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Juno- The Goddess of Soul Mates, Marriage, Love and More

Juno astrology meaningMost people think of Venus as the Goddess of Love. Yes, that is true and she does a fine job playing that role. But did you know the asteroid Juno has a similar presence in your astrology chart?

And Juno is worthy of a serious look so as to better understand your love life. Juno rules the soul mate or perhaps more importantly, what we are actual need in a soul mate or marriage partner. Juno can reveal what type of soul mate we will attract in our lives, the kind of husband or wife we need and Juno can even tell us who we are likely to have your deepest soul connection with!

Venus will tell us what type of partner we desire but Juno shows us what type of partner we actually NEED. Yes, there is a difference! Over the course of your lifetime, you probably were attracted to someone that you really wanted to be with but for one reason or another, it didn’t work out. You met someone else, made a committment and then realized you got exactly the type of person you needed in your life. You can thank Juno for that! And for some of you reading this, you may have committed to your Venus person and then realized what you really needed was your Juno person. Again, Venus creates a desire for someone, but Juno knows what your soul really needs.

When Juno moves about the heavens, she makes impact with the planets in your birth chart. If they are good aspects, Juno can bring you true love, soul mates, commitments and more. You want to be aware of Juno’s visits so you be on the look out for someone new to come into your life or if you are happily attached, Juno can create deeper and stronger bonds between you and your mate.

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