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Jupiter In Scorpio 2017-2018

The King of the Gods Jupiter, is about to enter the sign of Scorpio on October 10 2017, and it’s staying there till November 9, 2018!
It would be quite handy for you to understand which house in your chart is it falling in so you can use the energy wisely. This article helps you understand the energy of Jupiter in Scorpio according to its house.


1 Jupiter Transit in Scorpio 2017-2018
2 Jupiter In Scorpio By Houses
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2.2 Jupiter in 2nd House
2.3 Jupiter in 3rd House
2.4 Jupiter in 4th House
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2.6 Jupiter in 6th House
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2.8 Jupiter in 8th House
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How Jupiter Transit in Scorpio (2017-2018) will affect you!

jupiterEvery year, mighty Jupiter, the largest and luckiest planet in the Solar System, changes from one sign to the next, luring us into new and foreign territory and bringing us plenty of opportunities to expand our views and our boundaries.

In astrology, Jupiter known as the greater benefic (bestows good things upon us). There was a reason I chose such an old-fashioned word—bestow—it implies that we are presented something valuable and undeserved. Jupiter is a planet of great expectations and represents growth and expansion. With Jupiter we expect to win the lottery and when that great promotion or the increased income is bestowed upon us, we feel let-down because we didn’t get those millions.

Jupiter is in a way the most mysterious of planets, while Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and the inner planets all have very specific effects and reputations, the Jupiter effect often remains misunderstood and vague. Often it is called the planet of good luck – but one of the questions I hear the most as an astrologer is, “Jupiter is in my relationship sector – but I haven’t had any luck at all!”

Well Jupiter is more complex than that. Jupiter after all is the Roman equivalent of Zeus – the god of gods – so this planet is powerful in many subtle yet forceful ways. It conveys religiousness in a pagan sense: think about making things bigger, blowing them up (Jupiter is the gas giant!) and taking things to mythic proportions that otherwise would not be. Jupiter, as it is such a gaseous planet, must be interpreted always keeping in mind the sign which it will be in, which will greatly colour its transit.

What Jupiter promises or leads us to believe this year and what he brings depends on what area is affected for each sign. However, with Jupiter the concept to remember is expansion and growth. What is expanded, emphasized and made ‘bigger’ depends on the connections. Those grand expectations are the realm of Jupiter, we always want more, for example most of us cannot just have one piece of chocolate or one glass of wine—the controlling of our appetites for food, treats and possessions belongs to the realm of Saturn. It may be somewhat helpful that Saturn is travelling through Jupiter’s territory–read more about that with horoscopes for each sign.

Jupiter’s entrance into the intense, secretive sign of Scorpio on October 10, 2017 marked the beginning of a thirteen-month period of exploring and confronting the complex mysteries of life and death, as well as the dark canyons deep within us. Jupiter tends to exaggerate aspects of a sign, and so it will with the qualities of Scorpio. Jupiter has taken the plunge in search of wisdom, truth, and untapped resources that have been lurking in the shadows. We can use this probing, investigative energy to understand and heal buried issues that we have been rejecting.

The magnetism and healing power of Jupiter in Scorpio is a powerful force for change. It has the strength to move us through this alchemical process of transforming something from the deepest recesses of our being and ascending beyond our present state of consciousness.

Jupiter in Scorpio brings everything to do with war, death and regeneration to the spotlight – one of the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle saw the war in the Balkans and the Rwandan Massacre. But it also offers hope, such as many breakthroughs in nuclear peace talks and weapons reduction.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, we can look to a revamping of our intelligence services, and perhaps some murder trials that take on the public imagination and become a national phenomenon (think OJ, the Menendez Brothers, Lana Turner’s daughter who killed her gangland boyfriend, the Black Dahlia Murder, and many more).

Random acts of violence also take on star quality, as the Tanya Harding – Nancy Kerrigan figure skating scandal showed. Also Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin were all victims of a Jupiter in Scorpio cycle. Scorpio has a way of making death fascinating and regenerative, as opposed to frightening, to the collective unconscious; these are all things that somehow unite us and define us as a nation or a people, even in their gruesomeness.

