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Cancer Horoscope 2020

The Cancer horoscope 2020 shows that Mercury is in Pisces for an extended stay from Feb 6th to April 14th 2020. Conversations, thoughts and correspondence could centre around education, foreign places, or travel. A teacher or guide could open doors in your mind, conversely, you could be the advisor, mentor, guide to others. It will be easier to think big, get the intellectual or spiritual overview and not be too worried about the details during this transit.

The first Solar eclipse of the year occurs on May 9th.

The focus is in Taurus, and signals new beginnings with friends and group involvement.

The second Solar eclipse of the year occurs on November 3rd.

The focus is in Scorpio signalling new beginnings with children, youngsters creative projects or in the romance department.

Astrologically speaking, as one of the Cardinal signs, there’s a lot of planetary action continuing to affect your Sun sign in 2020 with Uranus, Pluto and after mid-year, Jupiter all making an impact – an easier picture than in the last 2 years. Saturn has transited into Scorpio and is now in mutual reception with Pluto which harmonizes their forces and is at a more opportunistic angle to Pluto and your Sun sign.

Both Venus and Mars will be in long transits beginning late in the year.

Venus will be in Capricorn from November 5th 2020 – March 6th 2020 which is potentially good news for you Cancer as the abundance of Venus will be gracing your area of close relationships, personal or professional easing things between you and another, boosting your love-life or doing well materially through a relationship.

The 2020 Cancer astrology forecasts shows that Mars will enter Libra, at the root of your chart on December 8th 2020 to stay until July 25th 2021. An extraordinarily long transit dynamically activating your home area and maybe family matters too. Things are going to be very active right in your own back yard, which could mean relocation, home-improvements, more comings and goings or more physical demands made upon you related to a base of operations wherever that may be. Family, tribal or community relationships locally or over the wires look dynamic and physically demanding as well. Sometimes feelings can be nearer the surface or you are aware of the past colouring the present in some way. And, at times, there can be tension between you and a family member or those you visit or who are visiting you. Mars here may also manifest as more hustle and bustle, decisiveness or stamina related to where you call home.

Until June 25th 2020 Jupiter activates a more background sector of your Solar chart and signals a time of spiritual and emotional renewal.

Being less ego-orientated and becoming more the support to others behind the scenes may be justified over this time. You may also feel others nurturing or facilitating you more at times. You are more guided and could be sensing deeper, wiser levels of yourself, perhaps developing yourself spiritually, or becoming more aware of ingrained patterns, which were appropriate in your past but are no longer relevant in the now. Zodiac 2020 predictions for Cancer zodiac sign suggest that letting go and forgiving will help you grow and add to the pool of goodwill for us all no matter how insignificant or difficult it may feel at the time. This is also a good time for developing things behind the scenes, or inner work, particularly in collaborations and projects which teach you new things.

But this is also the area of you being your own worst enemy, shooting yourself in the foot because you cannot change old habits or beliefs. Maybe a relationship has developed which, in your heart of hearts you know is not good for you but you can’t quite unhook from it.

In this low key area and Jupiter works subtly encouraging deeper awareness. There’s less space for ego as you learn and grow through giving selfless support during this transit. The Cancer horoscope 2020 predictions also foretells that for some, teachings from the spiritual realms are possible and imagination could also be stimulated. Your awareness of the connectedness of all phenomena could be heightened as you appreciate more how, despite differences in colour, creed or culture, we are all in the same boat.

On another level this could be you as student or teacher to others within some kind of enclosed environment or circle. A partner and yourself could both be involved in this. Or you get a sense of working and learning as a team for a common cause.

Jupiter will be working through your sign from June 25th 2020 – July 16th 2021 signalling the beginning of a real growth spurt in your life when your mind will be opening to new fields of interest which get you learning new things. Travel, foreign cultures or higher education could be part of the picture. The Cancer star sign 2020 predictions also foretell that you’ll be entertaining new possibilities, looking to the distant horizons and thinking bigger. The expansive, benevolent influence of Jupiter will encourage a new understanding and could plunge you into unfamiliar scenarios which teach you a great deal. A good time to launch into new projects or a fresh enterprise. Also a time to look into legal matters in a major or minor way. All natives or your sign will feel the vibration of Jupiter over 2020 but after mid-year it’s influence will be stronger.

