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Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey and the Violation of Childhood

What is it about America that we have to masquerade our little girls and makeJonbenet-ramsey them into miniature sex princesses, complete with lipstick, make-up, flirty clothes and sexual mannerisms. The pictures of JonBenet Ramsey dressed up to mimic a grown woman are horrifying. Yes, she was an absolutely beautiful child but why deprive her of her innocence and her carefree childhood? Why portray her as a sexual object at age six? Some cases capture the national attention, mainly due to the archetypes that are evoked.

In this case we have the destruction of childhood, violation of innocence and vicious abuses of power for brutal and selfish purposes. Yet again we have a case that taps into the collective unconscious and this one exposes the warped understandings we have about sexuality in America.

From the chart of the 911 call, made by Patsy Ramsey, mother of JonBenet, at 5:52AM on December 26, 1996, Boulder, CO, we can gather important information about the murderer of this bright little light abruptly and brutally snuffed out. The answer is always in the chart, if only we know how to interpret and read it properly.

Let’s look at the position and condition of Mars, the action, the murderer, the perpetrator of the brutal act and what its position will reveal to us. Mars sits at 27′ Virgo in H9. Indications for the murderer are that he is likely to be slender, clever, agile, Mercurial (Mercury rules Virgo) possibly a younger man. It is possible that the murderer is a teacher, minister, skilled worker or a student. Virgo often indicates the skilled worker, thinker, writer, craftsman, religious person and H9 is universities, places of learning. Was it someone who gave JonBenet dance lessons (Mars trine Neptune) or helped her with her stage routines? Mars is in a dual bodied sign (Virgo ruled by Mercury) trine a dual body planet, Neptune which could indicate two perpetrators or a network (Neptune/Cap) of some kind (entertainment/film is indicated by Neptune). Mars is leaving a trine to Neptune in Capricorn which seems to indicate the murderer sought to cleverly disguise his act, his intention, his identity and divert attention elsewhere. This perhaps was accomplished by the ransom note which refers to John Ramsey, the father’s former miltiary experience (Virgo) and coincidentally mentions the exact amount of a bonus, $118,000 dollars, John Ramsey had already received through his company earlier in 1996, for the year 1995.

I feel the ransom note was an afterthought and that JonBenet was not meant to be killed. Mars in Virgo shows desire for precision but with Jupiter ruled Sag rising and Pluto in Sag, the “game” went too far. Jupiter at 23′ Cap is exactly opposed to Moon 23′ Cancer in H8, rules the ASC and is involved in the separating trine (with Neptune 26″ Cap) to Mars 27′ Virgo in H9. Jupiter in Cap and in this configuration says that excessive restraint can produce suffocation physically (as in this case) and metaphorically. With Mars posited in H9, the murderer probably is at a far distance from the scene of his crime. He was meticulous and some say repentant, since he wiped the child’s body before he left and covered her with a blanket.

Mercury the dispositor of Mars in Virgo, is posited in Capricorn in H2 and is retrograde. We could deduce the murderer comes from an established, prestigious family and has money or the murderer is associated with a prestigious or well organized establishment. Although Mercury is close to Jupiter in Capricorn, it will never reach a conj. with Jupiter because of its Rx action. My sense of this is that the information that comes out of this case is first of all difficult to assess and eventually will yield very surprising, even shocking information. The stellium of 3 Capricorn planets and 1 in AQ in H2 puts great emphasis on money, pleasure and physical comforts. Chiron in Libra in H10 square Neptune in Cap H2, is this beauty for sale?

Jupiter is the ruler of H1, which is also the province of the perpetrator (initiation/identification of action) and brings us back to H2 Jupiter’s location and conj Mercury Rx and Mercury being the dispositor of Mars in Virgo. The Mercury Rx as ruler of Mars in Virgo creates incredible complexity and confusion, with many wrong turns, as in a maze (blind alleys), before this crime is solved. Neptune trine Mars also speaks of the intricacies of this case and the obfuscation, even the silence of the police as they conduct the investigation.

Following is an excerpt for the Sabian symbol for 27′ Virgo (rounded up to 28′) from the Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones: “The keyword is DOMINANCE. When positive, the degree is accomplishment through a completeness of self-mastery and a rigid control of others, and when negative, a sadistic sophistication.” No further comment is necessary!

