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How Accurate Is A Birth Chart

I’ll make this explanation of birth chart accuracy brief, with little or no jargon. You’d be bored reading a long technical discussion of astrology. And I’d be bored writing one.

I’m interested in helping you see how a birth chart can be very useful in navigating daily life. We all want to lead happy, fulfilled, and productive lives. I’m all for anything that will help people learn how to do that while at the same time honoring themselves as individuals.

Through the long history of astrology, birth charts have been used a number of ways.

Some astrologers believe they can use a birth chart to predict what lies ahead in a person’s life. Others use it as a decision-making tool to recommend the best time for important events in a person’s life such as opening a business or getting married. Some employ it to diagnose a root cause of life problems. Still others use it to understand a person’s basic nature and compatibility with a line of work or with a business or intimate partner.

Here are my assessments of the accuracy of these four main ways of using astrology.

Predictive tool

In the Middle Ages, a natal chart was used to predict or divine future events in a person’s life, what some people call destiny. Fortune telling went in and out of favor in various places around the world for hundreds of years. Modern-day research on a chart’s predictive value is inconclusive. Most predictions of behavior and personality are generalized and therefore easy to be at least partially right.

Decision tool

The ability of astrology to predict events in a person’s life based on answers to questions about important and mundane things has also proved not to be highly reliable. That hasn’t stopped some people, however, from believing that there are more and less auspicious time for engaging in certain activities.

Diagnostic tool

Astrology has also been used to try to solve difficult medical conditions, interpreting a chart determine the nature of illness and a person’s chances of recovery. This application has also not proved to be highly reliable.

Awareness tool

The modern, humanistic way of looking at a birth chart interpretation relies on the fact that while planets do influence personality and behavior, they are not the only factor affecting a person’s life. Spirituality these days, especially in the West, emphasizes free will and our ability to make our own choices and take responsibility for the consequences of our actions.

Many different ways of experiencing a birth chart’s energies are always available. Yes, a birth chart is a template or map for a person’s life. But it is a starting point for learning, growth, and change, not sealed-forever fate.

Will a birth chart be 100% correct?

Not likely. However, I have done many adult birth charts for family members and friends and been both amused and amazed at how accurate these people have told me their charts are. One very skeptical 62-year-old friend, a physician, said she felt “naked” after reading her chart. If she thinks it is very accurate at 62, it must’ve been accurate from the moment she was born because a birth chart never changes.

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