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What Jupiter in Leo Means For You 2014-2015

The King of the Gods Jupiter, is about to enter the sign of Leo on July 16 2014, and it’s staying there till August 2015! It would be quite handy for you to understand which house in your chart is it falling in so you can use the energy wisely.

This article helps you understand the energy of Jupiter in Leo according to its house. This is the benefit of studying Astrological transits. You become better at timing your actions, and wiser in using the energy around you. Timing is everything!!

Jupiter mythologyIf you have Jupiter in Leo natally this will mean that you are having your Jupiter return, and whichever house it falls under, you will notice the changes to be greatly magnified (usually a great improvement) more than others who do not have Jupiter in Leo natally.

Generally speaking, Jupiter in Leo is great for creativity, have fun, individualistic and self motivated activity and projects, children. So if you have a children, make sure you focus on it harder this year. It’s also great for the release of the dynamic creative energy which lives in each of us. Nice time to do dramatic arts, especially in the field of entertainment. Watch your weight during this transit!

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, and is the God who brings the opportunity and growth function, so Saturn can do his developmental principle. So he is quite happy in Leo, as his naturally fiery temperament has lots of scope in the dynamic creative function which is motivated in this sign. We will be feeling more like playing and partying and being creative after the late 2013/early 2014 time in Cancer, where we stayed at home doing renovations…on our homes and on our inner home; our emotional safety.

SLeoo creative projects which you have been brewing behind the scenes for the past few years are now ready for expression!! Autonomy is a theme here, as well as adventure and personal freedom, so any enmeshed family/relationship issues may become a problem as we seek new avenues which take us into the world. Remember to keep the home fires burning so you can have your cake and eat it too.

If you are Aries, Leo or Sagittarius (the Fire signs) then you will be busy and active during the first half of 2015. Use your sense of fresh enthusiasm to motivate and inspire others! An image here I find powerful, is of a dam wall behind which water has been building for many years, and the Universe is about to open a big valve on the flood gates to release a surge of fresh creative people and events. There are many folks who have been healing and preparing for their world work in many and various fields over the last several years. They are now ready to get on with it!

Jupiter take us forward and brings new opportunity, sometimes disguised as loss… which is why he can be such a tricky God.

For more insight think back to August 2002 to August 2003, the last time Jupiter was in Leo – what was happening in your life then?

Now onto the houses!

Sometimes Jupiter would be transiting 2 of your houses, you will notice the change once Jupiter hits the house cusp. It would be suitable to read the info on both houses.

Jupiter In Leo by Sign July 2014 to August 2015 – what does it mean for you and how can you use this energy?


This means you are Leo or late degree Cancer rising. You have probably been receiving alot of compliments on your looks!! And it is most likely a compliment that is related to you losing or gaining some weight. Jupiter in the 1st makes you look very attractive. If you are considering changing your hairstyle or attire, this can be a very good time to do it. But be careful of over eating!


Did you receive some nice amount of money or gifts recently? If you didn’t, expect to do so soon! This is a really nice transit for your business, and lucky you! Money and nice gifts will continue to flow smoothly for about a year (unless there are some malefic planets/opposing aspects, you can ask me for this one!). Just make sure you save some of the money you are getting now, since the cardinal climax is shaking up everything in our world, including finances.


If you are learning something now, it is a good time to research it further, and even find a teacher to develop your understanding some more. Also, if you are writing a book, a report or articles, its a good time to be focused on writing and you will be able to accomplish lots. Good time to get in touch and bond with your siblings.


How are things going in your home? This can be a good time to bond with your family, and host some family reunions, peferably large ones including grandparents and clan. If you are having some financial trouble, you can ask your family for some aid and there’s a great chance of them helping you out effectively. This is also a nice time to beautify the house with paintings and flowers, do some home improvements, add decorations and so forth. You may feel like you want to spend much more time at home. Can also indicate a new home altogether, especially abroad.


Excellent time for artistic endevour. Even if you don’t normally do art/music, it’s a nice time to take some classes, or try drawing or striking a tune or singing by yourself. Try to have all the fun you can have, but beware of lavishly spending money on things you dont need. Nice time to find really good deals and bargain. I believe this transit could increase your chances of winning any lottery like competition, and getting lots of discounts or things for free. Also sparks up your romantic life (if you have one), and may attract a new lover to you.


Makes you more likely to receive a promotion at work, and hopefully make things more pleasant and slow them down in the work place. This is another house that makes one prone to adding more weight (and they are so many with Jupiter in Leo!!).


If you are single and looking for someone, this could be a great time for meeting someone very charming! If you already have a partner/spouse, things can be spiced up between you. I suggest giving a gift of fine taste to your significant other, or taking them out for a nice date or dinner. Also a good time to practise art or do something artistic, such as attending music shows or art galleries, try to do that preferably with your significant other.


Can increase your finances greatly, especially if you work in banking/business management fields. Might bring you some sort of inheritence as well as increase your sexual drive. Can also make you tempremental, so try to be aware of it. Can make you very focused and gives you great intensity to work really hard and get things done.


Jupiter is in its ruling house here. Increases the chances of travelling! Great if you are thinking about taking a long vacation abroad. Also a wonderful time to further your education, as well as do some very deep reflecting and research. Could be a good time to get a master’s or PHD, as well as enrolling in classes that you have always wanted to take. May bring a new person into your life that plays the role of the teacher, and would very likely be from a different cultural background.


Creates great chances for advancements in career, especially if you have been working very hard for a long time and did not receive the acknowledgement you deserve. Expect a very favorable promotion. Also makes you appear more attractive in the eyes of others. If you want to change your job, or ask for a promotion, this is a good time.


If you have online business, expect it to flourish (if it hasn’t already)!! Great time to advertise for your goods online and joining a new community or club, also meeting new friends and people from different backgrounds (try not to be too judgemental). Try to get online more often as opportunities will be revealing themselves digitally. Also try to participate in contests online. Try to develop your friendships into something stable without being to clingy, give material gifts/food to friends to express your appreciation. Your friends can be of great material help to you, they will probably help you without you asking, if not and you are in material problems, asking them can work.


May receive good news from places you never expect. The “blessing in disguise” transit. It’s a time to invest in yourself privately and quietly. Take some time alone to meditate and get in touch with your spiritual side as this is a very spiritual transit. You can find a spiritual teacher to help you further understand metaphysics. Jupiter rules religious ritual and the 12th house rules spirituality, so maybe you would want to light up some candles or create atmospheric change during your meditative time, that would help you reach deeper thoughts.

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