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JonBenet Ramsey and the House of Horrors

By all appearances the prospects of solving the JonBenet murder are notJonbenet-ramsey very good. The fact that this case has dragged on for nearly six months, with no apparent resolution or indictment is clearly indicated by the chart of the 911 call of 12/26/96, 5:52AM, Boulder CO. It was at that time that a distraught Patsy Ramsey, mother of JonBenet, found a ransom note at the foot of the stairs, saying that JonBenet had been kidnapped. (For a lengthy assessment of this chart see my first article about the case .)

The main indicators for delay, frustration and perplexing or scant clues are as follows: Mars 27′ Virgo (by its mutability complex, scattering, distressed and multi-fasceted) ruling the action (and the murderer) is disposited by a Rx Mercury 18′ Cap and applying to an out of sign opposition with Saturn 1′ Aries. An aspect, mathematically in orb, but out-of-sign, generates much greater complexity and often frustration in accomplishing its desired goal. The strongest aspect to Mars is a separating trine (by less than 1′) to Neptune (confusion, obfuscation, disguised energies). Lastly, Mars sits in an intercepted sign (Virgo). We have multiple signals here for dead ends and labyrinthine interweaving caused initially by the destruction of the murder scene, a major police error, which caused the loss of many potential clues. We have a double Mars/Saturn connotation, always indicating delay, hesitation, blockages and a slower, deliberate pace, with Mars opposing Saturn and Saturn placed in Aries. An additional factor is that the position of the murder chart Mars in Virgo is caught up in the phenomenon (every two years) of Mars Rx which had to re-trace its path causing delays, confusion, introversion rather than the typical Mars forward progress.

After the gathering, sorting, sifting and refining process of retrograde Mars in Virgo, we are about to reap real results in this case. The transits and progressions during June and July promise to illuminate much more of what actually happened on Christmas night last. Remember also that the Rx cycle of Mars is unfinished until it passes its shadow point 5′ Libra (the degree at which it made its Rx station) which takes place between 6/30-7/2/97. It is after that point, that the retrograde cycle yields the fruits of the laborious process of discovery and synthesis. In the sign Virgo, this Rx cycle focused specifically on details, trouble shooting, quality control, fine tuning and piecing separate parts together. During the actual Rx cycle it is somewhat difficult to access the final results and see the complete picture. This situation is now changing.

In my first article assessing the case (last issue of WTPE), I suggested that the murder would be solved but not without great difficulty. Let’s look a bit further for potential resolution in the 911 call chart. Mars rules H4 and the end of the matter. Saturn is conjunct the cusp of H4 and is in opposition to Mars ruler of H4. Resolution of the case will come with patterns of Mars/Saturn stimulating the 911 chart and after a long time. As of this writing (5/28/97), we are coming to a time period that triggers Mars/Saturn patterns. First, Mars will pass over the murder Mars degree for the third and final time during 6/11-15/97 then enter Libra on 6/19/97. Next it will oppose the murder Saturn at 1′ Libra conjunct the N.Node 3′ Libra by 6/28/97. Also in June, transit Saturn squares murder Mercury 18′ Rx Cap (dispositor of murder Mars 27′ Virgo) during 6/8-22/97. Transit Mars in Libra, swiftly moves to square murder Mercury (ruler of murder Mars) at 18′ Rx Cap, followed by a mundane opposition to transiting Saturn 20′ Aries, during 7/27-30/97. In this instance, Mars will rekindle the stronger aspect, Saturn square the murder Mercury, taking place in June ’97. Additionally, Mars will trigger by square the murder Moon 23′ Cancer, murder Jupiter 23′ Cap and murder Neptune 26′ Cap. Remember that Neptune is the planet in closest aspect to murder Mars in the 911 chart. We are rapidly approaching a time when further information is likely to be uncovered about this perplexing and horrific child murder. The most critical time period in June is during 6/16-23/97. Other transiting planets: Sun, Merc, Venus, Mars and the Nodes, enter the picture and reinforce the already strong patterns previously described. Slowly but surely, (Mars/Saturn) the unholy happenings of the night of December 25th, in that house of horrors, will be pieced together.

