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Horse Cancer Personality

The Horse Cancer may find itself spending a great deal of time in social situations, browsing through the crowd in search of you know not what, but it’ll come to you when you find it.

This can lead to a great deal of wasted effort; a little forethought can make the Horse’s search a bit more streamlined.

You have a great deal of romantic regret dogging you from early life that can only be completely overcome by finding the right person to settle down with in later life, but with your impossibly high standards, that could take a while.

Horse CancerIn the meantime the Crab in you derives a great deal of satisfaction from taking out your memories, getting maudlin over them for a day or two, and then putting them back into cold storage.

You are very fond of what one could call “recreational depression.” Don’t spend too much time in the past, however –the future beckons, with opportunities that you would be foolish to pass up when they come along.

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