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Lance Armstrong

When it comes to the Olympics, road cyclist Lance Armstrong knows what he’s doing. He competed well in 1992 at the Barcelona Games and again in 1996 at the Olympics held in Atlanta.

But when he found out he had testicular cancer, everything about his life changed. He stopped cycling for a year and devoted his time to trying to beat his disease.

After surgery, chemotherapy and a truly valiant fight, and against his doctors’ projections, Armstrong recovered and has returned to cycling with renewed vigor.

Where does he get that fighting spirit? Let’s see what the *Stars* have to say about it …

Birth Details:

September 18, 1971, Plano, TX

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

With both his Sun (which rules his self and ego) and Moon (which rules his emotions) in Earthy Virgo, it’s easy to see why Armstrong’s so good at what he does — he’s a real perfectionist. Virgo is concerned with perfect performance, order and superior health. Armstrong most likely holds himself to very high standards.

His Mars (Planet of Drive and Ambition) in Aquarius signifies that he’s no traditionalist. Armstrong does the things he’s passionate about in a unique and original way — regardless of what anyone else has to say about his technique. His Mars Trine Saturn most likely mitigates any tendencies toward hard-headed rebelliousness, however. Armstrong has loads of courage and determination and is truly willing to work hard to attain his goals.

Armstrong’s Mars also creates a Trine with Uranus, which indicates a daring streak. This aspect certainly explains Armstrong’s love of thrills! Armstrong delights in dangerous sports that allow him to feel like he’s living on the edge. Armstrong’s energy is high and he’s got boundless reserves of it. His Jupiter, Planet of Luck, in Sagittarius may encourage him to take foolish risks, however — he should be a bit careful both in racing and in life.

Fortunately, his Jupiter is Sextile Pluto, the Planet of Power — this means his luck is heightened. If Armstrong does take a foolish or unnecessary risk, he’s likely to come out on top. It’s this kind of celestial benevolence that leads to real success!

Birth Source: AstroDatabank

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