Scorpio, you’re currently the cosmic favorite, and you are in a position to achieve life-changing breakthroughs and make promising new beginnings. You’re unstoppable now!

Jupiter also shows favor to the signs of Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, and Virgo by presenting similar opportunities for assistance, financial gain, leadership and personal achievement, rewards and recognition, increased powers of intuition, and the strengthening of metaphysical or religious beliefs. This easy flowing, fortunate energy must be consciously activated, though, so these opportunities don’t pass by unnoticed.

Jupiter’s 13-month transit through the fixed sign of Scorpio can be stressful for the other fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo). Unless there is optimum control of the appetites and behavior, complications can arise from sensual pursuits, obsessive or manipulative behavior, devious money tactics, overly-ambitious actions, overdoing and overestimating what is possible, or extreme craving for control and misuse of power.

The first few months of this cycle can be particularly challenging for the fixed signs. Problems and issues must be addressed, and old ways of doing things must change. This demands right action, a change of perspective, digging deeper to understand the greater meaning of who you are, and the elimination of stubborn, self-defeating attitudes. It is a frustrating few months for the fixed signs, but patience and effort can bring extraordinary achievements!

For all signs, this mixture of energies can be either beneficial or damaging, depending on the motivations behind the application of Jupiter’s abundant blessings and good fortune and Scorpio’s considerable insight and power.

On the positive side, we can choose to use this energy to tap into our inner wealth and spiritual power for the good of all. At its most negative extreme, greedy lust for outer wealth and power can lead to the exploitation of others. Free will permits us to choose the Jupiter in Scorpio energy for better or for worse. If we navigate this alchemical process wisely, an important segment of our lives will be purged, purified, and transformed by the time Jupiter exits Scorpio in November 2018.

If you have Jupiter in Scorpio natally this will mean that you are having your Jupiter return, and whichever house it falls under, you will notice the changes to be greatly magnified (usually a great improvement) more than others who do not have Jupiter in Scorpio natally.

For more insight think back to October 26, 2005 to November 23, 2006, the last time Jupiter was in Scorpio – what was happening in your life then?

Now onto the houses!

I am always cautious of simplifying houses, you could easily write an entire book on each one. But for the sake of simplicity I have included very simple write ups for each one below. Check out what house Scorpio is in, in your natal chart, to see the nature of the expansion that will come with Jupiter entering Scorpio.

Sometimes Jupiter would be transiting 2 of your houses, you will notice the change once Jupiter hits the house cusp. It would be suitable to read the info on both houses.

The house can be seen as the playing field and the transiting planet (Jupiter in Scorpio) is the player.

What is posted below is in isolation, in order to fully understand the impact the Jupiter in Scorpio transit will have to look at your entire natal chart and all of your transits.

Jupiter In Scorpio By Houses – What does it mean for you and how can you use this energy?

Jupiter in the 1st House (Scorpio Sun Sign or Rising Sign)

1st House – personality, the part of you that you are most comfortable with other people seeing (unless your sun is opposing or squaring the AC or a big chunk of the sign is in the 12th house. It also shows the types of events and activities that you are most likely to attract and your first reaction to any situation.

This means you are Scorpio or late degree Libra rising. You have probably been receiving alot of compliments on your looks!! And it is most likely a compliment that is related to you losing or gaining some weight. Jupiter in the 1st makes you look very attractive. If you are considering changing your hairstyle or attire, this can be a very good time to do it. But be careful of over eating!

Jupiter is in your sign from October 10 2017, and it’s staying there till November 2018!. Optimism increases and life becomes exaggerated. Little things gain significance and the big ones become larger than life. It’s a good year once you become accustomed to this new perspective. Remember the story about the “Little Engine that could” … that describes the year for you. As long as you keep repeating, I think I can, you suddenly can!

Make the most of this year, because it is what you make it! This is an ideal time to take the initiative, begin something that feels rewarding to you. It might be an ideal time to consider higher education, to pursue a diploma, degree and even publishing your writing.

Pay attention to your diet, it is easier to indulge and help yourself to another piece of pie, another bar of chocolate—thus easy to pack on extra weight.

