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humorous scorpio traits

Humorous Scorpio Traits

Finding humorous Scorpio traits may seem like a tall order, but actually there is a lot about a Scorpio to laugh about. As with any of the twelve signs of the zodiac there are quirks in the personality traits of Scorpios that can be viewed with a comical eye.

That is because while the basic cast of our personality is determined by the alignment of the planets and the stars at the moment we were born what we do to expand the basics is determined by our own personal actions and history. That is why you can take a zodiac sign, such as the brainy Scorpio and still find a lot to laugh about.

While Scorpios are very intelligent they usually lend toward one extreme or the other. For instance, they may do very well in school, be very straight laced and really have no sense of humor at all. These Scorpios are very smart in a conventional sense and often very successful.

However, because they are so straightforward they often end up as the butt of their friends practical jokes because they never would have seen it coming. On the other hand, there are Scorpios that are intelligent in other ways. They might be a musical genius or be very mechanically inclined. They might even learn over into geekdom and sacrifice their overall intellect for supreme knowledge on one topic. These Scorpios tend to me more self-aware than the former kind.

They are better able to laugh at themselves and they often have an arsenal of jokes pertaining to their subject of interest. However, even though a Scorpio thinks that he is funny, he might only be laughing with himself. Scorpio humor tends to drift outside of the mainstream. They certainly don’t like crude fart humor, but their jokes are often esoteric.

Another trait of some Scorpios that is considered to be very humorous is the incidence of Scorpios and alien abductions. Scorpio is by far the sign most commonly associated with abductions. This is because Scorpios, even when they do take themselves seriously, tend to continue to take themselves seriously regardless of any evidence to the contrary. They will continue to claim that something phenomenal happened to them even when it can’t be proved. From an outsiders point of view this can lead to very comical behavior though Scorpios certainly don’t think that they are acting funny.

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