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Lack of Fire (or Weak Fire) in the Birth Chart

If in your chart, there is a lack of the fire element, the fundamental vital principal of trusting life is missing, and you are probably not high spirited or intense in your interactions with people. Challenges may scare you, and major problems probably will take a long time to overcome since you lack the gusto to fight and the courage to overcome any of life’s obstacles.

A lack of fire could also mean no joy, no faith, no optimism, poor self-confidence, and a basic lack of enthusiasm in most actions. Physical exercise is highly recommended to give you the energy you need to counter all of these negative traits, and you should also watch your diet very carefully, especially if you also lack earth elements in your chart: a healthy, moderate diet could sustain you and set you on an even course.

The key here is to do everything with moderation, so as to not exhaust the energy that you do have: conserve, conserve, conserve. You probably have an abundance of patience; use it with wisdom. You also probably lack all of the negative fire qualities–being brash, overbearing, or impatient–which could make youa very tactful diplomat, depending on the other elements in your chart.

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