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Leo April 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to April 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Leo Zodiac Sign!Leo April 2016 Horoscope

Leo April 2016 Horoscope – Overview

Expansive, optimistic and positive – yes, for Leo spring has sprung with a vengeance. You have a surge of energy, and your health will be excellent – we all get a little run down after winter (or even after a long hot summer in Australia or South Africa), but you are now feeling revitalized.

Leo, generous and forgiving, your relations with others are excellent in April 2016, and so this is a really good time to network or start new projects, especially if those projects rely on teamwork, cooperation and require a good spirit. You are very motivating right now – so in any aspect of life, you can inspire others and together create a successful enterprise whatever that happens to be. As you are giving off such a tangible positivity and are vibrant and vivacious, this favours you in all aspects of life where you have to make a positive impression on others.

You have the oomph this month to get the ball rolling on many ideas and plans that were waiting dormant – this period is especially opportune for activities involving promotion, publicity, international trade, publishing and study.

Leo, the theme in April 2016 is opening doors for yourself by trying something new and creating an opportunity that did not exist before. Opportunities rarely come knocking, but they are not like diamonds, they are far easier to find, and in April 2016, it’s easier than ever.

April 2016 Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

Leo, in April of 2016 your general optimism and fun-loving attitude bode well for starting relationships and for existing love relationships. Eager to let bygones be bygones, you will not dwell on trivialities and will be eager to smooth things over.

Very much with the big picture in mind, you will look to move your relationships forward i.e. if you have been dating for a while you may begin to think of marriage, or moving in together if you have not done that. Married couples may look to renew vows or perhaps add to the family or even take a second honeymoon. Whatever you decide, being stagnant is not an option, you are looking forward and wanting to explore new avenues and new possibilities in the relationship.

Single Leos may begin dating someone who has been in your friendship circle for a while, and who you have suddenly realized is kinda cute. Friendship and shared experiences and goals are very important in all love relationships in April 2016 – those who play together, stay together as they say. If you have experienced some difficulties getting on with your partner and if things feel stale, look to what drew you together, look at the social activities, political interests or dreams you once shared and reignite the interest in those.

Leo Career Horoscope for April 2016

Leo, planning and promotion are keys to your business in April 2016. As I said previously, April is a fertile one in terms of opportunity, and so go for it.

Leos in employment should seek leaderships roles and display that you are more eager for responsibility – offer to do work for free to help out the boss; volunteer yourself on a busy weekend; get involved with colleagues outside of work; get more involved in out of work team building activities offered by your work. Putting in that extra effort and showing some initiative can go a long way in April 2016. Often it can be hard to get noticed in a large firm, but doing something a little extra that no one else thought of or bothered to do, can get you credit and you will have stood out from the crowd. Leos always excel at standing out, and you guys are very creative: use that sparkle you have and be inventive at your work; go the extra mile and see how that can open doors.

April 2016 is a very productive and enjoyable month for Leos in teaching, academia and sports management. As a coach, teacher or mentor you can make a very big impact in terms of life development and confidence of those you teach. You can make a difference.

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