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Lack of Air (or Weak Air) in the Birth Chart

If in your chart, there is a lack of the AIR element, you may get too involved emotionally with situations or, conversely, if you have a lot of fire in your chart, you may get physically and directly involved in situations. Because air is a unifying element, a lack of it implies that you may have a problem detaching yourself from situations, and you may have perception problems, or may lack the ability to adjust yourself to new ideas, new thoughts and new people.

This is especially true when analyzing yourself, because without a neutral vantage point you may be unable to be truly objective about your own feelings and motivations. However, if you have a strong Mercury in your chart these qualities can be offset; also, if Virgo is prominent in your chart you may well have good analytical abilities.

In general, though, you need to take more time to see what is on your mind–perhaps writing your ideas down in a journal will help, or articulating some thoughts with a close friends before sharing them with a group can give you more confidence about what you want to say.

Because you may find yourself burdened, and be dissatisfied in close relationships, you need to learn cooperation or you may have real health problems–the nervous system may become weak, or you could develop pychosomatic problems, or other physical illnesses.

Try to work through your thoughts so that you don’t take them out on others. Often this happens unknowingly, due to a lack of perception and an inability to reflect on life.

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