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Tips On How The Astrology Sun Signs Enjoys Travel Adventures

Tips On How The Astrology Sun Signs Enjoys Travel Adventures

Each of the astrology zodiac signs enjoys travel adventures in different ways.

To find out how, imagine yourself being an astrologer and you are entering a fairly popular travel bureau. It is a busy place and all the agents are busy helping clients planning for trips to a range of different places. You take a seat next to several other people who are waiting to be served.

The person you are seated next to is a slender young woman and she starts chatting to you telling you how she is always on the go and enjoys taking short trips around the country. You know straight away that she is a Gemini.

Then you get talking to the person on the other side of you. This is a striking looking woman who seems somewhat proud with a theatrical smile and she tells you that she enjoys staying in luxurious places and likes to be treated like a queen when she is on holiday. You think to yourself that is so typical for a Leo.

The next one to be called up to the counter was a woman and I hear her telling the traveling agent in a jovial way that she is a frequent flier and how much she loves to travel to foreign countries and learn about their culture. There is a good chance that this woman is a Sagittarius or at least strongly influenced by this sign.

I now have an older motherly woman sitting next to me and she tells me that she loves the peaceful feeling of the water and is planning a cruise with her grown children this time so they can reflect on old nostalgic times. You guessed it she has to be born under the sign of Cancer.

A young man with a briefcase under his arm turn to us and say it sounds like you guys are all in for pleasure and enjoyment in an analytic tone of voice. The best way for me to enjoy my holiday is when I do something useful and productive; I’m off to a seminar to learn about new techniques. This man is a typical Virgo who loves to serve others.

A woman is now seated in front of the travel agent and I can’t help overhearing their conversation. The agent asks where she want to go and she reply that she want to go Ethiopia where she is going to join a group who work with children and help to improve their living standard. She sounds like a really humanitarian and must be an Aquarius.

It is quite a fascinating exercise to listen to people’s conversation and try to pick their star sign so I decided to just sit there and listen to the different people coming into the travel agency.

I noticed that the water signs were mostly attracted to spend their holiday either on a cruise or somewhere near the water.

Where the people strongly influenced by one of the air signs love to spend a holiday where they there are lots of people to talk to or simply curled up a reading a novel.

The earth signs will enjoy being out and about in nature while the fire signs want plenty of action on their holiday.

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