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2017 Chinese Horoscope Predictions For Horse, Year of The Rooster

 Dear Horse, welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Rooster 2017! According to Chinese astrology, the Chinese New Year 2017 will start on January 28, 2017.

2017 Horse Horoscopes

Horse Horoscope 2017 Overview

2017 Horse Love Horoscope

Horse Money Horoscope 2017

2017 Horse Career Horoscope

Double Signs Horse Horoscope 2017

The following are general characteristics of the Chinese Astrology 2017 for a Horse person. A more detailed investigation of a Horse person’s personalised yearly horoscope would obviously reveal more.

Horse Horoscope 2017 Overview

Chinese Tradition believes the perceptive, instinctive, active, and energetic Horses are symbol of spirit, vitality, and good luck. With the Horses, movement is everything. To achieve their goals Horses are hardworking, aggressive, ambitious, and intelligent with boundless energy and ambition but despise being pressured. Freedom and independence are as essential to most Horses.

The Horse Horoscope 2017 shows that you can  expect a year that brings good news. Sex, love, and romance are highlighted in 2017. Home life is secure and problems are not overwhelming. But under Rooster’s influence, Horse will be required to work diligently, be more thorough and meticulous, and slow down — which Horse will not like.

2017 Horse Predictions For Love

Most Horses have plenty of sex-appeal and love to be admired. Because most physically attractive, intense, forceful Horses value freedom and make most desirable romantic lovers.

Blessed with good humor and geniality, most quick-witted Horses have many friends. These charming and cheerful people are extremely comfortable to get along with for they have the knack of instantly putting people at their ease.

The 2017 astrology predictions shows that single Horses may want to place more emphasis on their work or studies rather than pursuing relationships. Not that it could not be done, but the process may be tedious and the outcome unpredictable. However if you wish to pursue romance, carry a Jade Mandarin Ducks Tassel with you always.

The chinese zodiac also shows that married Horses should be careful this year as there may be gossips pertaining to your relationships. Place a Kei Loon at your main door as a deflective measure for these gossips. Female Horses are advised to wear an Aquamarine Crystal Beads bracelet for this year.

Horse Chinese Horoscope 2017 For Finance

Most Horses are particularly skilled at handling money.

The 2017 Money horoscope for Horse animal sign suggest that the Horse will enjoy better wealth luck into the second half of the year as the fruits of labor begin to bloom. You can place a Pineapple of Wealth in the South sector as an enhancer for your type of wealth luck.

This is a year you’ll find yourself taking some calculated risks. You may need to use some unconventional means to gain attention and to get ahead. You will likely do some unexpected traveling, so set a little money aside – this is a trip you won’t want to miss!

Horse, in 2017 financial opportunities will come from a couple of directions this year. If you have some time in your busy schedule, consider increasing your skillset to increase the benefit coming your way.

Year Of The Rooster 2017 Predictions For Career

Most hard working and sharp Horses have the capacity to be great creative bosses and successful leaders. Because most high-spirited and lively Horses can make accurate judgments and sound decisions instantaneously they tend to act on impulse and can quickly change their minds before completing a project. Their vivacity and enthusiasm make them very popular. This is one of the reasons they skillfully acquire power, prosperity and respect. Because most

Horses are resourceful, self-confident and mentally alert, self-employment is ideal for most of these skillful communicators. Horses can be especially successful as artists, advertising designers, journalists, crafts persons, exotic cooks, adventurers, scientists, engineers, writers, or politicians.

In 2017, to make a fresh start from last year’s slightly down events, use a Qi Cleansing Kit for your home and work place. As the Chinese says, out with the old, in with the new. Give your home and office a fresh new start into the new year.

The 2017 Horse zodiac predicts that there would be ample of room to show the world what you are made of and be recognized for your hard work and effort. People would take notice of you and appreciate your input, then rightfully give you credit for it. Respect is all around; only thing for you to do is not to put yourself too high up on the horse, so to speak.

