe because they look or sound a certain way or are from a certain place or believe a certain religion. They play to our fragile human egos, often succeeding in their efforts because most of us have become people who rarely want to think our own thoughts, feel for own feelings, or do much for ourselves anymore. Many of us have become victims to or martyrs for these terrorists because we have given ourselves up to follow others, choosing to believe that following the lead of others is what keeps us safe or gets us ahead.

Yet fear is NOT Universal Truth-based spirituality. Vengeance is NOT compassion or unconditional acceptance and Love. The deception of others and self is NOT serving the Higher Good of humanity and/or the Earth or you. And denying your inner voice and your inner Truth only leads you to deny yourself.

We are best reminded that True Spirituality deals in both actual, factual Truth and our collective calm and centered inner knowing of Truth. These bold, reckless, aggressive actions being taken in the name of justice and fairness and righteousness are actually all rooted in lies.

Pisces is the Zodiac sign that can reconnect us with what is really True. Pisces brings forth the qualities of compassion, unconditional acceptance and Love, selfless service, transcendental healing…and there is plenty of potential for all of that during this 2018 Pisces Sun period. The Pisces Sun is always a call for you to move beyond the ego-driven interests of yourself and others to consider what is best for everyone from a collective perspective, not just from your own individual point of view.

If you stop and allow yourself to be still for a moment, you already know what is really True. You can feel it within you and if you allow yourself to become comfortable with it, you’ll notice that it brings you a sense of calm, peace, and ease. As you allow it the calm and peaceful Truth into your consciousness, you can begin to see how the hype around you is just that – hype. It’s intended to stir you into action in ways that make you a follower rather than a leader; that make you a soldier rather than a compassionate leader for yourself and your life.

The most important thing to remember in order to pull yourself out of the victim-martyr-soldier-follower role is that the compassion and inclusion and Love we are encouraged by Pisces to practice gets to be practiced on you first! The fear, anger, deception, and denial that terrorists manipulate us with are the results of our own self-chosen beliefs that we are not interconnected – that we are separated from Oneness; that we are alone or will be alone if we don’t go along with others, even when we know what they’re saying or doing isn’t in alignment with Truth.

YOU are worthy and deserving of selfless service just like everyone else. Selfless doesn’t mean to exclude yourself – it means to include yourself! When you allow yourself to become aware of your interconnection with All-That-Is around you, you’re reminded that things in the world can benefit everyone! There is no competition or comparison. There are only opportunities to make sure we each and all have what we need in order to be healed, healthy, whole, and able to maximize the potential of our presence upon this Earth.

The hidden terrorists and their hidden agendas (as well as your own terror and hidden agendas) may come to Light during this upcoming 4.5 weeks under the influence of the Pisces Sun. When they are revealed, there’s likely to be a good number of people who are eager and ready to either play victim to others because they are unwilling or unable to take responsibility for operating deceptively or dishonestly. These people will blame others for their own behaviors and choices instead of owning up to their self-serving intentions. There will also be those who play martyr for others, claiming responsibility and ownership for things.

Bu there will also be people who choose to work through and move beyond the terror and agendas that hide within to honor the emerging calm and centered Truth within. The ice around your heart and soul begins to melt as you allow the warmth of the Pisces Sun to come through, and it melts around us as you share your compassionate initiative with others.

Even if worst-case scenario emerges and the terror seems to prevail, their success will be short-lived as the other side of rock bottom brings the realization of what needs to change in order for humanity to emerge victorious over…well, itself. True Spirituality consciousness intended to united us in Oneness will more easily be discerned from what is religious/political/societal hype intended to divide us by race, religion, gender, and socioeconomic status, and that can turn the tables from a world trapped in the ice of terror and a world freeing itself with the warmth of Love and compassion, and inclusion.

Love isn’t always easy, but it’s what is needed if we are going to get through this together. Therefore, allow any ice in or around your heart and soul to break and melt during this 2018 Pisces Sun period. Let Love in. Express it from you and receive it in you, and watch the world transform around you as you do.

Pisces is a mutable water sign, meaning that it can be extremely fluid and flexible. It’s also very changeable, which is why Pisces has a reputation for being difficult to pin down and, frankly, as up-in-the-clouds as they come. Pisces natives are the daydreamers of the Zodiac. They’re usually the artists, the visionaries, the psychics/spiritualists, and…of course, the romantics.

Because of their tendency to romanticize everything and everyone, Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune are also known for producing the “rose-colored glasses” effect, which is why the March horoscope shows that this month may be a pretty challenging time. Those glasses may very well be stripped away by the aggressive actions and passionate initiative of the fire element influences present over the next few weeks.

Where fire and water mix, there’s steam. And with steam, our view of what’s ahead may be obscured, but we still get to move forward even if we cannot clearly see our way ahead as steam can also be powerfully utilized as fuel.

That said, this 2018 Pisces Sun Period is shaping up to be one that brings us to a boiling point. As the fire influences take over, the water that is steaming and boiling may propel us collectively forward into actions we’ve been reluctant to take.

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