Example of Jupiter’s influence: If Scorpio is in the 1st house then Jupiter in Scorpio transit will likely focus the light on you, bring you public attention, it may put you in a position where you have increased access to power and privilege, and allow you to become increasingly comfortable with who you are in the world and allow you to expand your social circles.

Jupiter in the 2nd House (Libra Sun Sign or Rising Sign):

2nd House – your resources (what abilities/qualities allow you to survive in the world), your sober second thought (how you process events after the initial shock/surprise/newness wears off), your physical body and physical home.

Did you receive some nice amount of money or gifts recently? If you didn’t, expect to do so soon! This is a really nice transit for your business, and lucky you! Money and nice gifts will continue to flow smoothly for about a year (unless there are some malefic planets/opposing aspects, you can ask me for this one!). Just make sure you save some of the money you are getting now, since the cardinal climax is shaking up everything in our world, including finances.

Now that Jupiter is in Scorpio, pay attention to money matters, the tendency to over-extend is strong during these 12 months (October 2017-November 2018). When it comes to material things all needs and wants tend to become “have to have” or “I am worth it”. Time becomes a luxury as the year progresses and you may have to learn to say “no” once in a while. Prioritize after you have assessed what is important and valuable to you.

This is an excellent time to make solid progress with investments and savings—hold onto what you have acquired—it isn’t about what we earn but what we manage to save. Make friends with the concept of budgeting.

Example of Jupiter’s influence: If Scorpio is in the 2nd house then Jupiter in Scorpio transit shows increased public attention and publicity could lead to an increase in financial resources. You may also want to watch your spending because Jupiter likes the high life and moving into the second house you may find yourself spending in excess and as a result incurring debt. You may also want to watch your intake of food, Jupiter likes excess and the second house, ruled by Taurus, likes the pleasure of a good meal.

Jupiter in the 3rd House (Virgo Sun Sign or Rising Sign):

3rd House – thought, communication, your analytical mind, your ability to apply logical reasoning. The power of this house allows you to think critically and make informed decisions.

If you are learning something now, it is a good time to research it further, and even find a teacher to develop your understanding some more. Also, if you are writing a book, a report or articles, its a good time to be focused on writing and you will be able to accomplish lots. Good time to get in touch and bond with your siblings.

Expand your horizons this year (October 2017-November 2018). Discover your immediate neighbourhood; learn a new skill or two. You have a busy year ahead with a need to learn to communicate effectively. You have emotions, feelings, needs and desires, when did you talk about them last? Write, communicate, sing —work those vocal chords rigid schedules this year; learn to be more flexible and adaptable. It’s not what you are given but what you do with it that ultimately matters.

Spend time with sisters/brothers, sign up for a course in something that has always interested you. Take short trips, explore!

Example of Jupiter’s influence: If Scorpio is in the 3rd house then the Jupiter in Scorpio transit will likely bring you huge expansion in learning, critical thought and ability to apply and contextualize information. This is a great time to start a book/blog etc.

Jupiter in the 4th House (Leo Sun Sign or Rising Sign):

4th House – your inner self, your family, your emotional body, your relationship with your nurturing parent.

How are things going in your home? This can be a good time to bond with your family, and host some family reunions, peferably large ones including grandparents and clan. If you are having some financial trouble, you can ask your family for some aid and there’s a great chance of them helping you out effectively. This is also a nice time to beautify the house with paintings and flowers, do some home improvements, add decorations and so forth. You may feel like you want to spend much more time at home. Can also indicate a new home altogether, especially abroad.

Home, family and extended family become bigger than life. Your home may feel like the “grand central station with a revolving door”. Make it cozy and comfortable as you may want to spend so much more time there. This year (October 2017-November 2018) you are the source of solace and comfort for so many. It’s a great year to learn to know yourself more intimately as well. You may even find yourself moving, as you crave for bigger and better, or simply lots of room to roam.

A great project for the year would be to create a family album or tree, research your ancestry or re-connect with family members at large. You could be placing grand expectations on yourself and/or members of your family; keep those realistic and avoid being critical of others and self.

