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The Astrology of Kurt Cobain

Let’s take a look at Kurt Cobain’s Astrology chart! It’s quite a busy and a very unique one. He is indeed the Neptunian poster child with 4 planets in Pisces and many, many Neptunian aspects.

There is great vulnerability in this chart, portrayed both physically and even more so emotionally. Sun in Pisces and Moon in Cancer is a very emotional and moody combination, and prone to suicide and depression more than any other Sun/Moon combo.

[Note: If you have this combination, make sure you don’t dig a hole of negativity for yourself. Once you have a negative thought, try to counter it right away with something positive, no matter how tempting it is to indulge in that sad emotions.]

The Astrology of Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain’s Astrology chart. Click for a larger image.

Pisces in a physical house like the 6th is a real indicator of drug and alcohol abuse to escape the day to day hassle (Or atleast a very strong tendancy/inclination to do so). The theme repeats itself with the heavy opposition of Uranus conjunct Pluto in his Virgo ascendant to his Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

I believe he used drugs and alcohol to forget all about his problems whether they are love issues, depression, problems with his upset physical health, or to run away from the overly exposed life that he dreaded so much (all issues discussed below).

He has a beautiful watery grand trine between Neptune (his ruling planet), Jupiter (the ancient ruler of Pisces), and his personal Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Jupiter and Neptune are extra happy in water, and this has given him exalted feelings and taste, plus a great ability to express his emotions through art. His strength was in his vulnerability. I believe he has also made good use of his Uranus and Pluto Opposition to his Mercury to some extent, and managed to turn elevate it from madness and ADHD to artistic brilliance.


Kurt Cobain dressing in his usual raggedy, “twisted virgo” style.

Kurt Cobain has two very powerful planets on his Virgo ascendant, opposing his wounded (Saturn) 7th house. This gives him a very powerful presense, he will always be noticed whenever he enters a room.

Uranus and Pluto’s passage into Virgo was rather uncomfortable for that generation born in the 60’s. It twisted and morphed all the clean and pure, timid energyKurt Cobain of virgo into something macabre, ranging between obsession with health, or a complete destruction of the physical body, disregarding even the most basic routines like hygene (which is the case with Kurt Cobain), twisted sexuality as the image of the virgin is darkened and electrified (Affecting Cobains taste in women as this conjunction opposes his 7th house. Charlie sheen, as noted by Nancy Fenn, is another example of this energy), or even a great unrest in the psyche (I’ve seen a chart with the moon sitting in virgo on the very same degree of Pluto and only a couple of degrees away from Uranus). On a side note, Pluto and Uranus in Virgo made transformational changes in health and healing, dieting, and has also created a generation with brilliant attention to details.

In Cobain’s case, The Uranus and Pluto conjunction in Virgo right on his ascendant has caused him strange stomach pains (pluto rules the intestines), as I quote from Astro databank:

“He suffered chronic, undiagnosed stomach pains that he believed were relieved by his heroin use. For years, he had a mysterious stomach ailment, a burning nauseous pain in his upper abdominal cavity. The distress was inexplicable and elusive to diagnosis, at times causing him to curl up in misery for days.”

What’s strange is that drugs were introduced to him at a very early age. This may have made the dependancy on drugs in later years even easier. Read this passage:

“Cobain was diagnosed as a hyperactive preschooler and given the amphetamine-based drug, Ritalin as a child. The side effects of the drug were countered with sedatives to help him sleep at nights.”

I believe this is another problem with his ascendant, because Virgo is very restless and with Uranus and Pluto there, it’s probably what caused him to become hyperactive. Mercury opposite Uranus and Pluto also further confirms this idea as it indicates a restless mind that jumps disorderly from one thing to another.

The very same ascendant configuration has caused him to ignore his hygene (A piscean inclination also having to do with the virgo/pisces opposition, as Pisces finds it difficult to keep up with the day to day routines). Having Uranus conjunct the ascendant has a very powerful effect on his appearance that shows in many pictures (shown below).


Kurt Cobain and his more dominating partner, Courtney Love.

Love and Cobain met on January 12, 1990, in Portland’s Satyricon nightclub,[7]:201 when they both still led ardent underground rock bands. Love made advances, but Cobain was evasive. Early in their interactions, Cobain broke off dates and ignored Love’s advances because he was unsure if he wanted a relationship. Cobain noted, “I was determined to be a bachelor for a few months […] But I knew that I liked Courtney so much right away that it was a really hard struggle to stay away from her for so many months.” Love first saw Cobain perform in 1989 at a show in Portland, Oregon. They talked briefly after the show and Love developed a crush on him.

Source: Wikipedia

Courtney Love and CobainVenus conjoining Saturn in pisces, the 7th house indicates serious and long lived wounds and dissappointments with relationships. Chiron, the wounded healer, is also conjunct his Venus, Saturn and Mercury which indicates lifetimes of emotional wounds. If there was anything that Cobain needed to resolve before he died, it was relationships, as he has already fulfilled his taurean north node very fast. (though I think he would have needed to indulge in it more).

Cobain’s soft and watery nature made him give, and give, and give like a true Piscean till there is nothing more to give. He is very ideal in his expectations and loves unconditionally, and sadly he did not see his lovers for whom they really are. This has caused deep grief for his tender soul, and sadly, he has translated the energy of Saturn in Pisces 7th house literally by committing suicide because of his dissapointments with relationships. He died of a broken heart more than anything else.

