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June 2019 Monthly Horoscope

ARIES June 2019 Horoscope (March 21 – April 19)

This month you are indirectly blessed with the Sun in Gemini. This means support from a distance with spiritual insights. The spiritual insights are from Neptune being supportively aspected to the Sun and your Sign. There is not much else to say, as Aries is empty of planets.
Aries Buddhists love to be motivators. No direct planets in your sign means look for helpers to accomplish tasks. If you think too independently you may fail. Remember we are fully interdependent with the world, not independently existent.

TAURUS June Horoscope 2019 (April 20 May 20)

This month Venus runs in Taurus. So love, affection, warmth and sex are on affecting you. None of these have to be problematic. If you have a positive mind and beneficial and good intentions then all these activities can create positive karma. Granted sex may be a worldly activity but if you do it out of love for your partner that is a positive relationship. Most of you are lay practitioners, so take all parts of your life and put them into your practice.
Taurus Buddhists love to be grounded and practical. This month look at your own face to see the blemishes. Don’t look at others, that is too easy and never benefits anyone unless you have strong empathetic compassion.

GEMINI June Horoscope 2019 (May 21 – June 20)

This month is the birthday month. Don’t forget to send a present to your parents to say thank you for the body you currently have. Even if they have passed away, do some meditation and send the good energy to them in their new rebirth. The month starts with great intuition and that will continue for the whole thirty days. Neptune runs positively aspected to the Sun and your Sign. Strong feelings could come in the last 10 days as the Sun runs opposite Pluto. This is good for faith and dedication. Just be careful about being overly adamant about your wishes.
Gemini Buddhists are quick on their intellectual feet. This month be mindful of useless energy expenditures until the second week. Then do as you please. Your faith may be strong so be clearly motivated and you could accomplish a great many tasks.

CANCER June 2019 Horoscope (June 21 – July 22)

This month continues to be good. Mercury runs in your Sign and is supportively positioned with Uranus and Jupiter. The power you had last month is less (from the astrological side of things) but the ability to work well is still there.
Cancer Buddhists normally work with feelings. This month is a good time to focus on jobs that need to be done. You have astrological support to think clearly about things, so don’t hesitate anymore.

LEO June Horoscope 2019 (July 23 – August 22)

This month you are a powerhouse of energy. Saturn and Mars are together for the whole month and you feel a lot of ability. Be careful of being overly intense about your wishes. The reason is you are determined and able so that needs sensitivity and balance to be utilized properly. Balance is the key issue in life. Keep in place your bodhisattva balance between samsara and nirvana.
Leo Buddhists like to be motivators. This month keep in mind your altruism and vision for life. It is a good time to be motivated by what you would like to see accomplished on a large scale, not personal business.

VIRGO June 2019 Horoscope (August 23 – September 22)

You are empty of direct stimulation this month. Therefore be happy, do good deeds and collect positive karma. We all need a huge bank account of positive karma. That good energy helps facilitate all our actions, whether worldly or divine.
Virgo Buddhists do things in an orderly manner. This month your energy is released and free. Be mindful to not be impulsive. Always balance enthusiasm with wisdom.

LIBRA June Horoscope 2019 (September 23 – October 22)

This month there is support from a distance. The Sun, Neptune, Mars and Saturn all help from their positions around the zodiac. You may have some good insights because Neptune is well positioned. Basically go slowly and be positive. Things will work out just fine.
Libra Buddhists keep life in balance. This month be mindful, positive and helpful. Qualities that are easy for a Libra Sun.

SCORPIO June 2019 Horoscope (October 23 – November 21)

This month you are full of energy and love. Venus is directly opposite Jupiter and Jupiter runs in your sign for some time to come. Therefore be loving and kind but avoid expectations. Saturn and Mars will come square Jupiter midmonth and then your energy may be tainted by control issues.
Scorpio Buddhists are passionate. This month follow your positive desires. Just be mindful of what you are doing as desire can be problematic if you run with it too quickly.

SAGITTARIUS June Horoscope 2019 (November 22 – December 21)

Feelings are still important as Pluto is in your sign for ages to come. This month you have the Sun running in opposition though after the fifteenth of the month. That means your feelings are strong but you feel they take you too far a field. Midmonth is the worst time for this feeling so you should do some quietude meditation to keep your feelings in check. Feelings are important as long as they don’t agitate you unduly.
Sagittarius Buddhists are inspired individuals. This month organize your feelings. If you forget your motive you may become emotionally confused.

CAPRICORN June 2019 Horoscope (December 22 – January 19)

This month you are empty of direct stimulation. Therefore be happy, do good deeds and collect positive karma. We all need a huge bank account of positive karma. That good energy helps facilitate all our actions, whether worldly or divine. This message is similar to Virgo as you both are empty of direct influence.
Capricorn Buddhists reflect and contemplate on decisions. This month be mindful and slow down in the first few moments of any action. Think about your actions first, don’t be impulsive.

AQUARIUS June Horoscope 2019 (January 20 – February 18)

You are still a spiritual and visionary center for the universe as Neptune is in your sign for ages. This month you are daydreaming about something sensual or sexual. The ideas are nice but the reality is far away. On a personal level your visions are good. On a sensual and pleasure level your visions are delusions. They will not work out the way you think they should.
Aquarius Buddhists are sociable beings. This month you are social. You want to help others but you may be motivated by desire. Let things unfold and don’t try to control samsara, it seldom works out the way we expect.

PISCES June 2019 Horoscope (February 19 – March 20)

This month you are inspired as Jupiter and Uranus are well aspected. Mercury will be well positioned midmonth and so your mind will race in all sorts of positive directions. We can follow the wise words of Lama Yeshe, “Slowly, slowly.” It is a good month, just slow down.
Pisces Buddhists are sensitive and introspective. This month there is lots of energy but it does may agitate you. Slow down and learn how to let energy flow through you without grasping hold of it.

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