Example of Jupiter influence: If Scorpio is in the 4th house then you find safety in being seen, but with Jupiter in the very internalized 4th house in all likelihood your journey will be within, to see who you are and who you are capable of being. Jupiter in Scorpio here could also bring expansion of your family, you might be adding a few folks to your tribe.

Jupiter in the 5th House (Cancer Sun Sign or Rising Sign):

5th House – creativity, children, pleasure seeking pursuits, performance, short term romantic relationships.

Jupiter in Scorpio is a excellent time for artistic endevour. Even if you don’t normally do art/music, it’s a nice time to take some classes, or try drawing or striking a tune or singing by yourself. Try to have all the fun you can have, but beware of lavishly spending money on things you dont need. Nice time to find really good deals and bargain. I believe this transit could increase your chances of winning any lottery like competition, and getting lots of discounts or things for free. Also sparks up your romantic life (if you have one), and may attract a new lover to you.

Love and romance, creative endeavours and pleasant pastimes — just sing “I can overcome anything now”! This is your year (October 2017-November 2018) to have fun and to enjoy life. Get totally immersed in pursuits that fuel your soul, and it’ll be a breeze to take care of your responsibilities.

Children’s lives may be a big part of the year, stay optimistic and focus on the future, don’t get caught in the “web of current dilemmas”. The written word flows readily — if you’ve always wanted to write — this is the year. Communication channels, especially involving your feelings and emotions are wide open once again, resolve those issues.

Example of Jupiter’s influence: If Scorpio is in the 5th house then Jupiter in Scorpio transit could help to propel your creations into the outside world and give you the ability to prosper from them. It could bring fun, pleasurable relationships into your life, provide opportunities for you to take the stage (literally) and make your mark on the artistic world and it could bring new children into your family.

Jupiter in the 6th House (Gemini Sun Sign or Rising Sign):

6th House – your day to day life (usually your work life), service to others, connection to your community (through service).

Jupiter in Scorpio makes you more likely to receive a promotion at work, and hopefully make things more pleasant and slow them down in the work place. This is another house that makes one prone to adding more weight (and they are so many with Jupiter in Scorpio!!). You’ll be working hard while Jupiter is in Scorpio. The rewards may not be immediate, but overall very rewarding.

Sometimes Jupiter teaches us lessons—this one in adaptability, if you have mastered that one— this is a great year of new opportunities. This is a perfect time to build your skill set. Health and vitality look great; don’t over-indulge when it comes to food.

This is a great year for renovating your life-style, finding a healthy diet, etc. During this somewhat busy year, you are likely to be working with new co-workers and being more service-oriented than usual. Try to remember that you also need leisure time and avoid overworking.

Example of Jupiter’s influence: If Scorpio is in the 6th house, then Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018 could be a time where you are magnetic to powerful people and where your light is shining bright in your work life. It could also bring opportunities for you to make a significant difference in the world and meet others who will help you on this journey.

Jupiter in the 7th House (Taurus Sun Sign or Rising Sign):

7th House – intimate relationships (close friendships and romantic relationships).

If you are single and looking for someone, Jupiter in Scorpio could be a great time for meeting someone very charming! If you already have a partner/spouse, things can be spiced up between you. I suggest giving a gift of fine taste to your significant other, or taking them out for a nice date or dinner. Also a good time to practise art or do something artistic, such as attending music shows or art galleries, try to do that preferably with your significant other.

Partnerships, business ventures, and relationship matters in general, are bigger and more important and at times all-encompassing from while Jupiter is in Scorpio. Everyone has advice to offer, whether you asked for it or not. If you like meeting new people and exposure to new ideas this is a great year. Be choosy when it comes to opportunities flowing your way, as you know a hunch or a feeling just isn’t a good enough reason to commit to a venture or undertaking.

Once every twelve years we have a year when we can truly grow our relationships, welcome new people into our lives and feel enriched by the opportunities presented to us. This is also one of those years when we receive more help and assistance from others.

Example of Jupiter’s influence: If Scorpio is in the 7th house then Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018 could be a year of massive expansion when it comes to your social circle, this transit will bring new life/optimism/joy into your friendships and new people into your life.

