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How to Handle a Sabotaging Coworker by Zodiac Sign

How to Handle a Sabotaging Coworker by Zodiac Sign

Have you ever had a colleague who has ignored your efforts in your workplace – or worse, taken credit for work you’ve done? Learning how to cope with dirty tricks each Sun sign is capable of playing is crucial if you want to navigate your way through the professional minefield.

Aries Sun Sign

The Ram isn’t at all subtle, so their maneuvers are usually very easy to spot. Luckily, they don’t mind a sharp confrontation, so if you can gear yourself up to face them, you’ll get the sitation sorted out quickly enough. And if an Aries is being double-crossed, they won’t stay silent for long!

Taurus Sun Sign

Behind their placid smile, the Bull is quite power-hungry, so expect them to be tricky and fairly stubborn when challenged. To mitigate any sort of melee, develop a strategy that allows you to circumvent them. A mistreated Taurus will suffer silently before exploding resoundingly!

Gemini Sun Sign

Gemini has elusive Neptune in the work area of their birth chart, so they can be slippery at times. They have a way with words and a million escape routes. They can also be tricky to pin down … but if they know you’re on to them, they’ll go elsewhere. Just beware that a double-crossed Gemini will find a way of spilling the beans to the boss.

Cancer Sun Sign

This sign tends to cut corners at times and hates being shown up publicly. A short-changed Cancer will retreat — but watch out for their claws! The Crab will approach sideways and strike when the time is right.

Leo Sun Sign

The Lion tends to play fair, but in a weak moment they may grasp for an unearned prize. More than any other sign (even Cancer), Leos can’t stand public humiliation. A mistreated Leo will sulk or deflate, so stop feeling sorry for their insecurities and teach them a public lesson. If you do so, they won’t act up again.

Virgo Sun Sign

Virgos won’t steal your credit since they aren’t so egocentric. Still, they aren’t above cutting out co-workers for whom they have little use. Appeal to their heart (buried somewhere beneath their workaholic exterior), or else watch as the trampled Virgo simply disengages that much more.

Libra Sun Sign

Those under this sign like to see themselves as ethical, but in a sticky corner they’ll keep up appearances rather than come clean about sneaky failings. A straightforward confrontation with them will usually do the trick, although they can sometimes have a cutting tongue when pushed. If Libra is mistreated or misrepresented, expect them to be startled and puzzled … then furious!

Scorpio Sun Sign

Not always the most forthright, Scorpios are plotters and planners. They don’t want the glory, but they do want the power. You’ll need strategic help from another Scorpio to outwit them, so find a friendly one and seek out their help. Just keep in mind that Scorpios can be fearsome if double-crossed — they neither forgive nor forget.

Sagittarius Sun Sign

Sagittarius is good-hearted, naive almost to a fault, and sometimes tactless, but they usually won’t claim what isn’t rightfully theirs. If one causes trouble with you, simply be straight with them and they’ll usually back down. No one steals Sagittarius’s achievements without hearing about it at full volume!

Capricorn Sun Sign

Capricorn is ambitious … and with ambitiousness comes a certain amount of ruthlessness. They know that winner takes all, but they don’t like being made to feel small or sneaky. If there’s a problem, have a private chat with them and let them know you’ll make it public if they don’t smarten up. A Capricorn shorn of its rightful credit will wait for their moment — and once in a superior position, they will strike!

Aquarius Sun Sign

Water Bearers have a cold side, which can make them seem calculating … though they really aren’t so much. They are stubborn, however, so an outright confrontation with them won’t yield instant results. A jilted Aquarius will first feel resentful before becoming very outspoken, so rest assured that others’ misdeeds won’t go unrecognized for long.

Pisces Sun Sign

Pisces can be evasive and difficult to pin down when they’ve been up to no good. The best way to deal with them is to simply collect the evidence as if were a court case, privately present it to them in a rational way, and threaten to take it public if they don’t shape up. After all, a worn-down Pisces will shrivel in a corner and need a clutch of allies to get their voice heard.

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