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Horse Horoscope 2020

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2020 Chinese Horoscope Predictions For the Horse, Year of The Rat

Dear Horse, welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Rat 2020! According to Chinese astrology, the Chinese New Year 2020 will start on January 25, 2020.

2020 Horse Horoscopes

Horse Horoscope 2020 Overview

2020 Horse Love Horoscope

Horse Money Horoscope 2020

2020 Horse Career Horoscope

Horse 2020 Health Horoscope

Horse Monthly Horoscope 2020

The following are general characteristics of the Chinese Astrology 2020 for a Horse person. A more detailed investigation of a Horse person’s personalised yearly horoscope would obviously reveal more.

Horse Horoscope 2020 Overview

The Horse Horoscope 2020 shows that this can be a challenging year for the Horse. There is a clash between Horse and the Rat year (Tai-Tsui) and you have to be more alert than usual. And due to the fact that there are several unlucky stars brought to your zodiac, you might find yourself losing concentration and your temper, or even losing some amount of money.

In fact, besides the Rat, you might be the next sign to have a tough year in the year of Rat 2020. So your best strategy is probably to keep a low profile and don’t make any major changes and decision. Not a good year to get married, don’t change your job and don’t buy a new house or business. Beware of traitors plotting against you.

The ruling Rat will be less gentle with the Horses than the well minded Pig in case they will continue with rough edges and sharp profiles.

The Rat loves good communication at sophisticated levels as well as distinct verbal elegance and smart, intelligent moves in the name of common sense.

Once Horses will streamline their appearance the year of the Rat might even turn out lucrative as it will be for most of the Symbols.

No other year offers that many chances for financial gains and for making good savings so that the strong minded Horses will be well advised to reduce their ego and to focus on team spirit.

Also a higher commitment to sensitivity and more general care for others can reduce the risk of failure a lot whilst too much ego can now be seen as a guarantee for disaster.

Try to do volunteer or charity work to balance off the bad energy or make arrangements to go to the temples and pray for safety blessings from the negative effects of the said star. Avoid overly Yin places such as funerals and graveyards, and it will best to have weddings or other happy occasions in the family to bring good energy to you. In general, just do your best to stay out of conflict, dispute and troubles.

2020 is not an easy year for the Horse, but is full of chances.

2020 Horse Predictions For Love

The Horse love horoscope for 2020 shows that your romance luck is so so this year, there is no wedding bell waiting for the singles and not much drama or excitement for the married.

For the single Horses, this might not be the year to find THE ONE. In fact, you may feel a little lonely at times this year, and feel very secretive about this situation. However, if you wish to have better luck in your love life, you need to be more active. Go out and join some various social groups, it will do you good. If you are currently in a relationship, get ready for a roller coaster ride, there are definitely big ups and downs and it is time to test how you two deal with problems. Watch your temper and mouth, it might cost you your relationship.

Inauspicious months in romance: January, May, July and November.
Lucky months in romance: March, June and September.

Horse Chinese Horoscope 2020 For Finance

The Horse forecast 2020 for money shows that since this is year for you to stay low profile, you must plan ahead and be prepared for a year with ups and downs. In general, avoid big investment, and never act on impulsive decision. In fact, there might be a possibility for at least one financial loss in your finance; therefore, you need to be very cautious and conservative this year.

If you were born in the Spring or Summer, you can try on some new investment, but when you do invest, invest wisely and cautiously. Be objective and rational when it comes to investment; don’t be blinded by greed and do not believe every tip from your friends.

However, if you were born in the fall or winter, beware of some financial losses. In general, this is not a good year to buy your dream house or any big purchase. Refrain yourself from gambling and remember, you have to be more conservative about your expenses, you don’t always have to get the latest products and try not to spend that much on your love ones.

Inauspicious months in finance: January, April, July, October and December.
Lucky months in finance: March, June and September.

Year Of The Rat 2020 Predictions For Career

The Horse 2020 horoscope for career shows that there will be conflicts and obstacles in the office and along your career path. Therefore, you must learn to watch what you say, and prepare yourself to face the problems with a clear head and patience. Although no serious setbacks, it will be a year of ups and down and you do need to be wary of legal issues as well as dealings that involve lots of documentation.

Also, beware not to dabble into office politicking and watch your back whenever you can, because someone is lurking to stab in the back. And although you will face all types of challenges this year, this will be a good opportunity for you to learn and grow, and prepare yourself for a better year next year.

Inauspicious months in career: January, Aril, May, July, November and December.
Lucky months in career: March, June and September.

Horse 2020 Astrology for Health

Health prospects will be a little poor for the year of Rat 2020, but there is nothing to worry about. Most likely you will experience flu, stomach flu and problem in the digest system. Beware of areas of feet and hips, and be alert when you walk.

Pay attention when you are using sharp objects, you might get cut, especially in May or November. Don’t forget to do your annual check. Remember to eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly, everything will be just fine. One more thing, pay more attention when you are driving, you really need to change your reckless driving habit. Try to donate blood and do some charity/volunteer works if you can because these might bring you better luck.

Months to be alert in Health: February, April, July, November and December.

Horse 2020 Feng Shui Yearly Forecast & Horoscope

Best Directions: East, West, Northeast

Best colors: Blue, Black and White. (Avoid Brown and Red)

To enhance your luck in the year of Rat, wear a navy blue stone pendant.

Lucky numbers: 4 and 5.

Horse 2020 Monthly Forecast

Horse January 2020
Watch out for the unexpected and beware of fraud and losing money.

Horse February 2020
Be kind to others and watch your health.

Horse March 2020
Your lucky stars are shining bright in this month. Enjoy it.

Horse April 2020
Ready for a month of bumpy roads. Be patience and stay low.

Horse May 2020
Take a deep breathe, gloomy weather is in the air.

Horse June 2020
It’s the month of changes, opportunity is on your way.

Horse July 2020
An unpredictable month. Be careful when dealing with contract or legal documents, you don’t want to get into any legal troubles.

Horse August 2020
Stay away from office politics and keep your eyes/ears opened. Someone is lurking to stab you in the back.

Horse September 2020
Have peace in mind and start a regular lifestyle, good luck will follow.

Horse October 2020
Observe and stay alert, don’t make a move until you think it through.

Horse November 2020
Watch your health, don’t overwork yourself and beware of accidents.

Horse December 2020
You will be exhausted from all the pressure and emotions.


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