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What is Karma?

Karma is the unfinished business of past lives seen through the Soul’s Eyes. We have no way of knowing EXACTLY the specifics (names, dates, etc.) of what, when and where we were in the past. This is a rare case, the one where someone identifies a home, lineage, gave sites, buildings that can be identified and researched. The Soul evolves though learning on the Earth School. There are many personalities and many learning experiences needed for the soul to master life on earth.

The Soul generally incarnates around the same families or subjects that help gain the experience it needs. This can be a positive, negative, or neutral experience, and often has no rhyme or reason to the human system of logic. When we have done good deeds in the past lives, rather than being rewarded, we might be on a path of INITIATION which calls for overcoming of even greater hardships. Many people try to rationalize a simple explanation by a direct contrast to past lives…it is much more difficult and complex than that. We will never know, the SOUL may know much on the inner planes, what is the
reason for our sufferings or rewards.

On our planet, at this time, there are many more advanced souls than at the time of some of the ancient writings, even those who wrote THE SECRET DOCTRINE, The Bible, Alice Bailey Series. We have generations born since the 40’s who are building consciousness levels after each generation, becoming more evolved, and more on the path of DISCIPLESHIP…the study of disciplines the soul needs to experience in order to go on into the Hierarchy of Souls who are master teachers on the OTHER SIDE.

A part of all of each one of us in a continuum of our soul experience. If you imagine a single vibrational star that is your Soul…and as it shines on earth, thousands of personalities evolve from that one star, staying within the vibration of that shining light. We are only a part of our STAR…, OUR SOUL….When we REMEMBER OUR PAST we are literally trying to see into our STAR LIGHT…and only we can see that and remember that…no one else can do it for us. Hence when you are feeling in the LIGHT and feeling CENTERED it is usually because you are making contact with your SOUL PURPOSE.

Our lesson on this EARTH SCHOOL is to find out what our SOUL PURPOSE is.. Each of us uses a different method to get to that purpose, I Ching, Tarot, Meditation, Chanting, Healing, Astrology, Theology and Psychic intuition…or we may be adept at using all of the divination methods…whatever works to get to the INNER SELF …to get in touch with the SOUL…ONLY THROUGH THE INWARD JOURNEY CAN WE REACH OUR SOULS!!!! Not through other people…not through our external activities, but , only through reflection into SELF.

This is a hard concept to practice because it is much easier for us to distract our energy by focusing on relationship, material concerns, children, health, counseling others, everyone else’s external realities. But when do you really get around to focusing just on YOU and your Life and Death on this planet…..YOU WILL HAVE TO ANSWER TO YOUR SOUL…not to someone else s. IF YOU TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND LOOK INWARDLY, PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE ALL ABOUT…IN THIS LIFE.

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