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Home Versus Office: Your Work Performance

Home vs. officePhysical flexibility allows us to move freely and get the best out of our bodies. In theory, workplace flexibility should do the same on a corporate performance level. But does it work in practice? When it comes to the stars, one approach does not fit all.

Aries is a natural self-starter and works well independently. The Ram’s weakness is their low concentration levels, so they can tend to procrastinate when working for more than a few days away from the office. Aries has a low tolerance for others not being available exactly when they need them And as far as Aries is concerned, everyone should be working the same hours as them.

Once committed to a task, Taurus works extremely well without supervision, and is suited to working from home. They like routine and regular hours, and will replicate their office day at home. They have difficulty with change, and don’t approve when colleagues change their hours or routine. As long as they know how everyone can be contacted, Taurus will feel secure enough.

Gemini loves flexibility, but only functions well in social situations. If allowed to work from home, Gemini will still socialize on Facebook, Twitter, and will spend the day calling the office, thereby distracting everyone else and achieving little. For the sake of productivity, Gemini needs supervision. Being as flexible as they are, Gemini has no problems adapting to the flexible or changing routines of others, as long as the office isn’t completely empty.

Nest-loving Cancer is well suited to home-based work. Telecommuting allows them to balance work/life whilst keeping to regular hours and routine. Intuitive and empathetic, Cancer is able to read non-verbal signals in an email or call, and can adjust their approach accordingly. They will, however, be watching employees carefully to ensure that productivity is maintained.

The Lion likes routine and admiration, and gets both only when present in the office. Their physical presence is used to influence others, so they find telecommuting difficult. Flexible hours are also not usually supported as Leo is at his best when surrounded by their pride.

Whilst Virgo is a mutable sign, their tendency to get caught up in the detail can impact their productivity — especially if they’re working alone from home. Virgo also likes to be needed, and can’t be if not intimately involved in the everyday. Virgo will treat their colleagues working from home as absences, which need to be covered (usually by them).

Libra understands compromise better than most, but, being a social sign, requires interaction in order to achieve. Although they understand that they do not work well in isolation, they accept that their colleagues may think differently, and actively promote balanced solutions.

Although preferring the routine of regular working hours, very private Scorpio is suited to telecommuting, but tends not to do so as they can’t keep an eye on employees from a distance. Focused and competitive, Scorpio will also be mistrustful of the amount of work their employees actually do from home. If you get more emails than usual from them be careful: they will be timing your responses.

Flexible work practices will fire Sagittarius’ creative spark. Sagittarius needs to know the boundaries are there — even if they can’t see them. Telecommuting can be an opportunity to stay out later partying, start partying earlier, or recover from the effects of a big weekend. Either way, productivity will not be high.

Capricorn likes an office and enjoys the structure of 9-5, seeing no reason why this should be changed. They’re not big fans of flexible work practices, and have difficulty understanding why others wish to use them to balance work and home-life. To Capricorn, the job requires 100-percent focus and commitment. Work is work, and home should be home.

Although Aquarius is an air sign and requires the exchange of ideas with others, they’re comfortable doing this virtually. Aquarius doesn’t need to see their colleagues in order to interact. Care should be taken in teleconferences: listen to the tone of the conversation and what is not being said, as Aquarius can fail to pick up on nuances that would have been obvious in face-to-face contact.

Pisces can daydream effectively anywhere. They’re comfortable in their own space, but can just as easily build an imaginary bubble around themselves in the office. Social interaction is nice, but not necessary. Empathetic Pisces is able to intuit non-verbal cues, and change course mid-conversation. Flexible hours allow them to merge all the different facets of their life, and they can accomplish tasks effectively. They take any irregularity of colleagues’ routines in stride.

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