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Jupiter (the Roman name) or Zeus (the Greek name) is the prevailing God of the Pantheon. As such, he symbolizes possibility and vision. It is from his head that Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, is born. Jupiter is the son of Saturn. In fact, he is the only surviving child after his father, Saturn, devours all of his children in his attempt to not lose control of his power and authority. Saturn the planet with rings, and the farthest planet visible to the naked eye is associated with perceived limitation.

Raphael:Venus and Jupiter

Raphael:Venus and Jupiter

Jupiter is called the God of luck and possibility, because when his father, Saturn, devours the children, he does it in fear, but Jupiter survives and eventually takes over after Saturn. Saturn, the father of Jupiter, is associated with the rational linear left-brain, while Jupiter is associated with the right brain, the intuitive part of the brain, which hears music and sees colors.

In Viking lore, Jupiter is known as Thor, the God of thunderbolts. The day of the week we call Thursday is named after Thor, or Jupiter, and is the day of the week most associated with expansion. Jupiter in a company chart signifies the company’s ability to have a grand vision and
expand. Where it is placed is where they have the most return for their efforts, and where they are most gifted and protected. It is an indicator of the capacity to work with people beyond the known culture. Since Jupiter is associated with the ninth house of the natural zodiac, which includes foreign cultures and foreign belief systems, a strong Jupiter in a company or career chart could indicate business involvement on a world platform.

In the new global marketplaces, any companies or individuals that have a strong Jupiter signature may be perfectly suited to work in such things as international travel, international marketing and trade, publishing, both nationally and internationally. A company with this marking could be known for its open views and hiring practices. There may be a great deal of legal involvement or use of legal practices as part of the products or services.

In your chart, it is where you are lucky and fortunate and where you hold grand visions or where the grand visions hold you. This area of the chart is where you hold your idealism and where you may profit handsomely if you harness and work with the challenges of your Saturn.

Brain Teaser

Watch the stock market during times of big Jupiter transits. Note the sign that Jupiter is transiting for the marketplace to be flooded with the things that that sign rules. Does there seem to be a lot more interest or is there an oversupply of the products which that sign rules? For example, when Jupiter transits the sign of Pisces, there is more oil and petroleum but is it over-priced or in demand? When Jupiter transits the sign of Cancer does the price of housing go up or down? Is there a glut on the market of over-priced houses?

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Georgia Stathis, professional astrologer from Pleasant Hill, CA, works with individuals in helping them draw out these aspects of the self so that a more fertile field of possibility in relationship emerges. She is author of Starcycles calendars and appointment books. She has an M.B.A. degree, and her latest book is Business Astrology 101. She lectures widely on such topics as mythology, relationships, and the correlations of planetary cycles with history and future possibilities.

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