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The Jupiter Cycle

The Cycle Of Jupiter, The Lucky Planet

The cycle of Jupiter in a horoscope takes approximately 12 years to complete a full circle. Jupiter is the largest planet in the universe and has something like 63 Moon. According to the experts, Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun takes 11.86 years because of the distance from the Sun it is further away than any of the personal planets in the solar system.

According to Mythology the earliest civilizations here on earth looked at the celestial bodies in the sky as gods. Jupiter was the Roman King of the gods and so the largest planet in our solar system was named after him.

In astrology Jupiter rules the ninth house of the horoscope and the sign Sagittarius. Higher education, the law, spirituality, religion and travel either physical or in your mind is ruled by this planet. It is the planet of expansion and when the transiting Jupiter makes aspects to any of your planets in your birth chart it will activate the urge in you to grow and broaden your mind.

Jupiter the planet of The Greater Fortune

Jupiter is often called the planet of “The Greater Fortune” and in a persons chart it points out the individual’s material wealth and how it will shape a person’s philosophical way of looking at life. If Jupiter in your natal chart is well aspected it will indicate that you are an optimistic person with a lot of common sense and a jovial nature.

If Jupiter is badly aspected the person will be inclined to be extravagant and lack resolution and drive. The person with such an aspect doesn’t appreciate the blessings of Jupiter but need to learn to appreciate the good things and use the blessings of Jupiter wisely.

The cycles of Jupiter

The “Life’s a Party” cycle is brought to you by big wide wonderful Jupiter. The good news is that about every twelve years, Jupiter pays a call on you and brings all the good things with him. The better news is that about every four years Jupiter checks back in and waves his magic wand over you and makes sure you’re living the good life.

Every twelve years when Jupiter has completed a full cycle of the Sun it returns to the position it was in your birth chart. This happens every twelve years first at the age of 12 when you might become aware of the spiritual side of life and begin to wonder about what god is.

The completion of the next cycle is at the age of 24 which for many people is a time when they have completed their education whether it is a college degree or an apprentice ship and are now a skilled tradesman. Or people who missed the first cycle of learning are now deciding to broaden their mind and enrol in some form of education.

The third Jupiter cycle happens when you are 36 and as the influence of Jupiter encourage us to take steps towards expansion and generate more freedom in our lives many people use this time to make the appropriated changes. Some may venture into their own business while others feel trapped in the wrong relationship and seek their freedom in ways that gives them the freedom they require. There are people who decide to sell their house and move into the country where they will have more space and freedom and a lifestyle that suits them better.

The Jupiter cycles at ages 24, 36, 48, and 60 are excellent times for starting out on new ventures.

Jupiter the lucky planet

Jupiter is also known as the lucky planet and whenever it is transiting your Sun Sign which last about 12 month and during that time you can expect some sort of benefit in a way that you will remember for a long time. Whether it is a great holiday where you travel to a foreign country that will open your eyes to a new way of thinking, or you may pass an important examine you have been studying for, it is going to be something you will not forget in a hurry.

Many people often get married when they have a favourable Jupiter transit happening which is a great time for a marriage that will promise a good and happy marriage. The vibrations of planet Jupiter is a challenge for people to learn and grow and it is up to us to take advantages of this energy by setting goals and use the cycles of Jupiter to expand our consciousness.

The Jupiter cycle is proof positive that “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow” and it’s impossible to have too much of a good thing.

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