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March 2019 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to the March Monthly Horoscope 2019 For All Zodiac Signs!


The March 2019 astrology reveals that this month continues the trend started in February of lots of ‘sweet’ aspects. Dreamy and creative Pisces energies abound and may bring a chance for rest and quiet creativity after the push of the last couple of months that could feel welcome.

Mercury will be in retrograde officially from March 5-28 but the whole month and even starting February 19 and going through April 17 will feel effects from the transit.

Mercury retrograde is a great time to experiment and work in the back drop. Creativity often soars at this time and many a project may want to re-surface from the past to be re-worked or finished.

Making commitments to short-term agreements could be perfectly supported. Just watch paperwork and other agreement details carefully as relevant info may not be as forthcoming or changes requiring one party making important shifts or leaving the agreement altogether is more likely. The March 2019 horoscope shows that this time favors temporary agreements to be re-evaluated later and any plans made could turn out perfectly fine but the odds are increased for changes to plans so flexibility is wise for anything committed to at this time and for this time.

Now here comes the TWIST …

Amidst all this smooth and introspective flow, Uranus moves back into Taurus (to stay until April 2016).  You may recall the energies as it popped into Taurus earlier this year and instigated earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and wild weather.  The bringer of change moving into the earth and material realm is sure to bring radical change.  We have seen and will continue to see it globally on every different level and these elements of abrupt but often necessary change will likely settle into the experience of each individual in a personal way.

While personal planet retrogrades are often not the best time carry through major, life-altering decisions, unless the change comes to you out of your direct control, the March astrology points out that it can be a time of powerful inner decisions that can be better implemented when the retrograde fog clears into mid-April.

Overall the March horoscope 2019 recommends for this month to keep planning to a minimum, keep commitments as light as possible, and stay well-rested and ready to show up for interesting and possibly surprising changes ahead.

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** Note: often the effects of planetary transits are felt before or after the actual day the transit occurs.

  • March 1Venus in Capricorn Square Uranus in Aries — This will likely be felt the last several days of February so I am mentioning it in both February and March horoscope. This transit often brings jolts in love, money, beauty, self-esteem or design. It is a good time to lay low and work in the backdrop, avoiding controversial or emotional topics.
  • March 2Venus in Aquarius Sextile Chiron in Aries — Empowerment is the key note with this transit. The stress of the transit with Venus and Uranus that is also influencing at this time (see above) may bring new awarenesses and positive shifts from diving deep into the feelings that arise.
  • March 5Mercury Retrograde at 29° of Pisces going back to 16° of Pisces — The March horoscope shows that the astrological ruler of mobility and communication moves backwards now bringing awkwardness in these areas and likely plan shifts. Keep plans as light and flexible as possible this whole month and leave time for peace, quiet, and creative expression. Projects and issues from the past are more likely to resurface at this time.
  • March 6New Moon at almost 16° of Pisces – Also with Sun Conjunct Neptune – Time for new beginnings and New Moon Wishes on the topics of Pisces (see my blog Making Powerful New Moon Wishes in Pisces to better understand the domain of Pisces and how to maximize this transit). This day is especially dreamy, introspective, and an artists delight. I love this time for rest, retreat, rejuvenation, and being surrounded by inspiration.
  • March 6Uranus moves back into Taurus to stay until April 2026 – also with sun conjunct neptune – The 2019 March horoscopes show that radical change in everything related to the material realm is likely! The bringer of surprise and jolts shakes up the earth sign and realm of Taurus, for better and worse.
  • March 8-9Sun in Pisces Sextile Saturn in Capricorn — Dreamtime or meditation could yield very helpful information for business or other topics of a worldly nature.
  • March 13Sun in Pisces Sextile Pluto in Capricorn — Gentle solutions to mundane issues could come more easily now. Stepping away from an issue temporarily could bring insights that were hidden before.
  • March 14Mars in Taurus Trine Saturn in Capricorn — A great aspect for getting practical things done. This transit combined with the other one today (listed below) can blend intuition and logic in amazing ways.
  • March 14Sun and Mercury Conjunct in Pisces — Dreamy, sweet, poetic blend that is amazing for vivid dreams, beautiful conversations, relaxation and inspiration.
  • March 15Mercury in Pisces Square Jupiter in Sagittarius — Be careful to not over-do or overcommit at this time. Guard your immune system. Impediments to movement or communication could occur.
  • March 16Mercury in Pisces Sextile Pluto in Capricorn — Breakthroughs are likely now as deep insights can bring profound understanding. A sweet aspect that is great for art and productivity.
  • March 17Mercury in Pisces Sextile Mars in Taurus — A sweet time for putting words into action. Sentiment and action blend beautifully now.
  • March 20Full Moon at 0° of Libra — Third supermoon in a row at 0 degrees – spring equinox also Mars in Taurus Trine Pluto and Mercury in Pisces Sextile Saturn- love this full moon! MAJOR POWER TIME – astrological new year.
  • March 22Sun and Chiron Conjunct in Aries — Tyrant/Victim stories are more likely to come up now. Look for ways to empower yourself and others.
  • March 27Venus in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus — Sweet surprises in money or love can come with this transit.
  • March 28Mercury Direct at 16° of Pisces — post shadow period runs until April 17 – Although Mercury moves direct today, the days after the direction change can be more haywire. Plan changes and miscommunications are more likely at this time.

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Overall, the March horoscope 2019 shows sweet vibes in the days around March 2, 6, 8, 9. 13, 14, 17, 20, 27, and 28. Be aware of an increase in the likelihood of stress, challenges, and overstimulation, or general awkwardness in the days around March 1, 5, 6, 14, 15, 22, and 28.

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