If we progress the chart of the 911 Call, we glean more information on possible change in the status of the case. The progressed Moon is of course, the quickest moving and most telling. The remaining planets and points have progressed only slightly since 12/26/96. As of the end of May 1997, the Moon is just about to reach 29′ Cancer and thereby makes an exact opposition with transiting Neptune which made a station at 29′ on 5/1/97. The progressed 911 chart Moon dances with Neptune throughout June 1997, both at 29′ Cap! There are terrible secrets left to be uncovered in this case. At the end of June, the 911 progressed Moon enters Leo, this shift from Cancer Moon to Leo Moon will illuminate the activities that took place on that fateful night.’ The Moon’s progressed position moves into orb of a trine to murder Saturn 1′ Aries and then an opposition to the murder Uranus 2′ AQ which will be exact in the following two months. The hidden secrets will come to light, the shocking truth will explode into consciousness via Moon/Uranus.

Over time, birth data (although incomplete) has surfaced about the three other “known” people who were present in the house at the time of the murder, Patsy Ramsey (mother) born 12/29/56, Parkersburg, W.VA (no time), John Ramsey (father) born 12/7/43, Okemos, MI (no time) and Burke Ramsey (brother of JonBenet) born 1/27/87, Atlanta, GA (no time). Briefly we’ll look at the most outstanding patterns and transits to the charts of these three individuals. John Ramsey’s nodal position N.Node 8′ Leo conjunct Pluto 8′ Leo is opposite to that of his daughter JonBenet’s N.Node 7′ AQ. Transiting Uranus just recently made a station at 8′ AQ on John Ramsey’s S. Node. It was during the Rx station to J. Ramsey’s nodes that he and Patsy became the most vocal in all the months since their daughter’s murder. In fact, after their long awaited interview with police, they even held a private press conference, for select local journalists, during which they pleaded their innocence. Transiting Mars 27′ Virgo was square John’s Mercury 28′ Sagg at the time of the murder. Patsy Ramsey was in her Uranus opposite Uranus transit cycle @ 6′ Leo and transiting Uranus 2′ AQ was exactly square her Neptune 2′ Scorp. Transiting Saturn 1′ Aries was opposite Patsy’s Jupiter 1′ Libra and transiting Neptune was exactly conjunct her Mercury 26′ Cap. The strongest aspect in Burke’s chart (w/out the angles) is transiting Uranus approaching his Sun 6′ AQ.

Complete birth data for JonBenet has surfaced although I am unable to completely verify the source at this time. JonBenet Ramsey was born 8/6/90, 11:56AM EDT, Atlanta, GA. For discussion of her chart, please refer to previous issue of WTPE.

Let’s reconstruct the scene. Four people supposedly went to sleep in the Ramsey family home on December 25th 1996- JonBenet, her brother Burke and parents Patsy and John Ramsey. Unless someone was “invited” into the house, there is no evidence of any intruder or intrusion. Police reports say there were no footprints in the fresh snow around the house. Whoever entered the house beyond the four family members came directly up the front walkway and through the front door either by invitation or possessing a key. It appears to have been an “inside” job. Personally, I don’t think Patsy Ramsey murdered her daughter but she knows who did. John Ramsey is much harder to gauge and also knows more than he’s telling. I tend to think that John Ramsey didn’t kill JonBenet although that only leaves Burke of the people present in the house. It would be tough to think that a 10 year old boy could be involved. Burke’s bedroom was right next to JonBenet’s and one can’t help but wonder what if anything, he heard or saw. The death of JonBenet I’m sure was an accident, the question is, what activities led up to her death and the horrible bruises to her body. Her strangulation was the accident and the further bruises to her body, as well as the ransom note, were an attempt to cover up after she was dead, in order to mislead the police.

Both JonBenet’s birth chart and the chart of the 911 call suggest that there is a strong possibility of child pornography embedded in this case. Specifically, in the 911 chart, Mars’ closest aspect is a trine to Neptune and Pluto and Venus both in Sagg occupy H12. With Neptune’s connection to film, fantasy and the salacious, it may not be far from the truth. Jupiter (ruling H1), Neptune (closest aspect to Mars) and Mercury (dispositor of Mars), Saturn (dispositor of Mercury and Neptune and next application of Mars) are the strongest characteristics of the murderer. He is a Jupiter/Neptune/Mercury/Saturn type, a controlled and hidden fantasy life or controlled fantasies involving children and the tension between expansion/contraction of Jupiter/Saturn.

A few months ago a student artist at a Denver University posted a photo exhibit of JonBenet. The title of the exhibition was, “Daddy’s Little Hooker.”


Dorothy Oja

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Dorothy’s research interests have brought her into the dark realms of two murder cases, OJ Simpson and most recently the JonBenet Ramsey case. She finds she has an appetite for astro-sleuthing! An active writer, collections of her many articles are available on request. Other specialties include: Timing/Electional work, Composite/Davison Relationship analysis.

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