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Get Over Job Burnout (Without Quitting) Using Your Sun Sign’s Best Quality

Job bringing you down? Use your Sun sign’s best qualities to help re-ignite your passion for work.

Aries Sun Sign

ariesChallenges are what spark your fire, so if your job is not providing them, go out and seek them yourself. You’ll be your ambitious Ram self in no time!

Taurus Sun Sign

taurusYou can easily get stuck in a rut and wonder what you’ve been doing with your time. Try making small changes in your daily routine, like a walk during lunch. You’ll be surprised at how far little shifts take you.

Gemini Sun Sign

geminiEngage your mind. Whether it’s memorizing a speech while you file, or having cutting-edge conversations with co-workers, keep your brain stimulated!

Cancer Sun Sign

cancerWhen you’re emotionally connected, you feel more alive. Assess how you feel about your job and if you’re getting what you need from it. Forging deeper bonds with co-workers can also help you feel more excited about your career.

Leo Sun Sign

leoIf you aren’t feeling creatively inspired at work, do something to change it up. Seek out opportunities that let you express yourself and support your inner artist.

Virgo Sun Sign

virgoWork is one of your greatest loves but you have a tendency to make yourself a doormat, which can lead to big-time burnout. Practice saying “no” at work and see if this inspires newfound enthusiasm.

Libra Sun Sign

libraBring beauty into your work environment and uplift your mood. A bouquet of fresh flowers, a painting that relaxes you, soothing music — all of these things can lift your Monday morning blues.

Scorpio Sun Sign

scorpioYou like intensity in your professional life, so explore and discover what tasks you feel passionate about and then fuse them into your everyday work schedule.

Sagittarius Sun Sign

sagittariusA trip can help you shift your perspective at work. Take a weekend away and assess your current position. If you’re not content, see how you might take on new challenges, or investigate your options elsewhere.

Capricorn Sun Sign

capricornYou’re able to deal with almost anything, and it’s rare that you burnout, but if you’re feeling limited, take a look at your long-term goals. Does your current position fit the plan? If not, explore your options.

Aquarius Sun Sign

aquariusYou’re good at shaking things up — maybe more often than necessary. Try sticking it out when the going gets rough and practice the art of stability. Forging new friendships at work will take the sting out of rote tasks.

Pisces Sun Sign

piscesIf you’re not using your imagination, you’re probably not fulfilled at work. If possible, add music into your daily routine. This will help you make the ordinary a little more magical, which, for you, is mandatory.

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