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Lack of Water (or Weak Water) in the Birth Chart

If in your chart, there is a lack of the water element, you have the most difficulty with emotions–whether it is your own, those of your friends or loved ones, or even those of distant colleagues. To others, you may seem distant and cold, but it is not that you don’t have emotions it is just that you have no idea how to tame or temper them, and you may disregard them altogether.

You may prefer to brush them under the rug, relying instead on your airy ideas and thoughts, or you may be blind to the needs of others, so consumed by your own actions and daily activities. As a result, you may actually be more dependent on others, unconsciously, because of your inability to express your own emotions–you look for others to do it for you.

You also may distrust your own intuition, which could lead to danger. Try to unblock your emotions; learn to write in a journal, pencil or sketch out your feelings, or just try to talk out any feelings with a close friend.

Remember that feelings are important and can lead to a higher quality of life; suppressing them can lead to numbness and an inability to enjoy yourself, loneliness, fear, the opposite of joy.

You may need time to really identify and release your emotions; others can also help you in this area, especially if you are suppressing pain and suffering.

Remember that disregarding emotions often leads to more pain. Physically, try to drink more water and clean out the toxicity in your body–water is a healing, purging element that can cleanse and purify.

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