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Lack of Earth (or Weak Earth) in the Birth Chart

If in your chart, there is a lack of the earth element, you feel uncomfortable just living here in the mundane world, and are not naturally attuned to the limitations of the body, the earth, or the “material plane” you see around you. To others you may seem “spaced out,” but that’s probably because your head is full of airy ideas and inspirations, or watery imaginings, truths and feelings–you don’t have time for all this down-to-earth reality stuff!

Practical is not a favorite word in your vocabulary, and sometimes you may have to scrape and scrouge to get all the basics–food, shelter, money–just to get by because you forget you have to do this in the real world, and they seem of secondary importance to you anyway.

You may even rebel against all these seemingly unfair demands on you, only to find you don’t really belong anywhere, and you may have trouble fitting in.

It is likely you will find more fulfillment going on a spiritual quest, transcending the limitations of this earthly plane, pursuing your gifted imagination, psyche or mind and following it to its end–whether it be art, beauty, music, religion, or some other worldly pursuit. Just don’t forget to eat, feed your family and sleep while you are on your journey!

The biggest lesson here is to learn to keep at least one foot planted on the ground, or to realize that those around you–especially those with earth signs–can help you find your way in the world as you look heavenward. Also, a strong Saturn in your chart can help discipline any wild urgings.

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