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Horse Horoscope 2021

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2021 Chinese Horoscope Predictions For the Horse, Year of The Ox

Dear Horse, welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Ox 2021! According to Chinese astrology, the Chinese New Year 2021 will start on February 12, 2021.

2021 Horse Horoscopes

Horse Horoscope 2021 Overview

2021 Horse Love Horoscope

Horse Money Horoscope 2021

2021 Horse Career Horoscope

Horse 2021 Health Horoscope

Horse Monthly Horoscope 2021

The following are general characteristics of the Chinese Astrology 2021 for a Horse person. A more detailed investigation of a Horse person’s personalised yearly horoscope would obviously reveal more.

Horse Horoscope 2021 Overview

The Horse Horoscope 2021 shows that there is no major triumph nor upset in the year of Ox 2021. However, under the influence of Tai-Suay, it is probably smart not to make any major investment like real estate. And if you own a property now, try not to move this year.

There will be full of ups and downs and obstacles, and you will be feeling emotional and agitated. Try to learn from your mistakes during those down moments, and capitalize the moments when you are on top form. Don’t make any major move or plan, it might be better to wait until next year.

Nevertheless, when the going gets tough, you will always find your lucky star from someone you are close to who is older and wiser. This could be a friend, a family member or a coworker or boss. Because of the helping hand from this person, things will turn from the better.

Your best lunar months are January, June, August and September, be alert during the lunar months of May and November

2021 Horse Predictions For Love

The Horse love horoscope for 2021 shows that your romance luck is so so this year, there is no wedding bell waiting for the singles and not much drama or excitement for the married. For the single Horses, you may have a few challenges in store when hunting for their potential partners. Although it won’t be a total blank page, you may actually meet someone you like, most likely this will be just a fling or a summer romance. So don’t fall head over heel for this person.

For the attached Horse, you must remember not to be overly friendly to the opposite sex, and remember stay away from temptation and affairs.

Horse Chinese Horoscope 2021 For Finance

The Horse forecast 2021 for money shows that this will be a so-so year for your finance, just watch your wallet carefully, in fact, you might lose some money this year, but it is nothing major to worry about. Invest wisely and cautiously. Be objective and rational when it comes to investment; do not believe every tip from your friends.

Beware of fraud and don’t be an affidavit for anyone in the year of Ox 2021. However, you might try your luck every once in a while by buying a lottery, you may not win millions, but you might actually win something this time.

Year Of The Ox 2021 Predictions For Career

The Horse 2021 horoscope for career shows that your career luck is average. In fact, you need to count on yourself more than anyone else. This means you need to work extra hard. You must learn how to be a team player, and pay more attention to details. Don’t make any drastic career decision in the year of Ox 2021, it might be better to wait until next year for the big move.

However, one exception is if someone senior/older introduces you to a new job/opportunity, then you can consider and perhaps make the career change. If your job or business is to deal with clients a lot, then you career luck may be better for the rest of the Horses. However, be careful of your own behavior and watch your mouth, since these often get you into troubles.

Horse 2021 Astrology for Health

For the year of Ox 2021, the Horse will have good health all-year-round. You might occasionally catch a cold or have a headache, but nothing serious. Pay attentions to the seniors in the family. Do keep a close eye on them and stay alert on any small ailments. In general, remember to eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly, everything will be just fine.

Horse 2021 Feng Shui Yearly Forecast & Horoscope

Best Directions: Southeast and South.

Best colors: Red and Purple

Lucky numbers: 3 and 9.

Horse 2021 Monthly Forecast

Horse January 2021
Everything is going your way, so keep smiling.

Horse February 2021
A good month for your relationship. Don’t be greedy.

Horse March 2021
You’ll get the help you need from someone and expect some extra money to flow in.

Horse April 2021
Try to do some volunteer work.

Horse May 2021
Take a deep breath, gloomy weather is in the air. Ready for a month of bumpy roads. Be patience and stay low.

Horse June 2021
Your lucky star is shining bright in this month. Enjoy it

Horse July 2021
Don’t let your temper get the better of you and stay away from dispute.

Horse August 2021
Don’t rush into anything, it is a month to lay low and stay put.

Horse September 2021
One of the best months of the year, prosperity and money are on your way.

Horse October 2021
Keep things the way it is, changes might not be a good idea.

Horse November 2021
Beware, stay away from gambling and don’t be blinded by greed.

Horse December 2021
This will be the month with mixed luck, be cautious and conservative.

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