With these Pluto and Uranus oppositions to his Venus and Saturn, he kept attracting some very emotionally unstable and very difficult lovers in his life.

Saturn in the 7th house has also made him attract an older partner, Courtney Love was 3 years older than him. Having a Piscean 7th house, it was no wonder that she was also an artistic type, albeit very twisted (uranus and pluto oppositions). Courtney had a band named “hole” and was previously a dancer at a strip club. This is the kind of people a plutonic opposition to the 7th house would bring.

Courtney has only made him delve more and more into his self destructive habit of drug abuse and emotional rollercoasters. And from this chart, I believe that it might have been too much to handle for him and one of the major reasons that drove him to suicide. He committed suicide when he was 27, a little bit before his saturn return.

This is not to fully blame Courtney Love for his suicide, in the end it was HIS 7th house that he needed to work with, and it was him who attracted her into his life. It is also him who victimized his own self (typical Piscean move). But what I’m saying that she that I believe she takes a great part of the responsibilty in making his life worse. With a chart so full of (especially Piscean) water, it was all so easy for him to give up.


Cobain famiyAnd while we’re at it, I have noticed that in pictures, it is Cobain who is usually holding his child Frances so lovingly, and placing her infront of his body, indicating that he will literally “put her before himself”. It is no wonder, ALL of his planets are in yin (female) signs, and in pictures, it is too easy to notice that Courtney is the stronger and far more dominating partner of the two. I believe that Kurt played the more feminine role of the nurturer in the dysfunctional relationship.

When Courtney is holding her child, she is still more focused on the Camera and how she looks rather than on the child. In the recent pictures teenage Frances is accompanied by her mother in manner that I disagree with as it is picturesque and staged. Here are some pictures to compare and contrast, you can google and you will see that all of the images further prove this theory:

Kurt’s Cancerian Moon is caring and gentle, and he would have made a loving parent, though not the most reliable one. Moon in Cancer is generally comfortable and indicates a nurturing mother, maybe a little bit strict in Kurt’s case. Cobain’s mother was a stay at home mom so I believe she gave him all the love and care he needs, for most part. The moon’s in the 10th house indicated the unfair and harsh seperation from his mother when he was just a child (around 8) because of divorce.It is also an indicator of little Kurt being left alone and having to take care of himself, all by himself.

After the divorce, he moved to live with his father because he was becoming too much to handle for his mother. Having his Sun trining Mars and square to Neptune is very descriptive of what happened in his father’s home, his father was forcefully misguiding him into becoming what he is not. And with such strong uranian influence, young Kurt was to rebel:

“His parents divorce in 1975 emotionally shook his world. Filled with anger and confusion, Cobain became sullen and antagonistic to his bewildered mom who finally sent him to live with his dad. Cobain continued to rebel by refusing to share in his father’s enthusiasm for sports activities. Joining the junior high wrestling team Cobain allowed his opponent to win without a struggle while his disappointed father watched in the stands. During his years at Aberdeen High School, Cobain smoked marijuana, taunted jocks, and was shuffled over to his paternal grandparents home.”

Surrendering to the opponents just like that is oh so very Piscean. Appearantly he also became to much to handle even for his father, moving him to his grandparent’s home was probably the best thing to do. Imum coeli in sagittarius, the sign of the grandparents, suggests that they are familiar souls to him (previous knowledge from past lives) and are his true home.


Cobain, in his very short life, has lived up to his north node in taurus in 8th house, which indicates a great wealth. Other indicators of wealth in his chart is mars in scorpio (scorpio is a heavy money sign) in the 2nd house of money, cusping libra which indicates that wealth may come from doing something artistic/musical.

His Gemini midheaven, along with his heavily aspected Mercury (opposition to pluto in particular), along with Neptune in Scorpio the 3rd house, made his music very famous and his memorable lyrics sung by millions of people and played by thousands of radio stations.


Cobain's Uranian side.Kurt Cobain has quite a alot of Uranian energy, along with heavy Pluto and Neptunian influence (with the other two being stronger, particularly Neptune). “Special” and very different and unique individuals are often born under the strong influence of outer planets, and such is the case with Kurt Cobain.

But let us focus on his Uranian traits for now. For starters, his sun in 1 degrees of Pisces, cusping Aquarius is what makes him the genius poet he is. Uranus conjoining his ascendant makes him dress differently and even weirdly sometimes. He was known to be extremely rebellious in his home and he could not follow traditional, rigid systems, which made him drop out of highschool (that, and being emotionally overwhelmed easily).

He was one of the main initiators of a whole new genre of music; Grunge Rock. His little song “come as you are” is a Uranian example of celebrating individuality, “smells like teen spirit” smells more like Uranian rebellion to me!


Kurt did not like the public life much because it had made him feel very exposed, even though the public audience were very accepting and receptive of his emotions. This is indicated with his vulnderable Cancerian moon “exposed” in midheaven. Jupiter in Cancer 11th talks about the same event, and also suggests that he will gather lots of “universal money”. Neptune in his 3rd house may have made him feel very frustrated as words don’t articulate what’s really on his mind, and people found it difficult to understand him.

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