The child would have had to be murdered sometime between the time she went to bed on Christmas night (on the second floor of the house) reported to be 9PM and about 5:30AM the next morning. The parents supposedly retired for the night (on the third floor of the house) shortly after putting the children to bed because they were planning to fly out of town early the next day, to go to their vacation home. The murderer had to have been quite agile, quick and quiet to know where the child’s bedroom was, take her from her bed, torture her with a ligature, murder her, make several drafts of the ransom note and make his exit sometime between the hours of 10-11PM and 5:30AM. Who would be in the house at that time, familiar with its layout and JonBenet’s bedroom, during that window of time and have easy entry to the house, perhaps been given a key? Would a “disgruntled employee” (conclusion reached by an expert murder investigator hired by the Ramseys) really seek to commit this act on Christmas day night and how would he know the layout of the house? It appears the murderer would have to be either a family member, familiar with details only family or someone very close (and trusted) to the family would know about. The house alarms were inoperative that night!

Saturn 1′ Aries conj the S.Node and IC 3′ Aries disposes of all the Capricorn planets in H2 and leads us right back to Mars (dispositor of Saturn in Aries). It points to a well organized situation/action.

Clues will be found in the details, the ransom note (Mars in Virgo), the fibers from the cloth used to wipe JohnBenet’s body, the rope around her neck and wrist and sexual fluids evidence. Early March 1997, word was released that skin cells were found under the fingernails of JonBenet, indicating she scratched her killer as she fought for her life.

When Mars returns by way of retrograde to 27′ Virgo on 3/13-17/97, the degree placement of the murder Mars, the police will probably have more of the pieces of the puzzle figured out and may in fact be closer to indicting a suspect. Following Mars’ re-tracing of its path, the Sun/Pisces opposes the murder Mars and conjuncts the murder Saturn at 1′ Aries , S. Node conj. IC at 3′ Aries , as does Venus, both between 3/17-25/97. Finally when Mars returns to the murder degree for the third time in direct motion from 6/11-15/97 we will have still more of the puzzle, hopefully a suspect and the full gruesome story.

JonBenet’s natal chart, August 6, 1990, Boulder, CO (calculated for 12 noon as no time is available) can reveal the causes of injury as well as potential perpetrators. With her natal Mars in Taurus (part of an intense fixed grand cross), she suffered injury to the throat and neck area (Nicole Brown Simpson also held the position, Mars in Taurus). JonBenet’s Mars in Taurus opposes Pluto in Scorp and squares her Sun/Leo opposite Moon/AQ. She was described by many as unusual and a bright light, easily exemplified by her full Moon Leo/AQ opposition and evidently she had to do battle with the powers of darkness and unconscious forces and desires. A Mars/Pluto Taurus/Scorp opposition can certainly indicate a life/death situation at some point in the unfolding of the chart. Unfortunately, JonBenet became a victim of the collective sexual aberrations of the times as well as their silent spokesperson. Both her birth chart and the chart of the 911 call intimate that there is a strong possibility of child pornography embedded in this case. Specifically, in the 911 chart, Mars’ closest aspect trine to Neptune and Pluto and Venus both in Sagg in H12. With Neptune’s connection to film, fantasy and the salacious, it may not be far from the truth. Jupiter (ruling H1), Neptune (closest aspect to Mars) and Mercury(dispositior of Mars), Saturn (dispositor of Mercury and Neptune and next application of Mars) are the strongest characteristics of the murderer. He is a Jupiter/Neptune/Mercury/Saturn type, a controlled and hidden fantasy life or controlled fantasies involving children and the tension between expansion/contraction of Jupiter/Saturn.

The connections to the chart of JonBenet from the Ransom note discovery chart, are as follows: Mars 27′ Virgo (murder degree) makes an exact sextile (60′ aspect) to JonBenet’s Jupiter 27′ Cancer. Transiting Sun 5′ Cap conjunct her Uranus 6′ Cap. Transiting Moon 23′ Cancer close to her Venus

Chiron conj at 21′ Cancer and transiting Venus 11′ Sag square her natal Mercury 10′ Virgo. These are the most exact aspects we can glean without knowing the birth angles. My intuition tells me the murderer was a t the Ramsey’s Christmas party on December 23, 1996. During that party a 911 hang-up call was made to the police. My sense is that it could have been JonBenet seeking help and that she knew who her molester was. Let’s just hope that despite the complexity, this horrific crime will be solved and the murderer(s) will be brought to justice.


Dorothy Oja

Dorothy Oja is a career astrologer of 25 years, 16 years full time. She offers full-spectrum Astrological Consulting/Counseling, through her practice MINDWORKS, in person, by phone, snail mail or email.

Dorothy’s research interests have brought her into the dark realms of two murder cases, OJ Simpson and most recently the JonBenet Ramsey case. She finds she has an appetite for astro-sleuthing! An active writer, collections of her many articles are available on request. Other specialties include: Timing/Electional work, Composite/Davison Relationship analysis.

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