No pain no gain. This applies to the Horse for 2017. Even though your work would be recognized, you still need to actually work to be able to reap the rewards. Place a Running Horses on your work table as an invitation for more opportunities.

There will be some slight problems with your health but you will recover in no time.

Double Signs Horse Horoscope 2017: Chinese & Western Zodiacs

Horse-Aries: The 2017 Horoscope shows that you could be infuriated by the words “can’t” and “don’t” just when you experience a great need to succeed. In your personal life, before you give up on a relationship, do everything you can to improve your union in every way you can. Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable to your partner. TRUST is what love is all about.

Horse-Taurus: In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, the focus is on generating more income and to negotiate for a raise in salary. In your personal life, the chinese predictions shows that you might feel terribly hurt if you discover that a partner is cheating on you. If you are in a relationship that is no longer beneficial to you, it would be smart for you to think twice before you rush headlong to divorce court.

Horse-Gemini: You have a job offer? It might be wise to change environment. In your personal life, if your mate is playing around, what should you do? An affair is unlikely to last, although it could be memorable.

Horse-Cancer: In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, should you take your apprehensions seriously (your spouse is cheating on you)? As far as money is concerned, you need to bank some cash. On the work front, being upsettingly preoccupied could affect your performance.

Horse-Leo: Your horoscope for the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017 shows that you could suffer loss or sorrow in connection with a romance if you fail to consider your partner’s needs and sensitivities. Your relationship might dissolve. On the work front, planet Jupiter favors remarkable progress for those who are blessed with some organizational skills.

Horse-Virgo: The Virgo Horse 2017 horoscope shows that you may find another job that might require relocation at a distance. In your personal Life, changes might force you to consult with an expert relationship counselor. As far as money is concerned, if you feel insecure, don’t get panicky. Your financial recovery will be gradual. If you are a real go-getter, you’ll eventually find extra income.

Horse-Libra: In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, you could be entrusted with some major responsibility. Whatever project you have in mind, decide on a strategy and if your direction is clear; go for it. In your personal life,  the zodiac advise you that it’s time to take your actual relationship a lot more seriously, before you find your Self in a divorce court. As far as money is concerned, be alert to any possible way of increasing your take-home pay.

Horse-Scorpio: In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, intense emotions run deep and so does your desire for control. And because of that, your most intimate relationships, friendships and other legal partnerships could be undergoing some significant changes. On monetary front, in 2017 the Universe will be abundantly generous for many of you but within the confines of our own limitations. On the work front, resisting progressive change will prove to be to your disadvantage. Since most of you are hard workers, higher-ups might entrust you with a project you’ll particularly want to succeed.

Horse-Sagittarius: The Sagittarius Horse predictions for 2017 shows that current astrological configurations seem to be excellent for embarking in a new romantic liaison. As far as finances are concerned, this is NO time to escape reality. On the work front, why don’t you polish up your present skills or learn new ones? Keep your mind open. Remember, you always do best in a job that is not confining. Avoid routine jobs which make you feel boxed in.

Horse-Capricorn: During the very karmic last 2 weeks of the year of the Monkey, you might switch career. If you are unqualified, you may find yourself in danger of losing your job. In your personal Life, the Horse zodiac warn you that you may be experiencing powerful sexual urges. Poor judgment may hurt your career and create problems at home. As far as money is concerned, financial stability will not come easily or quickly to you.

Horse-Aquarius: In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, it would be smart for you to contact someone who is successful in your type of occupation. In your personal life, if you discover that your mate is cheating, try to understand the person’s actions and determine whether you played any part in driving your mate into someone else’s arms.

Horse-Pisces: In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, all systems are GO. Life is full of opportunities. If you spot an occasion to move ahead, grab it! In your personal life, the Pisces Horse Horoscope 2017 shows that some of you may feel devastated because you might be shortchanged in affection. As far as money is concerned, be daring because there are good moneymaking opportunities for many of you. NOW is the time to go further, to push ahead.

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