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Taurus Horoscope 2020

The Taurus horoscope 2020 shows that Mercury is in Pisces at the top of your chart for an extended stay from Feb 6th to April 14th 2020.

The Taurus 2020 horoscope foretells that conferences, forums, committee discussions could be emphasized. Also conversations, correspondence or ideas shared with friends and others of like-mind – in person or over the wires. Friendly advice could be valuable and it’s a good time to be alert to what’s new on the block.

The first Solar eclipse of the year occurs on May 9th.

The focus is in your sign Taurus, and signals new beginnings with anything which affects you personally.

The second Solar eclipse of the year occurs on November 3rd.

The 2020 Taurus star sign predictions foretell that the focus is in Scorpio your opposite sign signalling new beginnings, personal or professional, in close relationships. The eclipse conjuncts Saturn with Mercury not far away which may mean you have to take this area more seriously over the coming 6 months. Saturn has transited into Scorpio and is now in mutual reception with Pluto which harmonizes and intensifies their forces to a degree.

Also, both Venus and Mars will be in long transits beginning late in the year………

Venus will be in Capricorn from November 5th 2020 – March 6th 2020 which is good news for you Taurus as the potential abundance of Venus will be warming up connections with those at a distance or meaning travel is centred around a relationship or friendship. Legal matters could go well during this Venus transit too. Also you will be more attracted to exotic or alien environments or a faraway culture over this time.

Mars will enter Libra on December 8th 2020 to stay until July 25th 2021. The 2020 forecast for Taurus warn that this is an extraordinarily long transit dynamically activating your area of work and health. This hints that you will be working harder but that you will have the energy to throw yourself into projects and practices which show practical results. This energy works best when you can develop your own theme or can play by your own rules. Great for a venture needing physical stamina. If you are working with/for others try to work alone as often as possible as Mars always likes to take his own decisions. This position of Mars also relates to health matters and you should initiate the therapies or practices which help you feel right or improves health and fitness for others.

Taurus astrology 2020 also shows that Jupiter entered Gemini on June 11, 2019 where it will stay for approximately a year. It will move to Cancer on June 25th 2020 and stay until July 16, 2021 when it enters Leo.

Jupiter is in your financial area. Growth will tend to come more through physical or material ways. This vibration can attract useful resources like money or property large or small or other things you value into your life. Take advantage of Jupiter here until June to splash out on whatever might help you expand mentally or physically into new territories as it could result in better conditions or more desirable resources. Definitely the time to capitalize upon your assets, be they material or in the form of inborn talents. The 2020 Taurus predictions show that by casting your nets wider, you should do better in this area. Taureans born up til 8th May or up to 17 degrees Taurus rising will feel this vibration most in the latter half of the year.

From the 25th when Jupiter moves, you begin a cycle of mixing and mingling and getting your head around new things on a more daily basis. In person or over the wires, you can benefit through networking, exchanging information and developing your communication or people skills. The Taurus 2020 horoscope predictions suggest that if you are ready to seize fresh opportunities and learn new things, you begin to see a range of happier options unfolding before you as Jupiterian expansiveness influences you into a more outgoing, positive frame of mind but remain realistic about what’s doable. There could be more comings and goings or a community could become a busy hub of activity and a learning resource. Getting out to unfamiliar places or mixing with people with ideas or a culture different to what you are used to will be a key feature.

This is an opportunity to develop communication skills through any media. Education could be a keynote and it’s a great time for making new contacts or connecting with siblings and soul brothers and sisters. The 2020 Taurus horoscope predicts that new pathways will be carved into your mental landscape. A good period for channelling your thoughts and intuitions and getting the bigger picture as your mental map expands. All natives of the sign Taurus will feel the Jupiter influence but it will be more favourable after mid-year.

From October 6th 2019, Saturn began a 2 and a half year transit of your opposite sign Scorpio.

This is a cycle of having to work harder at balancing your needs and requirements with those of others. At times you will be keenly aware of walking in their shoes, at other’s you will feel very frustrated and limited by their demands or narrow-mindedness. Compromise, collaboration or cultivating others will have to be done gradually and will probably be harder work. The 2020 forecast for Taurus show that hidden stresses in the fabric of a relationship are more likely to be exposed and in some relationships you won’t be inclined to paper over the cracks anymore and decide to move on. You may also feel a lack of anyone special in your life or, feel lonely within a current partnership.

On another level you are completing a process which began around 14 years ago when you were redefining yourself and your world. Now, that sense of self is being tested and it will be a time of weighing in the balance which alliances are worth the greater effort now demanded from you.

If you are old enough look back 28/29 years to get some insight into what is going on now and what happened next. Taureans born 23rd April – 11th May up to 20 degrees rising will feel this vibration the most over 2020.

For many years, Uranus will be transiting a more obscure, private area of your chart. Helping you to understand deeper motivations and maybe being more tolerant or compassionate towards others. The Taurus 2020 horoscope predictions foretells that you may also have more involvement with specialized groups who work behind the scenes or with institutions or centres which could be connected to health or education. This is an innovative, alternative vibration which means you could discover new approaches which are not mainstream related to any of these areas.

A previous way of being may suddenly be replaced by a new order and you may have to adapt to an surprising but interesting environment.

This could be an inspiring time for you artistic children of the Bull and could also stimulate dreams, psychic or healing experiences. Taureans born 23rd April – 3rd May or with from 3-13 degrees rising will feel this vibration the most over 2020.

For many years Neptune has been making it’s influence felt in the area of career and worldly image. You may have had to lay ego on one side here and make yourself available in more selfless ways because it serves the interests of others. The 2020 Taurus horoscopes suggest that you may have felt undervalued or overlooked or even misinterpreted by others at times. Some of you could have been more involved with boats, charities, the arts, hospitality industry, working with animals or the underprivileged.

Neptune’s has left this area after more than 15 years. This may mean you feel more of a pull to become involved with a group which serves a community, or you collaborate with kindred spirits who have a special area of interest or expertise in common and your sense of duty to a group or to friends and associates is stimulated. Taureans born 20th -25th/26th April or with up to 6 degrees rising will feel this vibration the most over 2020.

Pluto now in Capricorn, continues to have a positive impact on your sign. For several years Pluto will continue to bring a deeper awareness and help you to find the thread of your own personal truth amid the myriad twists and turns of human mental constructs. Distilling the essence through intellectual seeking, travel, religions, philosophies, the law and that includes spiritual law.

There should be a growing understanding of different systems of thought, more tolerance for differing cultures as your previous ideologies or presumptions get cut down to size. The 2020 yearly predictions for the Taurus warn that the rose-tinted specs are removed and you begin to see how something or someone you idolized is in reality. But because of this and other lessons your wisdom is growing and deepening. Someone you have an emotional connection with could live at a distance or be connected with travel or education. Any of these could have a profound effect upon you.

The Taurus horoscope 2020 predicts that Taureans born 26th/27th April – 2nd May or with 7-12 degrees rising will feel this vibration the most in 2020.

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