Saturn began a nearly 3 year transit of Saturn on Oct 5th 2019

Saturn here demands you pay more serious, nurturing attention to the wellbeing or education of children/young ones, speculative or investment projects, or a romantic liaison. These will need a more disciplined, patient approach to come to fruition. The horoscope 2020 for Cancer foretells that hobbies or fun-type activities will need a consistent and disciplined input realize. Those of you involved in the arts or promotional or performance-type activities, should understand that a regular, methodical application will bring success in the long run, nothing will happen fast.

In this Saturn cycle you’ll learn how to concentrate your energy into building new routines into activities you find empowering, fun and self-expressive or which bring pleasure to others.

Cancerians born 24th June – 13th July or between 3-21 degrees Cancer rising will feel this vibration the most.

Uranus continues in a hard aspect to Pluto over 2020

orbiting closest to each other in May at 11 degrees and in November at 9 degrees but the aspect is still close in late April and June and September, October and half of December.

The 2020 yearly predictions for the Cancer warn that with Uranus in a hard angle to your Sun sign til 2019 and Pluto in your opposite sign for more years than that, you will be getting used to the sometimes jittery feeling that change is in the air and that your outer image may be up for a makeover, or the role you play in the world is changing and others will begin to see you differently. Even though it may not feel like it at the time, it’s your choice what shape that image may be but perhaps you do not choose the timing of the transitions and that’s the uncomfortable part. Progress is likely to come in short, unexpected hops across the board of life.

Uranus will be transiting the top of your chart until 2019. Inspired new beginnings with career and life-direction can occur over the 7 plus years of Uranus here. The 2020 Cancer horoscope predictions suggest that there may be a several changes of conditions over 2020 if Uranus comes within range of an important point in your natal chart. Change and expansion, especially when Jupiter enters your sign in 2020, may be a governing factor on the public side of life and you will be learning a lot as new doors open in the professional arena.

A previous arrangement may suddenly have to be replaced and you’ll have to adapt to a changeable, sometimes surprising but interesting environment. You may feel ambushed from time to time but this is the spirit of revolution which facilitates your evolution and is part of a significant growth process even though it may be unpredictable at times.

Cancerians born 24th June – 4th July or with 3-13 degrees rising will feel this vibration the most over 2020.

Neptune has been making it’s influence felt manifesting as sacrifice in the area of joint finances or property for over a decade, sometimes blurring the boundaries between what’s yours and what’s theirs. The 2020 Cancer horoscopes suggest that you may have had to lay preferences on one side and make a commitment to underpin another’s requirements or values. Something you share with another may have been involved.

Neptune left this area in early 2019.

Early Cancerians will feel the beneficial effect of the Neptune transit in 2020. For you this means a pull to function from more educational, philosophical, idealistic levels. Some of you may develop your artistic or communication skills or access a larger audience. Others may become interested in a particular place you feel is sacred or special. The Cancer 2020 horoscope predictions foretells that you may become interested in pilgrimage, mystical teachings, higher knowledge or intellectual pursuits, writing and speaking. Also your imaginative or artistic ability may increase. You may develop an interest in metaphysics, inter-dimensional travel or have telepathic experiences.

You may discover that what you thought was written in stone as absolute truth is an illusion, maybe a mass illusion. There may be some confusion, but your doubt and skepticism are healthy so test out theories before deciding what is truth for you. The 2020 forecast for Cancer show that you may become the mentor, trainer, teacher or nomad. Equally the student or spiritual seeker when Neptune finally gets settled in its home sign Pisces. Cancerians born in the first 6 days or with up to 6 degrees of Cancer rising will feel this vibration the most.

Pluto, now in Capricorn for many years in your close relationship area, will help you decide who you really want to be with personally or professionally and will spark or renew your dedication to achieving certain outcomes personal or otherwise in life. This strong drive growing within you pushes you forward with significant relationships. The Cancer astrology 2020 predictions suggest that with the planet of death/rebirth affecting you it could mean some of you are compelled to make a major change or have it thrust upon you by a close relationship. This could work to your advantage in the long run as it shakes things up and clears the decks.

Finding a fresh direction or another option means steering a new course and for a while there it may take guts and tenacity but Pluto will give you the deep conviction to see it through all the way. Pluto, planet of manipulation and control, means that you may encounter these factors in your interactions with others at close quarters. The Cancer horoscope 2020 predicts that Cancerians born in the 28th June-July 3rd will feel this vibration most strongly over 2020.

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