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Horse Horoscope 2018

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2018 Chinese Horoscope Predictions For Horse, Year of The Dog

Dear Horse, welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Dog 2018! According to Chinese astrology, the Chinese New Year 2018 will start on February 16, 2018.

2018 Horse Horoscopes

Horse Horoscope 2018 Overview

2018 Horse Love Horoscope

Horse Money Horoscope 2018

2018 Horse Career Horoscope

Horse 2018 Health Horoscope

Monthly Horse Horoscope 2018

The following are general characteristics of the Chinese Astrology 2018 for a Horse person. A more detailed investigation of a Horse person’s personalised yearly horoscope would obviously reveal more.

Horse Horoscope 2018 Overview

Many Horses look back at a pleasant 2015 year of the Goat and a confusing 2016 Monkey Year.

The 2017 year of the Rooster had brought some unexpected problems and the year of the Dog 2018 might become much better.

The Horse horoscope 2018 shows that it’s a good Dog year for the Horse person! With several lucky stars on your horizon, things will always turn for the better. Wealth and career luck are on a high note for the Horse person, and this is the moment to be seized by the ambitions Horse. Those who are aggressive should definitely turn to investments and the stock market. However, if you have elderly at the family, do pay more attention to their health.

Horses have no problem with hard work and reliability what both makes them one of the preferred pals of the Dog.

The Horse is one of the strongest and most robust symbols which stands also for security and continuity.

All that ensures much admiration with the Dog so that one of the biggest available portions of good Karma will shower them nicely during 2018.

In addition, the Horse 2018 horoscope shows that smart Horses can even obtain for more in case they are prepared to improve on their own intellectual capabilities with studies and adapting to the higher morals of the Dog.

More sincerity instead of excessive party vibes and materialistic shopping orgies will also be much rewarded so that overall the chances for a superb 2018 are truly given.

2018 Horse Predictions For Love

When it comes to Romance, the Horse Love Horoscope 2018 shows that it will be a good year for you, Horse people. If you are single, you might just find that special someone for you. For those in a relationship, you two are going steady and getting closer. But beware of bad peach flower luck, do not give in to temptation and get yourself involved in a love triangle.

The married Horse may not have the time to pursue his or her love life! This is due to the Horse’s burgeoning career and wealth luck. The best thing the attached Horse can do is to make your own love magic – induce excitement to your relationship, and get to know your partner all over again.

To enhance your luck in romance, Horse women can wear accessories in black, wavy shape; as for Horse men, you can wear white, oval or round accessories.

Horse Chinese Horoscope 2018 For Finance

The 2018 Horse zodiac shows that you will be lucky in your finance. In fact, this could be the year to pull the plug and buy your first house or invest in the stock market. With little investment, you will be able to make good profit.. But remember, invest wisely with a small portion of your own money, if you borrow money to invest, you might not see any return in your investment. And be careful, don’t be too arrogant about the profit and do not go on a shopping spree afterward.

Off-white, bright gray and gold are your colors this year and try to wear accessories in wood color. To increase your luck in wealth, put crystal or white object in the north western side of your office.

Year Of The Dog 2018 Predictions For Career

The Horse Chinese astrology for 2018 shows that your career will be on the rise this year Although you will be extremely busy, but at least, you will enjoy it and get noticed by the boss for your hard work. In the year of Dog, as long as you put your heart into it, you will be able to achieve your goal and wishes. Since you have good luck in finance this year, why not try to take some courses to improve yourself?

Horse 2018 Zodiac For Health

For the Dog year 2018, the Horse will have good health all-year-round. There may be the occasional bruising and sprains, but nothing more serious than this. But, there is a possibility that you may hurt yourself from contact sports, so athletic Horses beware! Meanwhile, pay more attention to your heart, skin and eye.

Horse Monthly Forecast 2018

Horse January 2018
It will be a so so month, but there might be a surprise income.

Horse February 2018
Watch your back because someone might betray you. Be alert with car and boat.

Horse March 2018
You will get some profit or extra cash.

Horse April 2018
Learn to relax, don’t let your work stress you out.

Horse May 2018
Be careful with your investment, you might lose some money

Horse June 2018
Thanks to the assistance from your friends, there will be good opportunities for you.

Horse July 2018
There will be obstacles on your way, so just stay low and don’t change.

Horse August 2018
Things will not go as you plan, so be patient.

Horse September 2018
Your hard work may not be rewarded as it supposed to, so be prepared.

Horse October 2018
Things are starting to turn for the better, but watch out for fraud.

Horse November 2018
Be conservative with your investment.

Horse December 2018
This will be a good month for you financially.

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