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The Inner Planets

Inner Planets of Astrology

The inner planets – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn – are associated with our individual identity and concerns.

These seven planets are the fastest moving planets of the solar system. They are associated with personal identity and how our personality gets expressed.. Typically, they point to parts of our personality associated with the ego and relate to our daily behavioral patterns. These planets are therefore sometimes referred to as the personal planets.

Let’s take a look at the gifts these planets offer.

  • The Sun shows what we need to feel important. The life-giving center of the solar system. The Sun represents our conscious, active life force, sense of purpose, and the person we are trying to become. It is the core of our potential and uniqueness as an individual. We acknowledge and honor our Sun when we are following our heart.
  • The Moon represents our home life and perspective. Our emotional, feeling nature. the Moon indicates female energy, ruling the sign of Cancer, which rules the breasts. It is connected to family roots and our past. When we nurture ourselves and others, we are honoring this planet.
  • Mercury shows the way we process information as well as how we communicate. Often referred to as the Winged Messenger and the Trickster, symbolizes mentality. Mercury is our intellect and mental outlook, the way we think and communicate, both verbally and non-verbally. It’s our observer, seeing and hearing what’s important to us.
  • Venus represents emotions, affection, and what we enjoy in life. The sign of love and creativity. Venus represents attraction, beauty, art, harmony, balance,and healing. It also represents our ability to relate to and attract others. And it indicates how we deal with money.
  • Mars shows our assertive and aggressive side as well as how much energy we have. The red planet, rules physical energy and action. This planet ignites our determination and passion, giving us the courage and strength to go after what we want and make things happen. Poorly placed, Mars can indicate anger, accidents, and injury.

Jupiter and Saturn, with longer orbits, are considered the social planets and influence how we relate to society.

  • Jupiter in the chart represents our ability to get a big picture perspective which relates to religion and philosophy. Jupiter also is typically known for being lucky, is the planet of luck and good fortune. Exploration and expansion are it’s focal points. Jupiter leads to growth, learning, opportunity, and freedom. Success, accomplishment, and long distance travel are ours when this planet’s light shines on us. When it doesn’t, we could get lazy and gain weight! This planet also rules over religion and philosophy.
  • Saturn by contrast shows our security desires and how we need to learn to work hard and discipline ourselves in order to deal with the difficulties of life. The slowest of the inner planets, rules the responsibilities, restrictions and limitations we encounter and the life lessons we must learn. Saturn also represents inhibition, safety, and security. By the age of 29, this planet has passed through all of the signs of the Zodiac. This passing is seen as a completion of our first round of life lessons. We are finally considered to be an adult.

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