Jupiter in the 8th House (Aries Sun Sign or Rising Sign):

8th House – sexually intimate relationships, death, disease, illness, obsession, social taboos, your shadows.

Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018 can increase your finances greatly, especially if you work in banking/business management fields. Might bring you some sort of inheritence as well as increase your sexual drive. Can also make you tempremental, so try to be aware of it. Can make you very focused and gives you great intensity to work really hard and get things done.

Money, investments and joint resources are in for a boost. Take a rational, conservative approach rather than follow hunches and you’ll come out ahead. This is not a get rich year, although inheritance is more likely this year than another. Joint resources can also mean that your spouse is earning more. The biggest event might be remodelling the bathroom; everything is relative to your situation.

This may be a marriage year, or a welcome boost in boudoir activities. You also need to stay completely honest and open with your significant other. There are some secrets we cannot afford to keep, if we want to keep the relationship. You can become a little obsessive over matters you find interesting, just avoid getting totally lost in them.

It is time to approach those inevitable issues in life—taxes, mortgages, loans, investments, plumbing (inside the house and inside our bodies). Both common sense and logic are required; it may mean setting aside things you would rather be doing in order to sort some of these things out.

Example of Jupiter’s influence: If Scorpio is in the 8th house then Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018 could be a time of increasing the intensity of life in general. You’re being asked to look within yourself and heal. This may also be a time of sexual exploration and new sexual relationships or existing sexual relationships become more prominent and significant in your life.

Jupiter in the 9th House (Pisces Sun Sign or Rising Sign):

9th House – belief, quests, your desire for exploration and expansion out into the world. Your desire to experience life in all of it’s complexity. Your ability to discover the self from your experiences of others.

Jupiter is in its ruling house here and increases the chances of travelling! Great if you are thinking about taking a long vacation abroad. Also a wonderful time to further your education, as well as do some very deep reflecting and research. Could be a good time to get a master’s or PHD, as well as enrolling in classes that you have always wanted to take. May bring a new person into your life that plays the role of the teacher, and would very likely be from a different cultural background.

Great expectations during this busy year filled with new experiences! Some of the more realistic ones are likely to be realized this year (October 2017-November 2018). While trying to move toward future and new goals, view new vistas, the past and its comfortable, familiar ways provide such an easy out. Stay true to yourself; follow the path that takes you where you have wanted to arrive for years.

Sow the seeds for harvesting in later in 2018-2019. With Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018 is a great time to venture out there to learn something new about the part of life that does not exist in the familiar neighbourhood of our daily existence. Think less in terms of I can’t do that and more in terms of why not, what’s the harm in trying. This year has great potential for solid success.

Example of Jupiter’s influence: Jupiter is very much at home in the 9th house. If Scorpio is in the 9th house then Jupiter in Scorpio transit could bring opportunities to see new cultures, travel, and great opportunities for advancement in the academic world. If you work in a university or college this placement could bring significant advancements in your career.

Jupiter in the 10th House (Aquarius Sun Sign or Rising Sign):

10th House – how you are seen at a societal level. Your social status, how someone would describe you to someone that you had never met. Persistence, patience, responsibility, integrity.

Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018 creates great chances for advancements in career, especially if you have been working very hard for a long time and did not receive the acknowledgement you deserve. Expect a very favorable promotion. Also makes you appear more attractive in the eyes of others. If you want to change your job, or ask for a promotion, this is a good time.

Career, social standing and relations with authority figures are of prime importance this year (October 2017-November 2018). If you’ve played your cards right now the reward and acclaim are yours. Don’t expect something for nothing this year. You’ll be rewarded for the effort you have put in.

Negativity is also a “returnable” item. During this time you are addressing career matters and assessing your accomplishments, as well as things grouped under the word status. I am not talking only of reaching the top rung on the corporate ladder, but also the changes we experience throughout life, those milestones during which we graduate from school/university, become parents, get married, become single again, get promotions, learn to handle our dealings with authority figures, which begin with parents, then teachers, bosses, governmental bodies, etc.

