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How Can A Birth Chart Help You And Your Child

Benefits for parents

The two main benefits of a baby birth chart for parents are: personalized directions for how best to nurture your child’s development and peace of mind.

Newborn babies and children

Children of all ages can benefit from an alternative and objective view of their personality. Astrology can be a great help in understanding how children view and experience each parent, siblings and their domestic environment.

Examining the child’s natal chart can also help in understanding the child that is experiencing difficulties within their family or other areas of life.

A Child birth chart profile can help you:

  • Focus on the specific lessons your child needs even before you see signs of his or her greatness
  • Better manage your child’s behavior
  • Notice and accept your child’s feelings
  • Build a stronger relationship with your child
  • Understand your child’s hopes and dreams
  • Have compassion for your child
  • Stop unfairly comparing your child with other children
  • Work more effectively with your parenting partner
  • Become more confident and relaxed as a parent
  • Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? But it’s no exaggeration.

The specific configuration of planets the moment your child was born does not happen again for 25,000 years. So you can be sure your child’s information is not a generic template that a lot of other children are also getting. What you get is an operator’s guide written specifically for your child.

Benefits for children

One of the biggest benefits of a baby natal chart is less stress for both parents and child. Since parents spend less time trying to make their child be something different, the child can spend more time blossoming with fewer parental roadblocks and disappointments.

Of course, children can’t understand their charts until they’re older – at least preteen age. So at first, the initial benefits to them are security and appreciation – two important things we all want, no matter what age.

As children grow, they can use the information in their birth charts to explore and develop their talents, learn how to accept and handle their limitations, and make better career and relationships choices.

Once they’re adults, they can have an adult chart done. They’ll get the same information (a birth chart never changes), but written to apply to an adult.

Think of the fun you’ll have watching your baby grow, knowing you’re doing what’s best for him or her!

  • No more doubts about your abilities as a parent.
  • No more guilt that you aren’t following the experts’ advice.
  • No more worries that there’s something wrong with your child – or YOU

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