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Sagittarius Horoscope 2018

Hello my Sagittarius friends! The Sagittarius horoscope 2018 shows that Jupiter will move into your sign in October and will be staying there for a year. What does this mean for you? Lots of new opportunities! This will be an exciting year ahead. If you work for others or for yourself, expect an increase in clients, or new projects that will lead to much growth and fulfillment. Put doubts or fears aside and take advantage of the good things that are heading your way. In personal matters, including health and relationships, you will see changes and most likely improvements as well. Jupiter can help you to learn a lot about yourself, so if you have the desire to do some counseling or other healing modalities, this would be the time to begin.

The 2018 Sagittarius horoscope also shows that for the last couple years, Saturn has been dancing around your Sun, changing your life-path, helping you face fears and to express your authentic self. Saturn near your Sun is never an easy process, but hopefully no matter what struggles you have faced over the past couple years, it has left you in a better place, with a life-path (career, relationships, home, etc) that is more fitting to who you are.

Sagittarius, on December 19th/20th, 2017, Saturn has moved into the house in your chart representing finances and what you own. Saturn will bring lessons in finances. For some who have spent too much in the past, Saturn is here to help you (willing or not) set up a budget and become more practical with finances. Saturn asks you to work hard, save, budget, and make a plan on where you want your money to go. If you do this, you will be rewarded. For those Sagittarius’ who have been through financial struggles, but have persevered and worked hard to find new opportunities, Saturn can help you find a new job. You might find yourself become serious about earning money, with the result of an increased income. Saturn is often referred to the planet of restrictions, but even with this placement, I have seen people’s income increase — too many times to count!

The Sagittarius 2018 astrology predicts that Saturn can also cause a decrease in earnings. This can be due to a voluntary cutback in hours. Or, it can be the result of leaving a job where you earn good money, but are not feeling emotionally fulfilled. A choice is made to take a new job with a smaller salary, but the emotional rewards are great because it is more fulfilling.

If you have been irresponsible with money –perhaps spending more than you earn, the next two years will be a wake-up call, as Saturn will make you quite aware that you need to change your ways.

The 2018 Sagittarius star sign predictions foretell that many Sagittarius will find themselves influenced by this Saturn placement by going through their possessions and letting go of what is no longer needed over the next year.

The 2018 Sagittarius star sign predictions foretell that Jupiter’s beneficial vibration could also facilitate you getting fitter, or find the therapist or diet which is right for you and will enhance your quality of life. The downside is that you take on too much all at once and overdo things. But it’s likely more job satisfaction or better health is coming your way in this period.

The Sagittarius 2018 predictions suggest that if you haven’t been feeling as spiritually connected as you’d like, between January and autumn, is a wonderful time to connect in a way that most suits you. Perhaps you find your spiritual connection in nature…make sure you take extra time to take long walks in the woods, or the desert, or by the ocean over the next year. Make being outdoors a priority, no matter how busy you are. Some of you might find your connection in the metaphysical world. If that is the case, take the time to explore it, and take classes, read books, or expand your own metaphysical/healing practice. If a more traditional approach is needed, take time to connect to your religious place of worship. You will find a lot of peace, no matter what your spiritual/religious preference is, by doing this over the next year. And looking at your chart, this seems the best way to calm the emotions and heal any angst you might be carrying.

The 2018 Sagittarius astrology predictions also show that  there’s a lot of focus on communicating, whether that is speaking or writing, in February. You’ll have a lot of energy to present your ideas, so plan on doing speeches or talking to key people in your life (whether personal or professional) then.

Sagittarius, have you been wanting to have children? If you’ve been trying, after the first week of March, it might finally happen! There is some strong energy for children at this time.

If married, there is a good chance that your partner will have an increase in salary this summer, so make sure he or she is on the lookout for new opportunities around then, or is willing to talk to his/her boss about a raise.

According to the Sagittarius horoscope, mid June through mid July is looking good for travel, so think about where you’d like to go during the summer and start planning.

One last note about your work and health: Mid May through the first week of November will be quite interesting for you. Expect some sudden changes to your job. The horoscope 2018 for Sagittarius foretells that new bosses or new co-workers might show up. You also might begin new responsibilities in your job that you didn’t expect, but add a lot of interest to what you are doing. Flow with the changes, they will lead to better things.

For the Sagittarius that are not working during this time — Zodiac 2018 predictions for Sagittarius zodiac sign suggest that you will find interesting and unique ways to occupy your time. New hobbies and interests might appear.

In terms of health, the 2018 Sagittarius horoscope predictions suggest that during the same time period, what is happening in your chart can help you improve your health greatly. Use this energy to discover new ways to care for your body and you will see improvements.

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