This area of life, astrologically speaking, represents the best we can be in terms of contribution to our family, community, country or the world. This is the zenith point based on the sun sign, that astrologers view with care to determine our worldly success, our climb on the corporate ladder or the ladder of life experiences. It is a great time to reap rewards from solid work and effort, work solidly toward attaining new rewards and goals, and putting our best foot forward. The connection is challenging, there are extra demands you are placing on yourself—keep those expectations realistic.

Example of Jupiter’s influence: If Scorpio is in the 10th house then Jupiter in Scorpio transit could bring great opportunities to increase your status in the world, in your community or globally. Look for opportunities to speak publicly, perform or get yourself onto a stage; lady luck is pointing right at you.

Jupiter in the 11th House (Capricorn Sun Sign or Rising Sign):

11th House – goals and dreams and the people/situations that can make those dreams come true.

If you have online business, expect it to flourish (if it hasn’t already)!! Great time to advertise for your goods online and joining a new community or club, also meeting new friends and people from different backgrounds (try not to be too judgemental). Try to get online more often as opportunities will be revealing themselves digitally. Also try to participate in contests online.

Try to develop your friendships into something stable without being to clingy, give material gifts/food to friends to express your appreciation. Your friends can be of great material help to you, they will probably help you without you asking, if not and you are in material problems, asking them can work.

Grand plans for the future! Rediscover your ambitions, aspirations and dreams for the future. This is a busy, eventful and remarkable year (October 2017-November 2018). You will be dealing with groups, friends and reconnecting with your personal goals and aspirations.

The downside during Jupiter in Scorpio can be that there are far too many ideas waiting for you to create concrete, real results. However, it is time to roll up the sleeves to realize something rewarding with one of your ideas—something you can be proud of.

Your social life is likely to be busy now. This is a natural time to meet new people, perhaps forming a long lasting bond. It is also an ideal time to network. Now is also the time to address long-range goals—five year plans—where would you like to see yourself five years from now? There is great support for your aspirations this year. Strike while the ‘iron’ is hot. Stay true to yourself; follow the path that takes you where you have wanted to arrive for years.

Example of Jupiter’s influence: Jupiter is the kingmaker and he is sitting in the house of dreams. If Scorpio is in the 10th house then if you use this energy wisely, it can be a catalyst to bring your dreams into reality. Do the work, make intuitive choices and you can ride a wave of properity. It’s your time in the sun, don’t waste it.

Jupiter in the 12th House (Sagittarius Sun Sign or Rising Sign):

12th House – “the wound in the place that the light enters” your subconscious mind, your inner wounding, that which you are afraid to see and that which you are afraid to show others.

With Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018 you may receive good news from places you never expect. The “blessing in disguise” transit. It’s a time to invest in yourself privately and quietly. Take some time alone to meditate and get in touch with your spiritual side as this is a very spiritual transit. You can find a spiritual teacher to help you further understand metaphysics. Jupiter rules religious ritual and the 12th house rules spirituality, so maybe you would want to light up some candles or create atmospheric change during your meditative time, that would help you reach deeper thoughts.

A guardian angel watching over you, what could be more perfect? Stay focused on that silver lining, because no matter what the year brings, there is always a positive outcome. This is the year to get re-acquainted with your own inner workings, pay attention to your dreams, learn meditation or simply escape to a quiet place to contemplate life.

Attempts to force an outcome aren’t favoured, learn to trust also stop postponing the inevitable. Plant a seed for something that will grow with the years, be it a tree, a savings bond, baby or an educational degree. Beginning November 9, 2018 Jupiter will be in your sign for a year, and growth of whatever you have seeded is guaranteed. The role of Jupiter is to expand; it is up to you to germinate something that you wish to expand.

This year (October 2017-November 2018) you are more likely to have surprising, ‘out of the blue’ opportunities, are you ready to seize them? Luck happens when opportunity meets with preparedness.

Example of Jupiter’s influence: Jupiter in Scorpio in the 12th house is pushing you inward into your subconscious and asking you to look at all of the things you are hiding from the world and from yourself. Jupiter in Scorpio transit 2017-2018 also marks a time of profound connection to the spiritual world, your spiritual abilities will be at an all time high!

May the journey out of the darkness into the light be time well spent!

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