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How To Prepare For An Astrological Consultation



A good dialogue between the client and the astrologer can change the future for the client (for either participant actually) by changing his or her perception of the current situation. – Sue Tompkins, Astrological Journal, January 2000

Because a dialogue between you and your astrologer may change your future, you should be prepared for your astrological consultation. There is a better chance for a good astrological dialogue, if you know what you are looking for. Let the astrologer know what you would like to hear, and especially all the specific problems you may have in your mind. Curiosity may be as good a motivation as any for visiting an astrologer, but you’ll get a better service, if you are direct and honest about it.

Don’t ask fake questions just to check the astrologer – he or she might sense it. And even if not, it might have a negative effect. An astrologer is not a fortune-teller looking at a crystal-ball, astrology is a language that can be applied to anything, even to fake situations and fictional creatures. Anyara offers a lot of examples of fictional character profiles in Television Series.


Some astrologers see themselves mainly as information-givers. In this case you don’t have to reveal anything about yourself – which means that the astrologer does not have to confront your problems – or her or his own problems. This approach has its typical limitations. Astrologers using this approach may sometimes keep talking about their pet theories that are of no interest to you. If so, then just keep asking questions and telling the astrologer what you would like to hear instead. Otherwise you may end up with a lot of quite accurate but irrelevant information you can’t apply to anything.

For other astrologers astrological consultation is an interactive process of discovery, involving two partners. Often these astrologers try to use their expertise and information to make their clients more aware of themselves. Usually the more background information you give in interaction, the better the dialogue. Even in this approach it is often wise to ask questions and to expect the astrologer to answer them.


Remember that you have the right never to accept – or even listen to – anything that doesn’t feel right. Some young New Age type astrologers – often without much psychological expertise – may tell you that if you get appropriate information and advice – and perhaps connect with ‘divine’ energy – you can accomplish anything you desire. Don’t take them seriously. Good astrologers – like any wise people – know that this just isn’t so.

In order to avoid frustrating suggestions, you should refuse to listen such outrageous claims. Although you may reject the suggestion and forget it, your unconscious mind will remember it. Suggestions often have a nasty way of staying alive in the unconscious and working out sometimes five or ten years later. Anyway, good astrology is not about being able to control your life. It is about learning how to be yourself and how to function capably in the present, in the circumstances you live in.

Always trust your own instincts and feelings first, because whatever the astrologer says, it is just one viewpoint, another astrologer might see it otherwise. And so might you after studying some astrology, which, if you are interested in astrology, would be an excellent way to learn more about yourself. Be especially wary of an astrologer having an air of superiority and telling you what you should do. The astrologer should ask for your wishes and answer your questions, offering alternatives and ideas, but he or she should never make your decisions or try to run your life.


astrologer-coloredRemember also that a good astrologer doesn’t use karma as an easy explanation for all that happens, neither does he or she speculate on what you might have done in former lives to deserve your fate. The astrologer can’t see karma, your former lives, or your level of development in your horoscope, any such ‘interpretations’ are just wild and unreliable psychic guesses. Nothing more. Anyway, karmic speculations are only for those who specifically ask for them, you can always refuse to listen to them.

In evaluating astrologer’s words remember that besides karma there are many other things the astrologer cannot see in the horoscope. Even the worst configurations can be found in horoscopes of charming and good people, many excellent aspects in charts of people not so charming and good. In general the hardest thing in astrology is to know whether something will work out through your character or through your surroundings. You never know for sure, for instance, whether the owner of a chart will be a victim or the perpetrator of some evil deed.

Because astrology can be a very powerful tool, some inexperienced astrologers may be tempted to play God for their clients, but good astrologers know full well that they are not offering any infallible truths, they are just fallible human beings using the language of astrology the best way they can, sometimes they do an excellent job, other times they fail. You always have to use your own judgment and discrimination in evaluating what to accept and not to accept. Your astrological reading is not a gospel, not everything will be true, although a good reading may be very helpful and give you a lot to think about. Even on those points that are not so true…

Even after a very good astrological consultation – or perhaps especially after a very good consultation – you might still want to remember Lord Salisbury’s words: “If you believe the doctors, nothing is wholesome; if you believe the theologians, nothing is innocent; if you believe the military, nothing is safe.” I might add: “If you believe the astrologers, nothing is yours anymore … it is just your Saturn, or Neptune or whatever working…”

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