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Interpreting the Aspects

Aspects between the planets indicate that two planetary energies are linked. The components of the psyche represented by the planets either work with or against each other depending on the aspect, but they always act together. Like Siamese twins, one doesn’t go anywhere without the other. They might pull at each other and hamper both energies.

An example is Jupiter conjunct Saturn. The expansive anything-goes attitude of Jupiter is hindered at every turn by Saturn. On the other hand, the pessimistic frugality of Saturn is also hampered. It is not a good situation for either planetary energy, because neither can fully express themselves. But the end result (depending on the maturity and awareness of the native) is often temperance, an ability to enjoy success without over-indulgence. Compare this to Jupiter conjunct Venus, which often indicates material success (or the desire for it) but also a lack of self-discipline and ambition.

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