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Virgo Horoscope 2018

Hello Virgo! The Virgo horoscope 2018 shows that the past three years have been a time of endings and new beginnings for you, in just about all areas of your life. You’ve been examining relationships, and you’ve let go of those that haven’t been nurturing you. Relationships that are solid have become stronger, and perhaps some adjustments were needed to ensure the strength of these relationships. Many of you saw a physical move approximately two years ago, and for those who haven’t moved yet, but want to, you might find yourself making plans, and a change in residence might happen by the beginning of the new year. It’s a time of letting go of the old and preparing for the new, in all areas of your life.

Virgo, some promising cycles already underway and some to begin in 2018 will contribute to circumstances flowing in your favor. The real boon may well prove to be financial. If you have fallen behind or are in debt, this could be the year when you catch-up and perhaps even advance your position. It may take the better part of the year, however, so start early, set your intentions and outline a plan of action that covers each month, for example. In the shorter term, you are and have been in a cycle that is destined to dissolve old attitudes, self-concepts, and approaches and so on… that have served their time. Let go of reactions to control and protect what was. Cooperate with the process.

Thinking about getting a new car? The Virgo 2018 astrology forecasts predict that it could happen this year 🙂 The stars are aligned to get a new vehicle, and they show it will be comfortable and will give you a new sense of freedom.

Lots of sibling energy in this year — both the good and challenging within the relationship will be highlighted, so please stay grounded and take care of yourself if a challenging situation arises. For those who are close to their siblings, the 2018 yearly Virgo astrology predicts to expect a lot of extra support from them, so if you are in need of their assistance, please ask for what you need so they will know how to help you.

Interesting in going back to school or taking a class, or learning something new? The Virgo 2018 horoscope predictions suggest that between Janusry and October (2018), your chart is wonderfully set up for learning, so take any opportunity you can to increase your knowledge in what ever interests you or can further your career. Your mind will be very active, and it is important to keep thoughts as positive as possible, and learning something new will occupy your mind in a good way.

Are you single and looking for a relationship? Your chart looks pretty amazing in January. The Virgo 2018 astrology forecasts points out that there is a line-up in your chart in your 5th house which represents love relationships, so make sure you don’t stay home during this time (no matter what the winter weather brings). For those in committed partnerships, January can bring a new level of commitment to your loved one. February is also a strong relationship month.

If you feel like traveling, April 17-23 look good for a spring trip.

Virgo, the yearly horoscope points out that you will be shouldering a lot more responsibility in 2018, especially when it comes to putting yourself on the line creatively. The challenge is to overcome inhibitions that prevent you enjoying life to the full, and there will be times when your nerves are on edge as you deal with situations which awaken insecurity. March and April is a time when you are acutely aware of personal blockages and desperate to break through them. This can be both emotionally and in your intimate life, or in connection with children who just seem to dominate too much.

What helps you overcome inhibitions this year is a deeper insight into feelings, and it is the perfect time for educational projects which give you the key to the way other people think and act. This is more of an intuitive than intellectual process – if you want to learn what makes people tick, you need to listen to the subliminal signals and tune in to what is going on under the surface. You gain deep insight into the lives of those you love. Your compassion is aroused, and when you listen with your heart, you discover new dimensions in children, partners and friends which really enrich relationships.

The 2018 Virgo predictions show that Uranus, will be revolutionizing the way your joint finances work. It will bring change and sometimes destabilization in the area of joint resources and could affect your basic material security. However, if you have been struggling in this area, the tendency of Uranus is to reverse the order of things which may turn the cards in your favour. Just remember to remain open-minded and willing to try new methods and especially anything unconventional or something you thought would never happen, as you can be successful. It could be a revolution in your thinking related to your joint material situation and basic values. This energy also favours new technology, renewable energy, or other areas you might term ‘alien’.

Virgo astrology 2018 also shows that Neptune is into your opposite sign Pisces. This position of Neptune is in your area of close relationships – personal or professional – there may be lingering doubts about how someone really is or about their true intentions. Signals tend to get crossed on both sides. So just take more time to make sure things are clear between you and avoid putting others on a pedestal and giving away your power. Hopefully, you should both be seeing each other as you really are with no frills attached. Now is the time to balance your high hopes with the reality of what’s real and do-able in the love department or within a professional relationship. Avoid over-romanticizing relationships or ignoring the small print in a contract at this time.

Virgos born from the 23rd-27th or with up to 4 degrees Virgo rising will feel this energy most in 2018.

The Virgo 2018 horoscope predictions suggest that the life-changing force of Pluto, in Capricorn, is in a brilliant angle to your Sun sign and means regeneration from deep levels. There will be a letting go of the old scenarios which could relate to your self-worth and sense of empowerment. You may get more control in an area which could put you centre stage and allows you to shine in your own special and unique way. This is the energy of rebirth and may also affect your choices in love relationships which may feel quite compelling and you discover a deep soul connection with someone.

Virgo astrology 2018 also shows that successes are likely to come more easily by initiating a project or a study or an employment which brings in the pennies you need to develop your personal aims or to take your own gifts more seriously and start to develop them. You’ll be learning that ‘perceptions’ aren’t necessarily based in fact and may not even be true. As you get to the bottom of how much in your mind is perception and how much is ‘truth’, you may realize you need to make some changes to your own habitual ways of communicating or viewing the world. Virgos born up til 1st Sept or with up to 11 degrees Virgo rising will feel this vibration the most.

From late May to October is a time when there are unusual goings-on at work, and you need to gear up for some serious disruption, which can be caused by a new colleague who doesn’t really fit in, or by innovations that create more problems than they solve. It is a period when stress is high, and people seem to cling to the strangest ideas or philosophies. The wise Virgo keeps out of controversy in this period and focuses on emotional balance rather than wild theories.

Virgo, as the year progresses, you gain more and more confidence in your own creative strengths. September is an excellent month, when you have control over your life, and are ready to integrate some of the fantastic new ideas you have developed through an immersion in self-development courses, mentorship programs or travel. November is the best month for family harmony and relationships, and wonderful things happen in the home at this time.

Have you been doing anything creative lately? If not, it is time to start. The Virgo horoscope for 2018 points out that between now and the end of the year, your chart is nicely set up for some creative work. And please, don’t tell me you are “not creative”. EVERYONE has the ability to create something, whether it is drawing, painting, making a scrap book, coloring, taking pictures, making your home beautiful, gardening, etc. There is always something you can do, and don’t let fears of the creative process stop you from trying out something new.

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