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January 2020 Monthly Horoscope

ARIES January 2020 Horoscope (March 21 – April 19)

This month the effects of astrology are not important until the last ten days. Then Saturn and the Sun will be beneficially positioned to Aries. Therefore in the first three weeks do mindfulness meditation and accumulate positive karma with the prayer of seven branches and other virtuous deeds. The last ten days of the month are good for making big decisions.
Aries Buddhists are motivators. This month organize a good meditation schedule. It is the middle of the winter and a good time to stay home, meditate and gather the forces of virtue.

TAURUS January Horoscope 2020 (April 20 May 20)

This month you need extra skill to deal with minor setbacks. Mars is in your sign and is squared by Saturn. That translates into a feeling of your energy being obstructed. What is beneficial is that Saturn’s positive effects blossom with contemplation meditations. Therefore be thoughtful about life and reflect on the suffering nature of samsara. These meditations will spontaneously generate compassion.
Taurus Buddhists are practical. This month stay at home and meditate. Call on your Aries friends and invite them over for a meditation weekend. It is a good time for dharma discussion and group meditations.

GEMINI January 2020 Horoscope (May 21 – June 20)

This month things are slow for the first three weeks. Then you will notice a change in your attitude and a stronger feeling of confidence and certainty. This is caused by the Sun moving into a beneficial position along with Saturn in Leo. You might consider staying home and cleaning the house for the first weeks of January. Say the prayer Buddha gave one monk to repeat as he swept the temple floor. “I remove the dust of delusion. I remove the dust of negative imprints.”

Gemini Buddhists are quick on their intellectual feet. This month organize yourself for the upcoming year. Schedule the calendar year and clearly set aside time for study and retreats.

CANCER January Horoscope 2020 (June 21 – July 22)

This month the Sun runs in opposition to your sign for the first few weeks and later Mercury and Venus will do the same. Therefore don’t expect to be clear minded. You will feel doubtful and even slightly uncomfortable with events around you. Maintain your peace of mind and recognize that doubts can have a positive effect. If we investigate our doubts thoroughly we can come to a more confident position.

Cancer Buddhists normally work with feelings. This month contemplate on course and subtle impermanence. Keep in mind that all components of our physical and emotional life fall under the power of impermanence.

LEO January 2020 Horoscope (July 23 – August 22)

This month Saturn is in your sign and being squared by Mars. The effect is the sensation of being blocked or obstructed. Watch this sensation and by the twentieth of the month you may have some excellent realizations. Saturn’s positive effects blossom with reflective meditations, so contemplate on the dissatisfactory nature of samsara. This helps remove expectations that life should always be wonderful. Life is wonderful only if you have the right attitude.

Leo Buddhists like to be motivators. This month hold back on big projects and ambitious goals. Success comes to those with an abundance of positive karma. Gather the forces of a positive attitude for now, action can come later.

VIRGO January Horoscope 2020 (August 23 – September 22)

This month things have improved as the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus are all beneficially positioned to your sign. There are no planets directly in your sign but from a distance these other planets lend support. Therefore strive to accomplish tasks that involve a group effort. You will find more success if you realize life is a play of interdependent factors.

Virgo Buddhists do things in an orderly manner. This month reflect on Bodhicitta. This works very well with the meditations of equalizing self and others and realizing that we all want happiness and similarly dislike suffering.

LIBRA January 2020 Horoscope (September 23 – October 22)

This month you have a break from planetary influences. Most planets are at odd angles and so you might use this time to be peaceful and quiet. It is January and the year lies before you. Organize your thoughts and goals. Do some Guru Yoga meditations and draw on the positive inspiration you receive from their influence in your life.

Libra Buddhists keep life in balance. This month the balance is there so utilize the positive time to meditate without distraction. An organized life has focus.

SCORPIO January Horoscope 2020 (October 23 – November 21)

This month you are full of energy but maybe a little distracted. Neptune will be square your sign for the whole month and so although Jupiter and Mars are constructively positioned you may be motivated by some illusory information. Check up before you act. You have lots of energy so the issue is clarifying your goals.

Scorpio Buddhists are passionate. This month the energy is there but is there sufficient wisdom to make good decisions? Be mindful moment to moment and make sure you are in harmony with the law of cause and effect.

SAGITTARIUS January 2020 Horoscope (November 22 – December 21)

This month starts with a strong sense of devotion. Pluto and Mercury are conjunct for the first few days and you will feel dedicated to whatever task is at hand. The middle of the month things change and calm down. You may find yourself adrift without a clear sense of direction at that time. Meditate on your motivation. What is your motive when you get out of bed? What is your motive for a meaningful life? Think about these things.

Sagittarius Buddhists are inspired individuals. This month meditate on your motive as we described above. A meaningful life is accomplished by the actions you do, not speculative thinking.

CAPRICORN January Horoscope 2020 (December 22 – January 19)

This month is your birthday month. Have you ever considered sending a gift to your parents thanking them for this rebirth? Appreciating your parents and supporting them is the cause of powerful positive karma. Even if they are difficult people you can still be nice to them. You are a dharma practitioner, use the dharma to resolve your issues and then approach them with a warm feeling. The Buddha dharma is supposed to help us be better people and starting with our family is a good place.

Capricorn Buddhists reflect and contemplate on decisions. This month enjoy the birthday party and set a firm motivation to be a source of positive thought and action for your family. Although astrology is an influence, your positive motivation is more powerful!

AQUARIUS January 2020 Horoscope (January 20 – February 18)

This month your intuition is a little shaky. The reason is Jupiter and Mars square your sign and also square Neptune. Neptune stimulates your imagination and idealism. This month it has too much energy with these squares and so you may feel scattered. Do breathing meditation and know if you have a wonderful fantasy about something that it is just a daydream and has little reality.

Aquarius Buddhists are sociable beings. This month watch out for illusions and fantasies. Do breathing meditation and keep calm. Your dream life also may increase so try to practice lucid dreaming if you are aware enough.

PISCES January Horoscope 2020 (February 19 – March 20)

This month life relaxes as Uranus sits in your sign but has no stimulation from other planets. Therefore relax and do some peaceful contemplative meditations. You had a busy month in December so this is a good time to relax and be peaceful. Enjoy tranquility when it is available.

Pisces Buddhists are sensitive and introspective. This month relax and be a calm and helpful person. As His Holiness the Dalai Lama says, “A good heart is the essence of all Buddhist practice.”

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